How to configure and shift in the home distribution box

What should I configure in the home distribution box? Now some friends say that the total switch is selected for leakage, separating the air switch; there is also the total switch to use the air switch, and the leakage is separated. Everyone has a different point of view of everyone, so, summarize it to be said to be a good switching configuration plan, share it with you.

Switch type selected in the home distribution box

The type of switch in the home distribution box is in fact, it is actually two. One is the air switch, this is no leakage protection function; the other is the leakage protection switch, this is a leakage protection power function.

The selection of all loop switches of the distribution box, we must adhere to a principle, that is, all the electrical circuits that our body can touch, it is recommended that you choose a leakage protection switch. There may be some friends who say that the lights in the family can touch it, why don’t you choose a leakage power switch? In fact, this is based on the construction quality and acceptance specification of the construction electrical, and the specification is written. Any lamps above two meters are not installed. This is also true, the actual situation in the family is installed on the top of the ceiling, and it does not touch it, so the accident rate of electric shock is very low. Therefore, it is ok to illuminate the road, and the installation is not allowed to leak.

How to configure the switch in the home distribution box? Is all the leaks? Can C16A?

Determination of switch model in distribution box

The determination of the switch model is to determine the power load of the loop controlled by this switch. We calculate the current of this loop based on the electric load, and then select the control switch of the loop, it is a basic order.

For example, the lighting of the home is basically a classified circuit. And all the lighting in the general family is generally not more than 1000 watts. So the lighting circuit, my customary choices are both C10A or the air switch of C16A.

Ordinary socket circuit, the electrical appliance in the ordinary socket circuit is not a lot, that is, the TV, computer, water dispenser, and electric appliances with air purifiers and so on. All of these household appliances do not add more than 3,000 watts, so according to experienced data, the switches of these ordinary socket circuits directly select C16A.

Ordinary wall-mounted air conditioning circuit. This is similar to the ordinary socket, a normal wall-mounted air conditioner, commonly used is 1P or 1.5p, if you look at the nameplate of the air conditioner, it will find that its maximum current is also generally no more than 12A. Therefore, it is basically the basis of choosing C16A to meet the requirements.

The cabinet air conditioner in the living room is generally 2P or 3p. You don’t have to go to complicate calculations. We look directly at the maximum current of the nameplate on the air conditioner, usually will not exceed 20. At this time we can directly select the excellent C20A or the Leakage protection switch of C25A.

The cost of electricity in the kitchen is generally relatively large, and the difference in electricity for each family is very large. It includes smoke, kitchen, refrigerator, refrigerator, microwave, rice cooker, etc. Kitchen appliances; according to the experience of people living in mediters, the electricity load of these appliances should be about 4000 tiles. At this time, we can use C20a or the Leakage protection switch of C25A.

The switching configuration in the bathroom is such that the high-power appliances in the bathroom are electric water heaters, and there is a bath, some have electric hair blows, adding their electricity loads approximately 4,000 tiles. Therefore, the bathroom can also be used with C20a or a C25A leakage protection switch.

Let’s talk about the trip type of the family switch.


Switches for households, you don’t have to consider so much. Directly use C-type, only C-type switches are household lighting. The switch is selected according to the rated current of the switch, for example, the most common switches used in the home are C10A, C16A, C20a, C25A, C32A, C40A, C50A, C63A, and the like.

In addition, one selection criterion of the leakage switch is, like the air switch, the rated current is the same, that is, according to their rated current; another leakage switch has a leakage current and leakage trip time, Everyone should pay attention to it. The leakage current of home leakage switch is 30 mA, and the trip time of leakage is not greater than 0.1 seconds.

How to configure the switch in the home distribution box, that is, all the combinations of switches

The switches in the home distribution box are taken as the switch in the distribution box. From the left left hand, the first installation sum switch, this switch suggests that you will use the air switch. The total switches commonly used in the family include the four of C32a, C40A, C50A, and C63A.

Separation of the illumination loop is generally installed from the left hand second switch from the left hand. It is recommended that you choose 1P + N or 2P air switch; the rated current is recommended to choose C10A, or can be C61a.

Starting from the left left hand on the left, it is the switch of the socket loop. All of these switches suggest that you choose a leakage protection switch. Generally, we are sorted, from the third of the left, the switch of the ordinary socket circuit, select C16A; the fourth is the switch of the bedroom air conditioning socket loop, select C16A; the fifth is the cabinet air conditioning loop switch, suggestion choice Select C20A or select C25A; the sixth is the switch of the kitchen loop. It is recommended that you choose C20a or choose C25A; the seventh is the switch of the bathroom loop. It is recommended that you choose C20A or choose C25A; If the normal socket in the family exceeds ten, you have to add a loop alone. Each air conditioner is a separate circuit, everyone should remember.

The general situation of the installation of the home distribution box

We should know that now the home distribution box in the building is configured when developers build a house, and install it. The position of this distribution box is a position in advance when designing the design, in advance. Some are on the shear wall of the reinforced concrete, and some are on the back wall of the secondary structure.


In addition, the entry line of the home distribution box is the import line of the home power supply, which is introduced from the meter box in the public walkway, and then receives it in our distribution box. The entrance line is the wire through the wire tube reserved when the building is covered. In general, the length of the wire here is just right, it is difficult to change.

Therefore, the displacement of the home distribution box involves the displacement of the power line of the power line of the distribution box. Distribution box’s power line wire, if you want to shift, there are many time you need to replace this power cord, which is more troublesome. Therefore, it is recommended that try not to move to the home distribution box. Because many decoration companies have earned this money, they did not replace the power cord of the distribution box without replacing the power line of the distribution box, but did not know, so The practice is very dangerous.

When set up on the shear wall: Analysis of Displacement Box Displacement

If our home distribution box is designed on the shear wall of reinforced concrete, its wire tube is also a wall of concrete, and then enter the electric mesh in the floor, so if you want to displace the power distribution box. , Then your power cord is not moving, because the line tube is embedded in concrete.

At this time, this scene has appeared, and the practice can be seen. A decoration company shifts the distribution box, then the power cord, they are shaved on the concrete wall, then the wire is connected to the line, using the sheathed line, take the home power line Go to the new distribution box. This approach is strictly prohibited. Everyone must pay attention, don’t be fooled by some people, take this practice, then there is endless suffering.


When the distribution box is set on the back wall: analysis of distribution box shift

If the distribution box in our home is designed on the back wall, if we shift the distribution box at this time, or from a place from the back wall, shift to another place in the later stage, this The practice is actually possible.

The specific approach should be the case. After we move the distribution box to another, we will re-arrange the wire tube to the original line tube after the rear wall. Then puminate the original home supply line, replace the home-mail line of the same specification, receive our new distribution box, which is a very correct approach.


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