In the seasons of small suits, plaid suit is the most child

In the seasons of small suits, plaid suit is the most child

Unconsciously, there was a trace of coldness in the breeze, and the season of a single T -shirt and small shorts gradually went away. But, this year’s major brands of new products have attracted the attention of bean bags. Take a closer look, God, such a fashionable and practical small suit, I do n’t recommend it to everyone, I am sorry for yourself ~~~

Keke, first of all, the natural impression of the bean bag for the suit is formal, dull, serious! However, human wisdom is infinite and can be turned into a magic. For example, our clothing designers use small changes in fabrics and style details to make Shen Su’s formal dress shake into a youthful, fashionable and capable Chic small suit! Intersection Intersection

A small jacket that is absolutely indispensable in autumn, the grid suit is more classic!

The first thing to introduce is this Chic grid suit jacket. Through the picture, you can find that the color of this jacket is no longer the black and black of the traditional suit, but the beautiful color and the small pattern of the British style in front of them. With the exquisite and elegant version and small shoulder. Both self -cultivation and foreign, upper body effect.

The second one is to say that a new temperament is thin, loose and loose lattice long -sleeved small suit. Have you found that the long -sleeved small suit rolls up the sleeve and has FEEL ~~~ And this clothes use polyester fabrics and classic retro grid patterns. At the same time, with calfs or beautiful short skirts, people are not eye -catching. Essence

The next step is the trimming and thin suit short jacket of the retro British grid double -breasted buckle. The design of the cuffs in the picture is paired with short hem and double -breasted buckles, plus classic plaid and cotton fabric, which is both slim and textured. do not have!

Nuo, this set of seven -point sleeve temperament and high -waisted fashion casual shorts set really do not need to repeat them in words. A picture is spike. The bright color and the fashionable match with high -quality fabrics and tailoring, it looks simple, capable, fashionable and fashionable.

The next one can be said to be the king of all -match -a loose jacket of a grid suit, whether it is fabric, style or color. The fabric is light linen type, the color is bright and versatile red and white, red and blue match, plus exquisite suit design and tailoring, wearing in summer, autumn and winter, it is perfect.

This loose suit that is a bit retro and a bit Chic is not to be missed. This dress is not thin and not very thick. It is suitable for late autumn and early winter. Of course, the girl who is afraid of cold is okay now.

The last second gray lattice medium long suit looks beautiful. Not only the self -slimming, but also the design of the collar is also unique!

The last thin leisure retro grid, the recommendation of the Wales checkered suit jacket is simply a good product in the boutique. At first glance, the exquisite and simple design and the fine fabric tailoring created this loose, fanatic and elegant style, no matter how many words Lost in front of it.

In the end, the bean bag was pulled out all the bottom and experience of the box to everyone. The blood tank was empty. You must go to the autumn small suit and return the blood.

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