Tesla holds a “virtual power plant” demonstration in Texas, allowing users to collect money from the grid

Tesla holds a “virtual power plant” demonstration in Texas, allowing users to collect money from the grid

IT House News on June 13th, at the end of May, Tesla held a demonstration project of PowerWall’s family energy storage battery in the United States. Test and show the potential of this product to the US power grid.

The IT House learned that Tesla hopes to help users from gaining benefits from the power grid operation company by providing “grid -connected power generation” services by providing “grid -connected power generation” services and helping the power grid to relieve stress.

Tesla test results show that the device can activate the idle battery capacity within a few seconds and provide power supply services for the power grid. It is reported that virtual power plants include power generation systems, energy storage equipment and communication systems, which helps achieve the balance of supply and demand for power, and has economic value while meeting the demand for electricity.

But at present, before some rules change, the company needs the local PowerWall owner to cooperate for free. As a result, Tesla began to call for the rules of the DEISP operator to change the rules on how to participate in the power market and obtain income formulation of home batteries.

The company put forward a rule change requirement to the Organization of the Texas Electricity Reliability (Ercot) operating the power grid, trying to use solar panels + battery users (even with residential solar users) to bid additional capacity.

In addition, Tesla gives some requirements in this demonstration project to show ERCot the value that VPPS can bring to the power grid.

Tesla describes this project like this:

Tesla PowerWall can provide strong support for the grid. However, Texas has not allowed private companies to provide the public with some key power grid services provided by traditional power plants, allowing Powerwall to be a more elastic grid and accelerating the development of sustainable energy for the creation of a more flexible grid.

The company said it has about 200 PowerWall users in Ercot “North” in Texas, which can join the plan as a volunteer:

Tesla said that those participating in the demonstration must agree to let Tesla control their PowerWalls 80% capacity:

You need to agree to allow Tesla to control your PowerWall, including charging, discharge and configuration PowerWall automatic response to the power grid conditions to support the test of the power grid service. Tesla does not reduce the battery capacity to less than 20% to prepare from time to time. Except for this limit, Tesla can control your Powerwall charging or discharge at any time and any extent.

However, before the changes in the operating rules of Texas Grid, the above -mentioned “volunteers” will not be compensated for these “grid -connected power generation” services. Of course, Tesla currently provides participants with a $ 40 gift card.

If the tester participated in 80% or more test items within a certain period, and provided market ID data as required, Tesla will provide it with a $ 40 Tesla gift card. This is what they participate in this time The only compensation of the project.

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