The design sense of a high -quality modern French restaurant of a furniture ~ I want to experience it!

The design sense of a high -quality modern French restaurant of a furniture ~ I want to experience it!

Rêver, the “dream” in French, is also close to the River in English; 玥, the same sound as “Guangdong”; the seemingly simple name contains the dream of the restaurant team: in Guangzhou, with the high quality of a furniture international standard, high quality of the furniture standard Modern French restaurants pay tribute to the Pearl River, which have given birth to countless high -quality ingredients and classic dishes. Modern French cuisine, based on the backbone of traditional French cuisine, adds innovative cooking techniques for various vegetables, combined with high -quality ingredients in different regions, and the kitchen’s personal imagination and creativity, a new interpretation of it. For R ,Ver, the inspiration of creation originated from the terroir here -Guangdong.

Restaurant center art chandelier echoes the flowing water of “Tianhe” to form water drops.

Inspired by “Tianhe”, feel the Pearl River in all aspects

The design concept map of the restaurant-inspired by “Tianhe”, feel the Pearl River in all directions, and reflects the layout, hue and materials of the indoor space

The dining room is inspired by different changes in the scenery of the Pearl River. The floating wave ceiling echoes the winding Pearl River outside the window.

The seat settings that are staggered, so that the customers of the meal can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pearl River at 180 degrees

Jiangjing sofa

Renver, located on the south bank of the Pearl River, is next to Tianhe. The overall design style of the restaurant is exquisitely connected to the Pearl River. It can be described as outside the window, all of which are the Pearl River: like a terraced fields on both sides of the river, the seat settings that are staggered, so that dining customers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pearl River at 180 degrees, as well as Yangcheng City. The most prosperous urban skyline; inspiration obtained from different colors from the Pearl River one day, forming the main color of the restaurant, elegant and angry; the ground creates natural texture with white marble Essence The pure wave pattern mirror smallpox hides all the electromechanical equipment, combined with the reflection and reflection of the material itself, to create a river that is connected to the sky, echoing the “Tianhe” outside the window. The selection of restaurant furniture combines the concept of interior design. The simple and elegant curve beef structure and the main color of the restaurant to ensure the unity of space and maximize the experience of sight and scenery.

The curved niche provides semi -private sofa, and the surface layout is like a twisted river

The details of the wall, the dynamic dynamic of the custom wavy wood decoration gives the wall layering and echo the water ripple from the details

“Museum” that appreciates catering art

Large room

Small room

Original GTV furniture details

RêVer regards each dish is a multi -view art, including vision -the art and taste of the dish -different ingredients into rich changes, smell -the flavor of the index finger, and the texture of the ingredients -the texture of the ingredients -the texture of the ingredients And level. The restaurant design is also inspired by the museum experience. I hope that through these “artworks”, they interact and communicate with customers with these “artworks” to strive to create an unforgettable experience.

Open kitchen

The restaurant marks its open kitchen as a “beautiful workshop”, so that customers can witness the birth process of “artwork”; the waiter is the guide of customers, and the story behind each “artwork”, the story Inspired by the design of the dishes, the selection and matching of ingredients; customers also have the opportunity to visit the kitchen and exchange the tasting experience of “artwork” under the guidance of the chef; and the story of each “artwork” will also share On the restaurant website and social media platforms, they communicate with gourmet enthusiasts around the world.

The toilet also uses wave pattern ceiling and wave wall surface

Axial side diagram

Plane map

Perspective Code

Project information

Project name: RêVer. Sanctuary

Designer: Shanghai Wu is Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Project design & completion year: 2020

Main creator and design team: Wu Xingheng (main creator)

Project Address: 5th Floor, North Tower, Guangbao Center, Yuejiangxi Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China

Building area: 700 square meters

Photography copyright: Wu Xingheng, Ma Teng

Cooperators: Deng Chongan, Wang Yang, Guan Haotian team (engineering construction party)

Customer: Apricot Catering Management (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Brand: Tom Dixon lamps, Louis Poulsen lamps, Wiener GTV Design furniture, Duravit Steel, Parallel

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