Summer to sweat skin care Raiders, starting from chounch, stay incense and skin care, tender to polishing

Shower gel is a cleaning product used in bathing, and is also an indispensable commodity in family life. Compared with soap, it is more soft to the skin, the effect is better. Which brand of shower gel is the most fragrant? The following is a list of top 5 prior to the best shower gel.


Luxess and orange flower shower gel

This kind of fragrance is relatively small, but the fragrance is very good. This shower gel can let you travel to the endless orange flower sea, free walking. It extracts precious orange flower essential oils, washing out of the somarians. And naturally no addition, you can use it with confidence. After the day of learning, I can still smell the faint floral, staying for a long time.

Concentrated mystery MVMV geranium shower gel

This shower gel can be said to be a shower gel that is more complicated with strength. The bust yellow liquid is very attractive to the small gold powder. British private tuning scorpion, preferably fragrant chiral, snow grass, jigu licorice extract, nicotinamide, etc. Organic luxury skin, smelling fragrance is the taste of love.

Amore Xiwu C shower gel


Amore is imported from South Korea, authentic guarantee. It has 50% of the Xishuo extracts to add, and the textured texture is very supple. Single smell is a bit rich, but it is very good after bathing. The faint grapefruit is unforgettable ~ and this shower gear is very high.

Ko Yan’s original shampoo


This main flavor, very attractive musk, let you feel the unique aroma when you bathe! Aloe vera and glycerin, have a good effect in hydrating ~


西 西 果 香 沐 露 露

Enriched the essence of rich shelled fruit oil, deep nourish and repairs the dry skin, emitting a charming fruit aroma, bringing you the aroma of citrus and grapefruit. Fresh Xixiao fruit incense burning gland contains lachee fruit oil, effectively moisturizing the skin; vitamins C and E provide protection for skin, with the fragrance of the citrus and the sedomolus fruit, and use the skin full of vitality.

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