Hundred Years old name cross-border vitality! 555 battery Energy Oofei Audi double diamond four-wheel drive speed competition

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The small soldiers and shopping malls are filled with exquisite four-wheel drive, the streets, the streets, and the gears are rotating … Whether it is 70 or after 90, the speed and passion of the four-wheel drive is a few generations of childhood memories.

On December 19, an official Audi double diamond four-wheel drive speed contest will be staged in Panyu Wanda Plaza, and event will gather more than one hundred drivers from all over the country, and together with the competition for the Guanjun army. It is worth mentioning that this event is unified with “Guangzhou Old Dictionary” Honor 555 brand + series high-end alkaline battery.

Like the four-wheel drive, 555 batteries accompany the growth of several generations. 555 Battery belongs, predecessor is the first battery factory in Guangzhou, 1928, is also the largest battery factory. In the 1950s and 1960s, almost the entire Guangzhou battery industry company, including the Xinghua Battery Factory, has established the Guangzhou Battery Factory, which has become the largest dry battery manufacturer in China. In 2000, Guangzhou Battery Factory and Guangzhou Battery Branch of Power Export Corporation were combined, and formed a tiger head group.

In 2021, the company fully completed the 555 battery brand upgrade positioning, completing its share-stock reform and the identity conversion of professional managers’ professional managers. After the share reform, the company plans to invest in the introduction of high-end smart battery production equipment, enhance the production line, and the level of packaging lines, to greatly improve capacity. At the same time, through strengthening the core links such as R & D, production, it is possible to promote sales of new media channels such as e-commerce channels, flexible use of live broadcasts, and form “double cycle” at home and abroad.

“Compared with the old generation, after 90, consumers pay more attention to domestic goods, bring the national tide, they are no longer superstitious” imported goods “, put the quality in the purchase reason.” Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Zhou Songyi, Party Committee of the Group Co., Ltd., said, in this context, Tiger Head Company proposes to embrace Internet innovation strategies, surrounding new materials, new technologies, new technologies, and seizing consumers. Especially young consumer groups, personalization, quality, quality of consumer, comprehensive force in quality, design, and aesthetics.

The first four-wheel drive experience project with Offei Entertainment “Audi Double Diamond Four Drive Club” cross-border cooperation held a four-wheel drive speed competition is one of the marketing plannings close to young groups. It is reported that after the event is successful, you can receive a 555-strong + series alkaline battery 1 card (4 capsules), Guan Jijun and Honor Award, Lucky Award, etc. in addition to the large brand PS5 host The big prizes such as the big prize, mobile phone, and building blocks, remote control stunts, can be obtained from 555 alkaline batteries and 555 honorary necklaces.

With the rise of emerging electronics such as wearable equipment, smart home, consumer batteries have a wide application space. Such a five-wheel drive speed contest, the 555-strong + series alkaline battery, which is uniformly used is a technological innovation product of the Tiumhead Group, which is not only 50% of the power generation, but also leak-proof explosion-proof and 10 years.


“Tiger Head Company has become the target of domestic consumer battery faucet, continuously upgrading product line and product quality, and expands new tracks in the power supply, realizing technology upgrade and scale growth, thus doing strong new hundred years, truly realizing old name revitalization. Zhou Songyi said. (More news, please pay attention to Yangcheng

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