If you want to lose weight, you will be shirt! So wear immediately slim five pounds!

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I want to lose the shirt dress! There are two shirts in the wardrobe! But is there anyone who has already turned the shirt dress into pajamas? How to match this seemingly simple shirt dress? Take a look at the shirt skirt below!


Recommendation, long shirt skirt

The long shirt is suitable for in the spring, and the long shirt will expose the calf when wearing, so it is more cool. When the temperature difference is large, you can take a locomotive jacket, sweater and windbreaker, and the shirt skirt is a wild single product. If the skirt is too monotonous, you can overlay jeans to match.


The tulle shirt skirt looks fresh and elegant, and the inner jeans adds a sense of modeling.

Gucci pleated floral print silk double crepe dress

This dress is “borrowed” to the brand 2018 spring and summer show “borrow”, poppy, butterfly and dragonfly pattern, filled with the Italian silk double dress. It also decorated with brand iconic GG embossed buttons, pleated skirts will sway with your step.

The shirt skirt of the splashing ink is very artistic, and the tough texture of the locomotive jacket makes the whole shape more handsome.


Loose version of the shirt is the least changing, the blue color shirt skirt is cool and comfortable, and the vertical stripe can also play a thin visual effect.

The camel’s shirt skirt is stable and no regeneration, and it is easy to get a pair of Roman winds.

Vince Wash Silk Shirt Dress

This shirt dress looks simple, in fact, hidden “heart machine” – turn it is to open, there is a pretty lace cuff. It is made of elegant water washing, showing warm tender pink tones, which can take the wheat skin after the sun.

Recommended two, super long shirt skirt


The long shirt skirt has a certain requirement for the height of the wearer. If you are high enough, then it is a good choice to match the flat shoes. If it is a high-quality sister, you can emphasize the waist line in the match, pull high body proportion, with high heels will look more tasteful.

White shirt skirt with high waistband, a high visual effect, a lightweight fabric walking.


Casasola with waistband cotton palette long dress

It has a fresh snow whitening, and the brand elegant minimalist style is demonstrated. You may wish to match the skin’s sandals and the market package in the refreshing summer day.

The irregular design of the cuffs is very thin, which can make your arm to worship meat, and red shirt skirt is sexy.

Mes Demoiselles Breedy Striped silk shirt dress


The traditional shirt dress can be described as a classic choice that never mistaken, from Mes Demoiselles 2018 spring, summer, “Breedy” elegant version is more beautiful and elegant. It cuts from striped silk, and the ankle loose profile is a bit of idle feelings.


One version of the good-looking shirt dress does not require too complicated match, choose a pair of chic high heels.

Emilio pucci frieze print silk twill dress dress

This silk jean dress is can’t help but remember the retro Capri style, the skirt is a circular embellishment and crystal, and the back skirt will make the loosening profile.


Vince Cotton Blouse Dress


This shirt dress brings unlimited wearing possibilities, we can wear in jeans or light legs. It is made of breathable cotton paleslin, and the small rig is designed and refreshed, and the side is open to ensure that action is free.

Markus lupfer bobbie floral print silk crepes long dress


This “Bobbie” shirt skirt is a descendant, the belt, retro rose rock, and the buckle will make people can’t help but remember the charming period. Skirt bright red tune desert floral pattern is particularly like a white accessories.

Light green shirt skirt with silky fabric, bright and elegant, the design of the fork can show the leg curve ~ matching the pink sandals coordination and eye.

Mara Hoffman Joni checkered cotton long dress

This “Joni” dress on the dresses is one of the best works. The single product is made of organic cotton, a slightly loose shirt skirt is equipped with a sharp collar and detachable waist strap.

The white ultra long shirt skirt is calm, the girl puts a pure and lovely, and the mature woman puts a fresh elegance.

Silvia Tcherassi Golfi Digs with waistband stretch cotton puch

Single items are cut from the elastic cotton house and can also be used to wear. When it is dressed as a dress, the detail of the inexplicable cutting and shear can be proud of some skin.

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