Fangyuan, Rossini ultra-thin watch

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My first table is the Rosini ultra-thin series (may be so calling?)The company’s annual meeting is sent to the Casio Racing Timing Series. Later, the land continued to renew the Japanese table. After 18 years, I re-founded the Rosini ultra-thin, I went to the store to re-changed the electronic and electric board, or veryI like it, but I didn’t have two months and I didn’t leave. I might be too old, but fortunately there is a table, now wear this white disk, I hope I can stay with me.


Editor’s comment: Very beautiful minimalism, can be round, I didn’t expect Rosini to have such a stylish watch style.Now, Rosini’s unlocked series is also this ultra-thin and simple, and the overall relatively fierce feels.The price is also very close, easy to start, the actual start price may also be around 800 yuan.Recommend two models to everyone, feel the following:

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