Woman regardless of height, autumn wearing a skirt, it is recommended with four pairs of shoes, which was tall and fashionable

Why how many fashion circles a single product but still there are so many good girls wear it?


In fact, no matter which season seasons, funky may be late, but not really missed, because sometimes the shape does not look good, you should consider a lot of what is not a relationship with their selected products.

I heard a lot of girls when outfit, do not always choose a pair of good-looking and easy to take the shoes out of shape and therefore with the overall feeling something was lacking,

In fact, in this circle, you can not just wait for fashion come to you, seek appropriate fashion is also necessary


This is every girl should know.

The so-called style outfit

, In fact, is a combination of different parts of a single product of the combined image, which was indispensable, and less of what is called a real perfect enough.

Fall outfit at the time, in addition to use and choose a good upper body than a single product, good-looking shoes also find many resources


, There are a lot of girls with time, not feel the importance of shoes play.

Virtually every set of outfit can not do without shoes, every one of us in the mix, also have to be profoundly follow shoes,

Good shoes can play a role in your overall shape optimization

Even sometimes almost single items of clothing, height may be a little short is not innocuous.

Dresses and shoes match what basis?

As a simple dress another style single product


, When the outfit, it is necessary to select a number of fashionable accessories after are more to with matching, we focus attention on the shoes, jewelry bags like these can also be appropriate to promote, these are not the problem, and will not and just because they changed the original sense of style.

① shoes


Really nice shoes to wear it!

I think when choosing shoes with a pair of shoes is very good with the trend, in fact, this type of style is just fine outfit, while the leather material is not easy to step on mine, smooth design can make the whole more texture.

In the market you can let everyone choose shoes style is also very rich, such as the fall of the cold weather, usually choose shoes or high boots this based, would be more fashion style, so the degree of acceptance is relatively high. Leather shoes just to say a whole, in fact, the style of which the distribution is very rich.

Produced by static material made of leather shoes styles

, When worn to avoid the chance of electric shock, but also the use of non-slip material, the key is that you wear long there will not be a sense of smell, because it’s deodorant. But we should note that when the outfit, you girls still try to choose those price bias in it on a scale, if the price is too ordinary, worried about the effect of imitation, is not conducive to a sense you have a good experience.

Thin legs sister when outfit, you can pick those to knee high boots, this type of single items when outfit, you can optimize the image of your legs, not monotonous but also enhance the sense of chic, if you do not like and do not lean legs, you can also choose those short boots, with out effect is not bad.

② pointed heels

High heels, it should not be unfamiliar to you

, Whether it is the brightest female star in real life or are we ordinary girl, everyone’s home is a large probability to have a pair of high heels, so we should not be too difficult to see for this style. Pointed high heels? Divided into two parts,


One is the good aspects, one is not very good terms.


On the one hand, this type of shoes for when outfit, shapely legs can elevate a sense, especially in the part of the lower leg, the display look more slender sense, but there is a not so good aspect is to wear these shoes would be more hard work, do not go for too much of the road, because it will wear the foot.

So if you want to make the whole image more advanced considerably, while the height of what can be optimized, then I recommend you try it, do not have to always wear Well, only occasionally need to go to some of the more formal time , with what dress on it, so it also does not seem that way you dress is very low.

③ sandals

Although it is autumn, but experienced a “hot autumn” season sisters know, but still said to be cool or boring ah, little sister, especially in the South


, A pair of sandals for the season is still very necessary

. The role of small slippers and sandals of fact, almost all, the biggest difference is likely to be applicable and styles are a little bit different.


Slippers when outfit, others may not notice so much, it is generally simple in design time and casual mainly because of their own for these shoes is usually nothing casual wear thing, but sandals are not the same in the design, it will be more focus on image, after all, it is to be used for outer wear and mention temperament.

④ canvas shoes


I feel that the role of canvas shoes is really quite large


Students with school pants are nice, casual wear canvas shoes to go with good-looking, temperament professional women canvas shoes to match suit also nice canvas shoes, short outfit when it is always possible to continue to adapt not the same style, it is no wonder so many people like to be able to receive.

Simple canvas shoes with a dress, play a dual role in a simple style,

But not poor shape with out yo. Full of sense of fashionable dress with a small canvas shoes, and comfort are the qualities to an extreme.

Specific outfit get

LOOK1, plaid dress + white canvas shoes

Whether for lattice design on top of what is a single product,

Nice degree is not low. I feel like grid style is a very wild beauty by age, it seems, though not particularly exaggerated, but there is a feeling of particular niche, such atmosphere is wonderful.

Stitching color plaid dress, style is the style is very significant small, and very significantly younger, with a knitted sweater outside the ride to be modified, so that will not wear out so monotonous, simple ride white canvas shoes, casual and yet particularly compact, high socks modified legs sensual excess,

Looks particularly slim was thin.

LOOK2, dress + black pointed heels

Partial gray pointed heels, giving a very skilful style atmosphere, this neutral color of a single product, do not wear out too disappointing for the shoes as well. With a solid color dress, the kind of high-level highlight the very depth of flavor,

Small bags dotted the body over a range.

Well, today’s outfit on here again, and we see the next issue –


Pay attention to daily matching guidelines, use more beautiful yourself!

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Woman regardless of height, autumn wearing a skirt, it is recommended with four pairs of shoes, which was tall and fashionable

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