Tiantong tail goods winter warmth half price bargain

Compared with previous years, cold air seems to be more frequent this year. Preparing a cold clothing to become a procurement task in many citizens, located in Tiantongyuan Community Tail Mall, from now on, two months of half-price bargaining activities, patronize the people of the majority of community residents.

天通尾货寒冬送暖 岁末半价酬宾

Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter noticed that the Tiantong Tail Mall immediately felt “warm winter” in action. Winter, bedding, intimate and warm underwear, more suitable for young consumers, beautiful “non-frozen people” down jacket, cotton suit, warm baby, comfortable and generous shoes and boots, etc. Various products. Moreover, there are three folds in the market, and the five-fold propaganda slogan is played. It can be said that each shop has a discount, and every family has promotional items.

The family living in Tiantongyuan West District, the whole family, three generations, took Tiantong Tail Mall as their own “wardrobe”, no matter the clothes in the spring and summer, all season, all purchased here. He told Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter, recent years, children in order to save time, but the clothes bought on the Internet are always inappropriate, bringing the troubles of repeated return. So in the morning of the weekend, Zhao Uncle took the whole family to visit Tiantong Tail Mall.

At the 1st floor, Zhao Dafa first went to the children’s clothing area, bought a small grandson to wear the ski clothing, and then he went to the children’s pure cotton square booth on the 1266, the small T-shirt wearing in the summer, spring and autumn Wearing children’s coat, small cotton trousers wearing in winter … all are 100 yuan 3 pieces, and it is cheap and affordable. Grandpa Zhao gave the small grandson to the two sets, and they needed the four seasons. Zhao Uncle also bought a original price of 450 yuan to the old companion, and the current price of the women’s down jacket. The son of Zhao, and the daughter-in-law went to the second floor of the foreign trade clothing area, and each selected the heart of the cold clothes. Zhao Uncle said: “It is still the online shopping, you can pick it up, you can pick it out, save the trouble of return!” At noon, Zhao Dall dine in a three-story dumplings, the little grandson ate a belly. I have to go to the movie, and my family is here casual and entertainment.

According to the Tiantong Tail Same Mall, Luo Man, who is bought, at the end of the year, the end of the year, the warehouse has also returned a group of clothing in the winter, the merchant’s reaction sales, so the half-price promotion is very large The activities of the residents have made the buyers and sellers.

天通尾货寒冬送暖 岁末半价酬宾

Text / Beijing Youth Daily Reporter Li Jia

Editor / Zhang Peng

Author: ArticleManager