110 tide card printing T-shirt contrast: 9 samples such as Calvin Klein excellent performance

The tidal brand is well received by young consumers, but how to choose yourself, and the quality of the tidal brand in quality is the most concerned about consumers.

Recently, the Heilongjiang Provincial Consumers Association announced the comparison test results of 110 tide print T-shirt products. Among them, there are 9 samples in the 110 samples, the use of the fiber content, chemical indicators, and color fastness indicators.

Sample situation

110款潮牌印花T恤对比:Calvin Klein等9款样品表现优异

This comparative test sample is the staff of the Heilongjiang Consumer Association Joint Testing Institutions in Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Vipcom, etc., and Harbin City entity specialty stores, and total 62 brands 110 tide card print T-shirt sample (online 55, offline 55), 48 brands are online to buy. This comparative trial focuses on quality comparison between the same brand and offline quality comparisons and different prices.

The consumer group purchasing power involved in the tidal brand is large, so this tide brand printing T-shirt product purchase price ranges from 87.50 yuan to 4099.99 yuan, it is not equal to different grades of products, in which the low gear (below 500 yuan) ) Sample 51, mid-range (500 yuan -1000 yuan) sample 30, medium and high-end (1000 yuan -3000 yuan) sample 22, 7 models of high-grade (more than 3,000 yuan) samples.

Test items

Identification, ingredient

20 sample instructions do not meet the standard

5 sample fiber content is not up to standard

The test results show that there are 20 sample instructions that do not meet the standard requirements, one of the “Gucci” brand black T-shirts sold in “Gucci Jingdong Self Camp” sales. “Gucci” brand black T-shirt Not as required by GB / T 5296.4-2012 to indicate the right country, industry, local or enterprise product standard number and product safety category. Express product standard number “QB / T 1333-2010” is a “backbag” product standard that has been invalidated.

Expressive fiber content is the most direct way of enterprises to convey the product of the product ingredients to consumers. Consumers can understand product performance and dressing, and consumers can choose what they need according to fiber components. The product type, so the different fiber components can guide consumers’ consumption orientation.

The test results show that the fiber content of 5 samples does not meet the standard requirements.

110款潮牌印花T恤对比:Calvin Klein等9款样品表现优异

Color fastness indicator articles

1 sample is not up to standard

110款潮牌印花T恤对比:Calvin Klein等9款样品表现优异

Color fastness refers to the ability of the textile and apparel product to maintain its original color after using or processing the external factors. Textile and clothing products in color faults are wearing water, sweat, sunny or physical friction during use, and the chemicals such as dodder molecules may be absorbed by the human body through the skin. Harmful health. If the dye is not maded in the printing and dye of the textile apparel, the dyeing process is unreasonable. After the dyeing process is not sufficiently or after the finishing is not in place, it can lead to unqualified the color fastness of the textile apparel product.

110款潮牌印花T恤对比:Calvin Klein等9款样品表现优异

The test results show that there is a sample of light color fastness that does not meet the standard requirements.

Chemical indicator articles

Formaldehyde, pH value meets relevant standard requirements

Formaldehyde in the textile apparel is mainly from various dyeing supplies added to the printing or post-finishing process of laundry printing, dyeing durability or improving anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage, etc.. The textile containing formaldehyde, gradually released free formaldehyde during people’s wear and use, exposing respiratory tract inflammation and skin inflammation through human respiratory tract and skin, and will cause irritation to the eyes, and severe allergic reactions, and even carcinogenic .

The pH is an indicator of the degree of acid and alkali levels of textile and apparel. If the textile is not fully washed and neutralized during the post-finishing, or the various finishing additives are not specified and rational use, it may result in unqualified pH of the finished product. A textile and apparel product that is often too high or too low, which will destroy the surface balance of the skin, causing skin allergies or induces infection, so that the skin is infringed by the skin.

110款潮牌印花T恤对比:Calvin Klein等9款样品表现优异

The test results show that the formaldehyde of the 110 tide print T-shirt goods, the pH is in line with the relevant standard requirements.

Comprehensive evaluation, in the 110 samples, use instructions and fiber content, chemical indicators, and color fastness indicators are excellent.

110款潮牌印花T恤对比:Calvin Klein等9款样品表现优异

Consumption tips

Check the logo. To see if the product and its packaging have instructions (ie the product ID), including whether there is Chinese label, indicate whether the manufacturer’s name and address, product name, product number or specifications, fiber components and content, maintenance methods, implementation Product standards and safety categories belonging to the product, etc., different forms of identification content should be consistent, and the durability tag must contain product number or specifications, fiber components and content, maintenance methods.

110款潮牌印花T恤对比:Calvin Klein等9款样品表现优异

2. Watch workmanship. You should pay attention to the appearance quality of the clothing. Check if there is no damage to the surface, needle, stain, printing, and see if the sewing line is straight, the quality of various accessories, the ingredients are, if the zipper is smooth, the button is firm, etc. . When purchasing a deeper color, the paper towel can be rubbed several times on the print or dyeing layout, and if the color is obvious, the color fastness is not good.

3. Wonderful taste. Clothing goods should be used in printing and dyeing and finishing, such as improper processing techniques, resulting in residual excess chemical components, will cause harm to the human body. When consumers are purchasing, they can smell the taste. If the product emits a pungent odor, there may be excess chemicals, it is best not to buy.

4. Use and maintain correctly. After the clothing is bought, don’t use it directly, soak it in warm water, then rinse it with water. By cleaning can not only remove the residual substances in the floating, floating and production process, but also improve the acid and alkali of clothing, and reduce the harm of soft agents. Pay attention to dry after the use of clothing, avoid bacteria or fungi to breed in clothing, should read the washing instructions carefully when washing, separate the depth, light products, and avoid cleaning overcurs.

110款潮牌印花T恤对比:Calvin Klein等9款样品表现优异

Source: Consumer Report Comprehensive Heilongjiang Consumer Association

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