Let’s see what big things happened in DNF.

Let’s take a look at what happened in the outer jacket.

1, hanbok Luke single mode online, short-term stone sale ceiling

On November 30th, hanbo launched Luke Raid single mode, a reward of single mode, and attacking the temper because it has been introduced last week, it will not be repeated here.

But at the same time, there is also a change in time, and the upper limit of the time of time is reduced to 80, and 4 purchase items have been added.


These four props are: Legend of the Soul 2 (selling price of 10 refined time and space), Cocadi girl 25 (price of 3 refined time and spite), concentrated pure wise (price of 23 refined time and space) Stone), 50 gold small crystals (priced by 1 refined time and space).


In this way, only need to brush 20 devils in 20 times a day, you can brush the time and space to the sale limit. If it is not a self-use, the moving bricks will be more and more competent in the future.


2, US service live broadcast drama: new circumstances will go online

On November 30, the US local time, US service planned in live broadcasts a lot of new news:

In the future, I will update a new forgotten place. I merged into Changqing Dungeon, which produced deep inventory here, except for the various equipment souls (including legeins), and also have a strong breath.

Not only that, they also have to update the largest new abyss activity, and the content content is not revealed, but according to the original text: There will be a hell event. Biggest One of the year. “Thousands of invites Worth”. (Update one The largest abyss activity, the value of thousands of invitation) Emmmmm, what is it?

In addition to the above new content, the US service black Friday promotion continues, this time, they have a super soldier package, and Puppet (Puppet drama?) Set will also go to the shelves, but there is no specific gaze, and Some package did not dress up this time.


3, South Korea’s winter launch meeting schedule is determined, theme “Tianjie”

DNF Hanbok Winter Conference will determine will be opened on December 9, and its theme is “Tianjie”, and the ticket time begins on December 1.

According to this topic, we can roughly guessed that the 2018 DNF will surround where to develop. After all, many pits in the Tianjie have not fill: Yusgen rebellion, Jissel 捡 手? New occupational rumors What role does Bath play in a heavenly rebellion?

The timetable for the press is also named in the sky, you can say Koreans, I will really play ha ~


4, new professional comics, the second words, the people who were abandoned by the roots


Last week, the comics of the riflers were released. The new plot tells the gunners to win the honor of the royal family, and the past is given to the watch, but the wind is turned, the rifle has become a wanted criminal, but he still believes The royal family did not abandon them.


Attached to the gunman second words Chinese version: pocket watch

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