Point-type temperature-temperature fire detector test notice, many people don’t know

Point-type temperature-temperature fire detector certification is a kind of temperature-prone fire detector certification. Part of the fire alarm product certification is a compulsory fire product certification.

The temperature of the temperature-temperature fire detector (referred to as temperature) is mainly used to detect fires with thermal components. In the initial stage of the fire, there is a large amount of smoke, on the one hand, on the other hand, the substance releases a lot of heat during the combustion process, and the ambient temperature rises sharply. The thermal element in the detector generates physics, thereby converting the temperature signal into an electrical signal and performs alarm processing.

According to the requirements of the national standards of Point-in-vehicle temperature fire detectors, the requirements for product trials are as follows:

1, test atmosphere conditions

As not shown in the relevant provisions, each test is carried out under the atmospheric conditions:


– Temperature: 15 ° C ~ 35 ° C;

– Humidity: 25% RH ~ 75% RH;

– Atmospheric pressure: 86kpa ~ 106kpa.

2. If the sample is required in normal monitoring status, the sample should be connected to the manufacturer’s power and monitoring equipment.

3. The tolerance of each test data is ± 5%. The environmental conditions parameter deviation should comply with GB 16838 requirements.

4, response time measurement. Before measurement of the sample response time, the sample should be installed in accordance with the standard thermo-in-reference (hereinafter referred to as a thermostat) specified by Appendix A, and the sample is in normal monitoring state as required. If there is no special requirement, the measurement of the response time should be performed on the maximum response time direction of the sample.

5. Adjust the temperature of the air flow temperature to the specified initial temperature. If there is no special indication in the relevant provisions, the initial temperature of the temperature box is the typical application temperature of the corresponding category detector specified in Table 1, according to the stable time specified by the manufacturer. Stable (if not, it is stable for 10 min). Then the temperature is warmed to the sample operation at a predetermined temperature rise rate, and the response time of the sample (from the time interval from starting to the sample action). During the test, the gas flow rate in the warm case was 0.8 m / s ± 0.1 m / s (25 ° C), and the temperature error was ± 2 ° C.

6. Samples, the number of samples should meet the following requirements:

a) The reset detector is 15;

b) No reset detector is 62;

c) Do not reset the S-type detector is 63;

d) Do not reset the R-type detector is 68.

7. Precursive samples before the test should meet the following requirements:

a) No corrosion, coating layer falls off and foaming, no mechanical damage such as scratches, cracks, burrs;

b) The fastening part is not loosen.

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