There must be “face value” in private parts! How do female friends do well?

There must be “face value” in private parts! How do female friends do well?

Many beautiful women are paying attention to facial maintenance. They usually invest in sun protection, water milk, cream, eye cream, mask, etc. When it comes to private plastic surgery, I believe that there may not be many people who know. But in fact, as a woman, it should really pay attention to the maintenance and repair of private parts.

How to do a good job in private maintenance?

1. Pay attention to cleaning

The cleaning of women’s private parts is very important. It should be rinsed with water every day to remove excrement and secretions in time. Be careful not to use acidic or alkaline washing solution and nursing solution with powerful sterilization effects. Such products, while killing harmful bacteria, will also kill beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus, and change the acid -base balance of the internal yin environment, destroy the self -cleaning system of internal yin and cervix, reduce the human body’s own immunity, but it is easier to be easier to be easier Cause gynecological inflammation.

2. Let the private part “breathe” fresh air

Try to wear tight pants as much as possible, because jeans such as jeans tight hips will cause increased body temperature and bacterial breeding, which will exacerbate the number of yeast. Underwear must also wear cotton. Why, because cotton underwear has a good effect on the absorption and volatilization of water, it will maintain the dryness of the private parts and not always wet, so it will naturally reduce the production of melanin!

3. Use condoms for contraceptives

Small sets can not only “contraception”, but also can isolate bacteria in semen and diseases from the opposite sex, such as herpes and papilloma virus, and contraceptives have no such isolation effect. Some women are also prone to recur mycoplasma vaginitis after using contraceptives. This is because estrogen in contraceptives has the effect of promoting fungal mycelium, which leads to further harm to women’s health.

4. Pay attention to sexual hygiene

Avoid disturbing, unclean sex life, and the best partner of the room before the room is good for personal hygiene; if you feel the vaginal dryness during sex, you need to use water quality lubricants.

5. Exercise the bottom muscle

Tighten the muscles and PC muscles near the pelvis. Use the intensity and method of suppressing urinating, maintain more than 2 seconds each time, three times a day, and persist 15 days a month. This can not only maintain vaginal firming, but also promote the blood circulation of the inner wall of the vagina and increase its sensitivity.

6. Supplement vitamin B2

The lack of vitamin B2’s damage to women’s private parts is particularly serious, which will lead to dry or itching in private parts, and even mucosal congestion and ulceration. You can supplement vitamin B2 through food or drugs, such as eating more grains, fruits with skin, because most of the vitamin B2 exists in the peel or shell of the plant.

7. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and vegetables contain a large amount of fiber and vitamin C, which can make the vagina more flexible, and can also form a protective film on the vaginal wall. When the bacteria invade, it can increase self -protection.

8. Eat less sweets

Proper stay away from sweets can help maintain a good environment of the vagina and prevent vaginitis. Because sweets will increase the sugar content in vaginal cells and secretions, such an environment is conducive to the growth and reproduction of Candida, and Candida vaginitis is one of the important culprits that hurt women’s private parts.

But in fact, private maintenance, like facial maintenance, is to improve the quality of life and happy body and mind. It is not a shame topic. Women must pay attention to the maintenance of this aspect!

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