What will mushroom lit? Yes, Yunnan has! Just like Avatar users: refuse to shine back to Kunming

What will mushroom lit? !

蘑菇会发光?对,云南有!就像阿凡达 网友:带回昆明就拒绝发光了

That’s right!

Such a magical and dreamy scene

Just appeared in Xishuangbanna, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Tropical Botanical Garden

Video load …

Recently, the staff found and filmed a few pleasant glowing mushrooms. These essines showed the “flat and unmoid” milky white mushrooms. They will send green fluorescence, and the bright light of the stars is spread on the night. Above the trunk, when the hour is now, the time is too dark, and it is quicker.

蘑菇会发光?对,云南有!就像阿凡达 网友:带回昆明就拒绝发光了

In the fungi, there are some mushrooms that will send light blue, light green, silver white, etc. in the dark or night, and they are called luminous mushrooms.

A few years ago, a photographer took a shiny mushroom in Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since then, this rare mushroom will attract many tourists and photographers every year.

蘑菇会发光?对,云南有!就像阿凡达 网友:带回昆明就拒绝发光了

However, it is not that everyone can view the luminescent mushrooms in the ideal state, as their brightness and persistence are subject to the temperature and moisture of the environment, while the mushroom itself changes. .

The world is really wonderful

Mushroom also shines

Netizens sigh while watching

蘑菇会发光?对,云南有!就像阿凡达 网友:带回昆明就拒绝发光了


“Eat goods” netizens

What is more concerned?

This mushroom

Can you eat?

蘑菇会发光?对,云南有!就像阿凡达 网友:带回昆明就拒绝发光了

Netizen commentary in this mushroom

蘑菇会发光?对,云南有!就像阿凡达 网友:带回昆明就拒绝发光了

It’s a little cute with temper.

“From the edition Nano to Kunming cultivation,

It refuses to shine. “

蘑菇会发光?对,云南有!就像阿凡达 网友:带回昆明就拒绝发光了


蘑菇会发光?对,云南有!就像阿凡达 网友:带回昆明就拒绝发光了

Glowing mushroom:

As of 2009, there were 64 kinds of shining mushrooms, and most of them grow in the dark area. October 2009, San Francisco State University, Dennis 德斯贾尔丁 in Asia, Central and South America and the Caribbean, found seven kinds of mushrooms glowing in the night, two of which he will be named “Mycena luxaeterna (Eternal Light) “And” Mycena LuxperPetua (Permanent Light) “. This finding in 2009 so that the species of mushrooms that can be lost in the world will increase to 71.

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◆ Lighting principle

Why can mushroom glow? Scientists have been studied, and fluorescein and fluoresceransmeters are isolated from luminescent mushrooms, and fluorescence of luminous mushrooms is derived from a antioxidant known as milk grantrice. However, it is also necessary to react with the enzymatic reaction, that is, the milk granary is first converted to a true fluorescein by a hydroxylase, and then fluorescein is emitted in the enzymatic reaction of the fluorescent enzyme. This unveiled the secret of the glowing mushroom.

The researchers also found that the brightness and persistence of luminescent mushrooms are restricted by the ambient temperature and moisture, and also changes with the nutrient conditions and aging state of the mushroom itself.

蘑菇会发光?对,云南有!就像阿凡达 网友:带回昆明就拒绝发光了

◆ Luminous purpose

Why do glow mushrooms glow? It is generally speculated that mushrooms utilize luminous methods to attract specific insects to help them spread spores. In my country’s most common glowing mushrooms with honeycombe armilaria, a small mushroom Mycena, a mushroom omphalotus, which grows on a stump or a dead foliage.

Source: Urban Times Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency, @ 西双版 热热 植, 新浪 微 博

蘑菇会发光?对,云南有!就像阿凡达 网友:带回昆明就拒绝发光了

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