The world -like non -weaving world is very easy to get started.

The world -like non -weaving world is very easy to get started.

I believe that many friends are newly introduced hook needles and novice

I don’t know how to see the illustration, and even the basic needle method has not been fully mastered

But seeing a very cute hook needle doll wants to hook itself

How to do?

It’s better, let’s try another way

Use one to sew one without weaving, it can be beautiful and cute

Compared to the hook needle woven, it is easy to get started without weaving

As soon as the novice learns, novices can also make beautiful works

What can I do without weaving?

① Make a bouquet

② Do doll

③ Make wall -mounted and small ornaments

④ Make a small bag, aunt towel bag, paper towel bag

There are more things that can be done! Everyone can try more in the future

Below, let’s find out what tools need to be used without weaving DIY

Non -woven

This is the most important material, a must -have

Sewing thread and needle

The necessary tool is used for stitching


Essential tools for scissoring patterns

It’s best to be sharp, so as to prevent the edges uneven when cutting or not woven

Pattern template

If you want to do something, you must first have a pattern template

(I will share the good -looking templates with you from time to time)

Then print this template on white paper

Then cut the pattern on the white paper

Put it on not weaving, cut the same shape on the non -woven fabric

Other auxiliary tools

The auxiliary tool is not a must -have tool, sometimes it is used, and sometimes it is not used.

① Bead needle

: Fix the template and fabric when cutting and suture

(You can also replace the book booking machine and booking needle)

② ② 镊 镊

: When combining a particularly small component, it will be more convenient to use a mule clip

③ Hot -melt rubber gun and rubber stick

: Some components that are not convenient to suture need to be glued with glue

④ ballpoint pen

: Sometimes you need to draw the template down

⑤ Printer and white paper:

Print down the template, you can go to the print shop to complete

(Xiang Mimi tells you that you can also use the company’s free printer)

We have learned about the tool material of non -woven DIY

Next article, let’s look at the specific production steps

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about barras de pegamento con pistola caliente pistola de pegamento caliente con barras de pegamento, hope it can help you.

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