3M nylum roll tight wheels, click Favorites

3M nylum roll tight wheels, click Favorites


As an important series of non -weaving grinding products, it is widely used in multiple professional fields.

In the previous industry application tweet, we also introduced some non -weaving rolling wheel products. Click to review ↓↓↓:

Grinding internal parameters | Those things to go to the burrs, a dry goods clearly!

Beautiful aviation blades to polish, preferably 3M non -woven nylon wheel

Have you been curious:

How many rolling wheels are there in 3M?

How to choose?

Today, Xiaobian is right

3M ™ Scotch-BRITE ™ Nyn tight wheel

Come and introduce a comprehensive introduction to summarize key information for everyone.

If you want to know the 3M nylon tight wheel product, it is enough to watch a article!

What is 3M ™ ScottChBrite ™ rolling wheels?

The 3M ™ rolling wheel is the

The three -dimensional non -woven network and mineral abrasive are made of rotary structure on the tube.

The grinding wheel design is

One -way grinding

The direction of the arrow on the side of the weaving wheel and the arrow printed on the wheels is expressed.

The rolling wheel provides

More fine processing performance

Compared with overlapping wheels

More detailed and soft, more fit.

Advantages of rolling wheels

The main information of the 3M ™ roll tight wheel, the picture of the editor is the focus:

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Model of the 3M ™ roll tight wheel

How to choose the need for products you need?

In fact, it is not complicated.

In terms of application,

The 3M ™ rolling wheels are mainly divided into two categories -rolling and removing the burrs and rolling sperm processing wheels.

I will start with this to introduce the various models of the rolling wheels.


Roll away the burrs

Rolling the burr wheel to control the metal controlled,

Consistentbridge and edge arc processing.

For this application, Xiaobian recommends the following 3M product model:

Scotch-BRITE ™ EXL Pro non-woven grinding wheel

Scotch-BRITE ™ EXL, EX2, EX3 de-burrs without weaving grinding wheels

Scottch-BRITE ™ SST

Scotch-BRITE ™ Light Deburring light-de-wondering non-woven grinding wheel

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Rolling essence machining

Roll tightly processing wheels are mainly used for formation

The surface of the surface is smooth, blended or refined, and the appearance of line patterns and aura.

The following model recommendation is used for this kind of refined processing application:

Scotch-BRITE ™ Metal Finishing metal processing wheel

Scotch-BRITE ™ Multi-FINISHING Multifunctional Rita wheel

Scotch-BRITE ™ Cut & Polish cutting and polishing wheel


Run speed and size

For nylon wheel products,

Product speed has a great impact on performance (cutting, life and smoothness),

Therefore, it is important to choose appropriate speed for specific operations and workpieces.


, Low -speed rotation can produce very uniform brushes and polishing,

Be used in

Polish aluminum alloy without lubricants,

Can also be used for

Composite materials or other soft materials.


When removing or reconciled surface defects and hard burrs, it is recommended to use high -speed rotation.

High -speed rotation can produce faster

Cutting speed, and more fine processing.

After years of experience accumulation of 3M experts, it has summarized the speed of the recommended surface speed of the nylon tight wheels in different applications.

If you have more specific application cases, you need to discuss it, welcome to scan the two -dimensional submitting consultation at the end of the article!

Recommended surface speed of the nylon roll wheel in different applications

The above is the introduction of the essence of the 3M ™ Scott-BRITE ™ rolling wheel!

A variety of types, suitable for different grinding applications

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