It is strongly recommended that the company changing the chair, non -black and white “listening to the sea” computer chair!

It is strongly recommended that the company changing the chair, non -black and white “listening to the sea” computer chair!

Accessories 1: Black and White Black Box.

Accessories 2: armrests, chair wheels, screws.

Accessories 3: Bad pressure rod and three sets.

Accessories 4: Five -claw chair feet.

Accessories 5: Back.

Accessories 6: Cushion.

Accessories 7: Small pillow.

In the work, the company often chooses two or three hundred computer chairs in order to save operating costs. In life, due to limited personal funds, computer chairs are often used. In fact, to a large extent, people often ignore the comfort of the computer chair itself, and even ignore the importance of their own health. Choosing a comfortable computer chair can not only feel comfortable and enjoy a healthy life, but also reduce fatigue and improve work efficiency. What I want to introduce today is such a computer chair that is in line with ergonomics, and the black and white “listening to the sea” computer chair (model HDNY077).

The word ergonomics is believed to be familiar with everyone. What exactly is the ergonomic chair? The ergonomic chair needs to meet the three -degree surface of the human curve. The curves of each part need to fit the lines of the bottom of the thigh and the hips. The hips, knees, and elbows are kept or slightly greater than 90 °. When the user is sitting, you don’t need to adjust it deliberately, so that the body and spirit can reach the natural state of the human body.

Open box

The black and white “listening to the sea” computer chair is such a product that integrates ergonomic principles into the computer chair. Each accessory of the product is also split and packaged independently. The subsequent will be introduced one by one.

There is a notepad and a glove in the small black box. Opening the notepad, it is not just a notepad, but a manual that includes brand introduction, product display, component introduction, installation steps, daily care and other instructions. Black and white notepad this manual, it is estimated that you can accompany life for a while; the gloves are still seen in the product accessories for the first time. Whether it is the installation of the wooden desk or the installation of the three -dimensional wardrobe, I have never seen the trace of the gloves. I have to say that I have to say The black and white tone is really intimate.

Symmetric handrail adopts hollow design, delicate carved surface, and the soft velvet cloth covered with surfaces can make the arm more comfortable; the chair wheel is wrapped in soft PU, non -slip static, and direct inserted non -screw design, which is safer to use.

The screws are mainly handrail screws and back screws. In addition, the inner hexagon wrench and decorative cap are also provided. In addition to the inner hexagonal wrench, all screw accessories also provide one more backup.

The air pressure rod has an important role in the computer chair. The air pressure rod of the black and white computer chair has passed SGS international certification. The concentration of nitrogen reaches more than 97%. The tolerance to the heavy test and impact testing is 200 to 250 kg. There is no problem with this seat for more than five years.

The chair foot is designed with a five -claw -type design. The contact area is larger than the four -claw chair.

The five -claw chair foot is made of selected nylon, which is more resistant to anti -corruption and sturdy and durable than plastic material.

The back of the chair is in line with the ergonomic curve, conforms to the outline of the body, and fits the spine curve. The use of water ripples intertwined mesh, while maintaining aesthetics, enhance the tension and elasticity of the mesh. The 35cm thickened and widening design headrest can fit the neck more; the built -in waist pillow can not only be adjusted within the 8CM range, but also relieve the waist support in a good way to avoid the separation of the back and the back of the chair.

The comfort of the computer chair depends to a large extent on the quality of the cushion. The black -and -white computer chair cushion uses a four -layer superposition thick design. The first layer of comfortable velvet wrap is plump and flat, and the feel is soft; the second layer of native sponge is filled, full of thick and not easy to deform; the third layer of high -density sponge supports, stable like mountains, and avoid collapse; Strong.

The back of the cushion is the thick chassis of the steel, which can further increase the load -bearing capacity of the seat. The two handles are the lifting handle and the back -to -back adjustment handle. Callest legs, relaxing feet.

The independent “small pillow” presented by the box can be said to be surprised. Not only can you use the neck at the black and white computer’s headrest, or it can also be used when starting the sleep mode.


The installation of the black and white “listening to the sea” computer chair is also very simple, and one person can be completed independently. The entire installation process takes less than 15 minutes.

Step 1: Five -claw chair foot installation chair wheel.

Stranding chair wheels can be inserted into the chair foot slightly. After inserting, the chair wheel can rotate 360 ​​°.

Step 2: Bad pressure rod and three sets into the foot of the chair.

It is not difficult to put it directly without other components.

Step 3: The cushion is inserted into the air pressure rod.

Boys with strong strength can move the cushion into the air pressure rod. The girl with a small strength can be operated in turn. Inside the cushion, the air pressure rod and the chair foot are inserted into the cushion.

Step 4: Insert a cushion on the back of the chair.

Like the second step, you do n’t need other components to be inserted directly without difficulty.

After inserting, you need to install the back screw on the back, and you need to use the inner hexagonal wrench during the screw tightening process.

Step 5: Installation on both sides.

Use the screw and inner hexagon wrench to complete, and then put it in the decorative cover after the screw installation is complete.

Simple five steps, complete the installation of the black and white “listening to the sea” computer chair in less than 15 minutes. Why is it called “Listening to the Sea” computer chair? It is reported that this computer chair is based on “listening to the sea” as the design concept and is used in product design. At that time, it seems that there is a kind of “sound of listening to the sea on the shell”, it seems that it is really in line with the theme of listening to the sea.

Experience chapter

Experience 1: Sitting experience.

1. When sitting down, it is no longer a hard cushion. Obviously, the thickness and softness of the cushion can be felt. The large -scale space makes the hip distance from the handrail.

2. There is only a chair back on the back of the body. After sitting for half an hour, I did not feel sweating or fatigue and discomfort on the back of the body. The two -way circulation of the comprehensive network and the back of the chair, the effect is still very good. In the hot summer, use this black and white computer chair to worry about sweating on the back.

3. Due to the difference in height of each person, the black and white “listening to the sea” chair can also be manually adjusted manually. The 90 ° sitting position is naturally placed on the ground for the best effect.

Experience 2: Lie lying after experience.

The back -lying function of the black and white computer chair is a personal favorite function. With this function, it is equivalent to having another bed that can rest well. Before lying back, you need to hold your hands on both sides and launch forward, and then flip.

The legs are placed naturally on the feet. In the default state, the handle is locked in the back of the back, and the back of the chair cannot be tilted back.

Pull up the back to adjust the handle, the body can be leaned back naturally. During the back of the body, the linkage armrest will also move.

Lie after the back of the body from 90 ° to 160 °. Of course, at any angle within this range, you can press the back to adjust the handle to lock the current back -elevation angle.

For employees who need a lunch break in the office, it is really uncomfortable to sleep on the table. The black and white “listening to the sea” computer chair is 160 ° and the upper ties can meet the needs of lying on lunch breaks. Such an ergonomic computer chair.

In daily life, many families are more common in chairs, including wooden chairs, leather chairs, etc. Some users choose these because of funds, and more are the choices made with the home environment. The wooden chair is uncomfortable, and the impermeable pneumatic leather chair must be a problem of many families. This black and white computer chair can easily integrate into different home improvement environments, and can meet the needs of users in terms of comfort and breathability. Not only that, this seat can be used all year round.


As a manufacturer focusing on the research and development of ergonomic computer chairs for nearly ten years, this “listening to the sea” computer chair (HDNY077), which is black and white, really surprised me. The concept of “listening to the sea” concept of shell shape chair back, water wave pattern cloth, wave hollow armrest, starfish five -claw chair foot, thickened cushion, engineering back, built -in waist support, large back lying, etc. If you use work, you can feel comfortable sitting, not tired for a long time, and relax. As a programmer who is used to the unit of the unit, it is strongly recommended that the company changes the chair.

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