Zhengchuan shares once again declared that it has not been mass-produced, who is the real “vaccine bottle holder”?

Zhengchuan shares once again declared that it has not been mass-produced, who is the real “vaccine bottle holder”?

Beijing News (Reporter Wang Kara) While the research and development of the new crown vaccine continues to receive good news, the share price of Zhengchuan shares, which has attracted much attention due to the “shortage of vaccine bottles”, once again soared, with a cumulative increase of more than 20% for three consecutive trading days from December 1 to 3. On December 3, Zhengchuan shares refuted rumors again, saying that the kiln of Zhongbon glass tube products was ignited at the end of October this year, and it has not been officially mass-produced, and there is uncertainty about whether the self-produced boroglass tube can be used for vaccines in the future. On December 4, the share price of Zhengchuan shares rose slightly, and as of the midday close, the stock price was 81.21 yuan / share, an increase of 1.41%.

The self-production rate is less than 10%, and imported vaccine vials account for most of the market

In May this year, the news of the shortage of vaccine vials attracted much attention, and Zhengchuan Shares, a pharmaceutical glass packaging company listed on the A-share market, suddenly became the “darling” of capital. Although Zhengchuan shares have repeatedly clarified that they have not received relevant orders, the stock price still rose from more than a dozen yuan to 108 yuan / share.

In an announcement issued on December 3, Zhengchuan said that one of its boroglass tube product kilns had been ignited at the end of October this year and is currently in trial production. The kiln has not been officially mass-produced, and even if it is officially mass-produced, the output is relatively limited, and the market share is not high in the short term. At the same time, the state implements consistency evaluation, and the stability test of drug selection packaging materials requires long-term verification, and there is uncertainty about whether self-produced boroglass tubes can be used for vaccines in the future.

Industry insiders pointed out that the particularity of the vaccine requires that the packaging material selected is borosilicate glass, mainly controlled injection bottles (commonly known as vials) and pre-filled syringes. Borosilicate pharmaceutical glass is the core material of vaccine vials, and the technical threshold is high. Most of China’s pharmaceutical glass bottles still use low-borosilicate glass, which is more stable than medium borosilicate glass. If the vaccine is bottled with low-borosilicate glass, it is easy to react with the drug and reduce the efficacy of the drug. Although domestic enterprises have broken through technical difficulties and broken foreign monopolies in recent years, they still cannot fully meet market demand, most of them still need to be imported, and China’s annual self-production rate is less than 10%.

The vaccine bottles produced by Germany’s SCHOTT, Japan’s Electric Pins and Corning in the United States occupy about 90% of the global market share. In July this year, SCHOTT Germany, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical glass, announced that the borosilicate glass it can provide can make 2 billion vaccine vials, and the first batch of drug bottles will be delivered to Chinese and overseas pharmaceutical companies. SCHOTT’s Zhejiang glass tubing plant was just completed and put into operation at the end of November, becoming one of the main suppliers of glass materials for vaccine packaging in China.

Many domestic enterprises have expanded production, with an annual output of more than 8 billion

According to the introduction of the China Vaccine Industry Association in May this year, the domestic manufacturers of controlled injection bottles for vaccines mainly include Ningbo Zhengli, Twin Peaks Greensheim, etc., and the pre-filled syringe manufacturers mainly include Shandong Weigao, Ningbo Zhengli, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass, BD, etc.

Four Star Glass is the first domestic enterprise that can mass-produce 5.0 pharmaceutical borosilicate glass, with an annual output of 2 billion glass bottles for biological vaccines and 30,000 tons of borosilicate glass tubes, which have been exported to more than 20 countries. In order to meet the demand for new coronavirus vaccines, the company plans to increase the production capacity of 1 billion glass bottles for vaccines and 20,000 tons of borosilicate glass tubes by the end of 2021, and will achieve a production and processing base of 50,000 tons of borosilicate glass tubes and 5 billion glass bottles for biological vaccines after completion and operation.

Kaisheng Junheng, which plans to be listed on the science and technology innovation board, also announced the successful launch of glass tubes for vaccines, and during the new crown epidemic, the company has provided 10 million vaccine glass bottles free of charge to vaccine research and development and production institutions such as the PLA Academy of Military Medical Sciences. Ningbo Zhengli also mentioned in November that the company plans to expand its production line in the near future for the production of vaccine packaging bottles.

Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass replied to investors in July and August this year that the company had not received purchase orders for new crown vaccine vials, and the production capacity of various products had not been expanded. Even if the company receives relevant purchase orders in the short term, the purchase quantity is expected to be relatively limited and will not have a material impact on the company’s operating results.

The China Vaccine Industry Association predicts that according to the production capacity of domestic enterprises, it is initially estimated that the annual output of vaccine vials in China can reach at least 8 billion. According to the global new crown vaccine research and development progress, vaccine bottle manufacturers have sufficient preparation time and capacity base, as long as the new crown vaccine research and development is successful, determine the form and specification model of the packaging product, vaccine bottle manufacturers can quickly release production capacity, continue to meet market demand in an orderly manner.

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