How to wear the mother and downtown? The “high quality” matching rule, one out of the door is too eye-catching

I don’t know when to start, “high quality” three words have become labels with taste, not a kind of ridicule for wearing. Regardless of which dressing style, come to shape your own image, everyone’s wear matches should go close to the high quality style.


High quality matching style, different styles, the same fashion style, high quality style will value fashion texture, and overall color matching, whether there is a more harmonious effect, and ordinary matching method, more Pursue to wear a simple, version is comfortable.

For the match in life, I believe everyone is deeply touching, especially when the mother and daughter shopping, the dress between the two people will look into the style, because the style is not the same, the color between the colors, there is no certain Relevance, causing difficulties to present the best state.


If you make a match, it becomes “high quality”, all aspects come, this kind of matching method is more conspicuous than ordinary parent-child equipment.

The famous fashion blogger Sanmu, and the mother’s daily outlet, received countless praise and applause, the match between the two people, it is difficult to see is the mother and woman wear, if not looking carefully, I will think that two people are more like Girlfriends.

The mother and daughter have dressed up, using clean colors, and the decent fashion version, create a typical high-quality style, as us, we can imitate such a match, come to achieve a better image.


I. Basic color guides “high quality”


High quality matching style, the fashioned feel is a transparent state, from the match between the three-wood and the mother, the two people’s dress color, will go to the large area of ​​use, such as white and Gray, both colors are typical foundation, but it is also more resistant to color.


Such colors can make the color of the color, through the style of the basic color, to create a quality matching style, which has a certain guidance effect, which can make the mother and daughter match, become more harmonious.

Second. Warm series shape “high quality”

Among the many colors, warm colors is more friendly for Asian skin tones, and the warm colors is usually low saturation state. The fashion style created, is based on low-key, or elegant style, just like three woods. Gray, as well as light red, the mother wearing warm gray, these colors are typical low saturation warm colors.


Two people’s skin tone is not particularly white, but through this reasonable color matching, it will make skin color look very transparent, and there is no strong age gap between two people, and two people The color matching, all follow the same saturation, the whole gives people feel harmonious and textured.


Third, the solid color is “classic style”

The dress between the mother and daughter wants to create a classic effect. The matching between the two needs to establish a relationship. You can do unity of fashion style, or color unity, most people prefer to use basic color, put Some of your own dress is simpler, the more advanced fashion style, is made through the solid color system.


For the mother and daughter who are not good at color, you can try the solid color to create a high-quality style, just like three woods and mothers, the color used by the two people is based on white, one can choose Pure white, another person can choose rice white, although color saturation is different, but the style and color system are consistent, and the key to establish color is also successfully shaped. High quality style.

The parent-child loadened, “high-quality” mother and women wear 正 流 流 流 流 流 行 造 造 感 感 感 则 法 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 法 则 则 则 则 法 法 则 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法It is not difficult to build a good clothing, let you go out.

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