Summer seamless underwear big assessment – Dianfen, Manifen, Huare, love who is the best choice?

Summer seems to be hot more than a year, according to the survey, many women have no troubles in the summer, the underwear is too thick, the strap is toole, the shape of the underwear is exposed, and there is no trace underwear seems to be a leap. The best-selling underwear in summer. So, which is the most superior underwater under the market? This small series brings summer seamless underwear assessment – Dianfen, Manifen, Huare, who loves who is the best choice in summer?

T riumph 安芬


Triumph Dianfen was established for more than 130 years, is Duangfen, Manifen, Huare, and loves the most long history of these brands, and the process is also the most diverse. Dianfen’s non-seamless underwear is its breathability and functionality. For example, Triumph Dianfen’s steel ring is very thin, and there is no burden in summer, and there will be no compression, mild sweat. Secondly, Triumph Dianfen has a steel ring with a full cup style, very close, invisible, and U-shaped back design makes it more in the upper floor.


Mannifen brand, Xiaobian believes that Manifen is Dianfen, Manifen, Huare, loves the most developed brand in these brands, integrating many Chinese elements in the design. Mannifen’s declaration concept is “you, born sexy.”, So it is a hard work in design. Mannifen’s seamless underwear has also continued its designs, but the function may be slightly worse than other brands.


Huapo was founded in 1949, Japan’s brand, design is based on Japanese ministerial winds, and is loved by many girls. Although Huapo’s design is very characteristic, Huapo’s production center is a mug of underwear and lace underwear.


Ai Mu was found in Beijing, and the comfort of the loveless underwear was very good in Dianfen, Manifen, Huare, and Aidu. It is also very excellent, but according to Xiaobian investigations, there is still some The defect is not very close, it is easy to be outlined in the shape of a tight dress while in summer.

The above is to bring to you, Dianfen, Mani, Huara, Ai Mu no trace underwear, and several brands have their own benefits. If you choose to see your individual needs.

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