How to get a hairs, a high and fashionable? Press “The upper and lower rules” to wear, short children love

For trousers, small children have always had a love and hate. Wear, the original figure is more five, but it is properly powdered with the “concealer” capability of legs and legs. So today, the Gospel of the small children, the TOP grade in Kang Kang under the trousers – the LOOK of the wide legs is worn!

★ Effect of version and trousers

The wide-leg pants has been varied by the principle of the hem and similar A skirt.

For this kind of skirt, small child

The girl is not recommended to wear, even after the waist is improved, because the quantization sense is too large, the proportional shape optimization is not obvious.

Speaking of the version, the trousers are one of the contents we have to pay attention to, and the wide-leg pants is mostly five pants, eight pants and trousers. in


Five pants should avoid the embarrassment of legs and fat. Small children Chic high waist wide-legging pants are also a great collar.

★ Importance of inner

In the entire look, the choice of uploading and the inner line of the wide leggings is the key to whether we can visually proportionally.


Basic sweater

Sweater is definitely one of the highest-ended items in the spring and autumn, and its own and warm fit is a must-have for human hand.


We have a wide-leg pants, you can do it in the sweaters.


Pay attention to the manufacture of waistlines

In addition to the classic long sleeve sweaters, the style is also a good attempt, you can use the shirt, full of campus wind!



The sling is a single product with a wide-leg pants with a wide-leg pants, which can be easily resolved in a single product with a wide-leg pants.

Pay attention to the style of the inner support and the balance of the entire Look style property, especially the silk-class components and other single product portfolios. Knitting, polyester cotton this type of ingredient is much better, and Xiaobai can buy more of these fabrics.

Short sweater

If you want to keep warm but a poor girl can close your eyes – short sweater,

Detained white in a small portion of the waist

It can work well to proportionally optimize.

We can also choose the design sweater that digs empty in the former center or shoulder characteristics, the whole look of the fashion explosion. But the risk is also obvious, and the girls with abdomen are avoided.

Color brightest sweater


If your skin is a small child, the simplest method is the simplest method.

That is to use the color manufacturing highlight, visual transfer is made to pull high altitude. At the same time, the color matching ratio and concentration of the entire Look can be used are the key to failure or not.

, The difficulty index is higher.

★ LOOK demonstration of “Upper and Sundature”

Making waist line


LOOK1: vest sweater + denim wide leg pants

If you feel that the sweater is in a big hot, you can choose a vest knitting, the outer garnish, with a classic denim hairspants, and the whole set of Look is elegant and casual, while meeting our commuting and free versatile conversion.

Trough in the trousers through vests, make waist lines, and instantly appear in anti-day long legs.

LOOK2: Sling + Wide Leg Pants


There is a combination of vests in the suit and the wide legs, and there is an unnecessary style. Each item in the blogger Look is basically basic, but the visual communication effect is super Nice.

One of them has made high-wide spots in the waist, and the proportional immediately optimizes, and second, the selection of fabrics and conjugated accessories,

The style is biased in the sea breeze, so the fabric is concentrated in cotton, hemp, and autumn blue, blue, etc., the LOOK aesthetics demonstrations after the style. Girls with certain wearing skills are borrowed.

LOOK3: T-shirt + wide leg pants

Select the wide-leg pants of knitted, white t, and it is not a good choice.

The same white t is tied into the trousers. It should be noted that we are in a fabric and style with other items.

To ensure the unity of the entire LOOK.

Like the long knitting of the jacket, the layer is strengthened, and the tabern shoes of the accessories are also matched with the casual style, suitable for usual walks, pressing roads.


LOOK1: Short top shirt + long bread pants

If you have a high-conditioned girl, you don’t want to use the “Made Waist” to the upper and lower rules.


Then you can choose the skin in the waist, the range can be small, after all, the current ultra-short paragraph is also hot

tide. Small children are buying high waist in the style of harsh pants, and the profile is conducive to the magnification.

LOOK2: Regular Set of sweaters + five points wide legs

With the “fault method”, it can be divided into three parts except that the entire LOOK is divided into two parts.

This is the most beneficial is to maximize the phenomenalization of the legs or legs.


We are taking the Wearing items of Copy blogging, then brighten the epidemic color of the incubation to select Ming Yellow. The high efficiency is full of fashionable.



LOOK1: T-shirt + vest + seven-pointed leg pants

Wide legs can be used, but it can be full. The black T and vece group were taken by superimposing.

On the color we can choose all black, supplemented in white to avoid monotonous, black and white classic combination is the most wrong,


Small white can also easily get! The whole set of looks of the LOOK style, walking on the street absolute explodes.

LOOK2: Set

The combination of suites avoids our misconduct of color control and other single groups.


I only need us to have better choice of opinions.


Like the blogger white set, tall high-leading needle long sleeves, very suitable for the temperature of the early spring season, the same black and white classic combination and superimposing techniques, but with the bloggers with great style.

So for each single product property understanding is also the core of the LOOK.

The upper and lower cases of the color


The upper and lower laws of the color can be roughly divided into supergraph or simple,

Try to avoid full

The latter needs a certain color matching ability, including a certain difficulty for the manufacture of waistlines. You can refer to the blogger’s Dennin shirt to choose a classic paragraph, and it is possible to use the full picture of the fabric to highlight the entire look.


The colors of other items can be shared by the previous article:

Extraction or neighbor

, The ink mirror like the blogger is extracted from the black and tangerine neighboring color red from the lower pattern color.

In fact, there is more inspiration space that is excavated by us. As long as you master the basic fashion aesthetics, everyone can match their own Look style!

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