The 10 Chinese -style bride hair accessories that make people feel at first glance, foreigners praise like Tianxian

Chinese bride costume headwear hair buns, high -end environmental protection alloy materials, wearing very light, red gemstone lined with bride’s eyebrows


Now it ’s popular for Chinese work weddings and wearing luxurious Xiuhe clothes.Only after the overall dress can be the most dazzling bride

In the traditional Chinese wedding, the bride’s Feng Guan performed an important position, and many girls at the moment will choose Chinese weddings, which is more atmospheric and noble than Western style.


The headdress was like a flying phoenix. The two felts had a designer of the tassel.Wear your temperament, your confidence.


The joyful Chinese dress with the glittering phoenix crown is suffocating.The perfect combination of gold and flowers is very classical. The tassel pendant is very moving with the bride’s steps!Just be his most beautiful bride in this life

Want to be the most attractive Oriental bride, how can I get the exquisite Chinese bride’s headdress?Imagine the red suit wearing a big red, and then with a gorgeous Chinese bride headgear, the perfect Chinese style comes out


The beautiful pearl pendant and exquisite flowers add a bit of graceful and elegant temperament to you, superb craftsmanship, good materials, and unique design can make you a bride of Shuying at the wedding!


Wearing a phoenix crown wearing exquisite phoenixes, authentic queen costumes, no woman does not want to be the queen?Let yourself do the “queen” on the day of the wedding

Now it is particularly popular with Chinese weddings. The bride wears a red dragon and phoenix gown, and then wears a expensive phoenix crown.

Peony flowers have a good meaning of wealth and wealth. The bride is not only beautiful and beautiful, but also can bring good sigs at the wedding.

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