Mineral water, pure water, natural water, white water is different? Which is better?

Homoto is only the source of life, but I don’t know when it will, the water has become a “source of rumors.” Rumor has it:

Mineral water is more nutritious, can supplement the minerals required by the human body;

Drink mineral water, pure water, healthier than drinking water;

Some people say that don’t drink thousands of water, overnight water, otherwise it will cause cancer;

Some people say that the water purifier is useless, is the marketing scam of the merchant?


These rumors about “water” are true? Don’t worry, today Xiaobian will reveal these unknown water “insider”, telling you which kind of water is better, how to drink, let everyone drink water.


Mineral water, pure water, tap water is different?


Why is people sweating?

For the concerns about the water quality, more and more people only drink water or bottled water.

“2019 China Bottle Drinking Water Industry Consumption Trend Report” pointed out that the sales of bottled water in my country broke through 200 billion yuan, and the bottled water sold in one year can more than 220 laps.



Mineral water, mineral water, stupid?

Usually, everyone is used to calling bottled water in “mineral water”, but

This mineral water is not “mineral water”

my country’s definition of natural mineral water is: naturally poured from underground or through drilling, containing a certain amount of minerals, trace elements or other ingredients, which are not contaminated and take precautions to avoid pollution.

That is to say, a bottle of true mineral water


20 points must be met

: First

Surface or underground unpolished water

,two is

Naturally containing water such as minerals


Many merchants like hanging sheep head selling dog meat, shining the edge,

This also has “natural water, spring water, mineral water”, etc.

Natural water, spring water and other water take self-surface or underground, but not necessarily content; mineral water contains minerals, but its minerals are manually added, so they cannot be called mineral water.


Bottled water is more hygienic than self-coming?

We bought bottled water in the supermarket,

More than 90% is not mineral water

Pure water

Such as a treasure, the water in a certain field.


Pure water refers to water for water, which is water-saving, and filters directly drinking water.

Many people think that drinking water is drinking health.


The special processing of drinking water is destined to “empty its name, name is not true”. If pure water uses reverse osmosis process to kill the water in water, it is equal to “there is no water”.

The boiled tap water can kill most of the bacteria, virus, but still reserve beneficial components.

So, drinking pure water is really not necessarily healthier than drinking tap water.

Further, the International Non-profit organization Ora Media found that there were 11 kinds of best-selling bottles in the world.

Almost all bottles of water are contaminated by plastic particles

. Plastic fine particles are plastics that can be absorbed by the human body, safety unknown.


What kind of water is drinking?


Common drinking water contrast

In order not to let everyone pay money, we have organized a common drinking water to comparison:

Many merchants claim that their water is safer, more hygienic, more nutritious. The more nutritious, mainly refers to ineralgical, trace elements, and the like.

First, we have to know


pure water

With a water source, low cost, no ore, a trace element such as any component outside the water molecules, so there is no statement that “supplement nutrition”.


Natural water, spring water


Including or contains minerals, trace elements, currently there is no mandatory national health standard for this, so it is really not more secure and more nutritious. The mineral water is based on pure water, adding an extraction of artificial mineral extract, but

Artificial minerals are not easy to be absorbed by human body

In these four water, mineral water contains natural minerals, but my country’s mineral content has not clearly stated, that is, water contains only 0.000000,000 yuan of minerals is also a mineral water. This low to basic negligible minerals, where do you talk about “supplement nutrition”?

Of course, if you have a taste, you can choose to buy pure water, natural water, mineral water, etc. If there is no other special requirements, boiled white water is a more affordable choice.

In the following, it is recommended not to drink it.

In addition to the following cases, normal people do not need to buy pure water, mineral water drink, drink boiled tap water.

The water supply pipe has burst, broken


: The old residential water supply equipment is long-lost, and the water pipe is prone to burst, broken. It is possible to enter the pipeline, pollute water quality in the transmission of water or water storage pipeline.

Drinking water source is contaminated by industrial wastewater, living wastewater

As you live, there is a lawless company secretly discharge unprotected industrial wastewater or life wastewater into drinking water sources, please do not drink;

Extra-deferred content of tap water

: Chlorine can effectively kill pathogen microorganisms in the water body, my country demanded that the factory water should be kept between 0.3 ~ 4㎎ / L, if you feel that the chlorine flavor is too heavy in water, it is not recommended to drink.



“Unclean” tap water, can water purifier purge?

Because I am worried that the water is not clean, many families have started their household water purifiers, but


Can the water purifier really filter water clean? Which water purifier is better?

If you want to know if the purifier is useful, you must first know its filtration principle. Most household water purifiers are generally composed of three parts: pre-filtration, adsorption, fine filtration (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis).

The main difference between the precious water purifier is in the fine filter portion, that is, the membrane separation material used.

If the film separation material is more sieved, the filtration capacity of the microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis is incremented.

Microfiltration, ultrafiltration advantages are cheap, not easy to block, long service life, high water recovery rate, disadvantage is not clean enough.


Conversely, the advantages of nanofiltration, reverse osmosis are filtration, especially the reverse osmosis can be intercepted by all the ingredients other than the naked virus, heavy metals, etc., but the disadvantage is expensive, the waste is high, easy to block, Replace the filter element frequently.

For those who require high water quality, I hope to get directly drinking water, I can choose reverse osmosis type water purifier; want high-cost price, leverage less filter, optional ultrafiltration type water purifier; if there is boiling, drink water Habits, which is all.


Choose water, can you drink water?

It is important to choose the water, and it is more important to drink water, and it is not stupid to be deceived by these rumors.

Thousands of water, can be carcinogenesis overnight water?

People who spread this kind of saying

Estimate that there have been no brief soup in Guangdong.

The so-called “thousand rolling water” refers to the water repeatedly or boiling for a long time, and it is buckled with “nitrite overnight, and cancer” hats.


However, the dose is discharged, that is, hooligan.

Nitrite is a highly toxic substance, and the adult intake is 0.2 to 0.5 grams will lead to poisoning, and more than 3 grams of death can be killed. my country’s 2012 “Life Drinking Water Health Standard” stipulates that the salt limit value of the nitrite in life is 1 mg / L.

Shanghai Disease Control Studies have found that the barrel was repeated 10 times, 52 times, and the content of nitrite in the water is 1.8 μg / L, 2.3μg / L, which is much lower than that of my country’s nitrite. Similarly, experiment proves: After 24 hours of tap water, a cup of boiled tap water is only 2.37 μg / L.

In other words, I want to drink water to drink nitrite poisoning, I have to drink more than 80,000 rising water. So, let you drink “thousands of water, overnight water”.

Yin Yang water, can not drink after exposure?

The rumors of “Thousands of water, overnight water, caving cancer”, the family will send the information about “yin and yang water, lash, can not drink” in the blind, love a group of people?

Generally, yin and yang is refined, mixed with hot water. Hot water and tap water are mixed, and it is indeed “sick from orally” because bacterial, viruses, etc. may be present in tap water.

However, if it is a barrel that meets the health standard, the cold and hot water after the reverse osmosis water purifier is mixed, it can be safely drinkable. These water have reached the standard of safe drink, but it is just different temperatures.

As for the bottle water after exposure, it is mainly due to the impact of bottled water. Most of my country’s bottled water uses polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material, which has a melting point of 250 ° C, and chemical reactions may occur in more than 100 ° C.

PET material bottled water is exposed to long time at high temperatures, and it is indeed possible to generate unknown substances. But if it is a glass bottle or a thermos, it is possible to drink safely.

It is constantly rumored and rumors. If you have other doubts about the water, it is not sure that these “water things” are rumors or the truth.

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Why do someone drinks water?

The more thirsty?

As long as there is water in your heart,

Will not thirst!










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