Which of the outdoor power supply and generator of self -driving camping is more practical?

Which of the outdoor power supply and generator of self -driving camping is more practical?

When it comes to self -driving camping, the most worrying thing for everyone is the problem of battery life and charging of electronic equipment, especially to drive to the remote field. There is no place for municipal electricity to support it. Only by carrying energy storage power equipment with the car can we solve the worries. At present, there are two kinds of mature ways to supply various electronic equipment and home appliances: fuel generators and outdoor power sources. Today, I will discuss with you the outdoor power supply and the generator which is more practical?

Everyone should be familiar with fuel generator. For a long time, fuel generators have been widely promoted as home emergency electricity equipment. However, fuel generator has also been criticized for a long time. There are many disadvantages for self -driving camping!

First, the cost of fuel generator is high. As oil prices continue to rise in the era of 10 yuan, the cost of electricity consumption of fuel generator is also increasing. Suppose average power consumption is 0.5 liters, which is equivalent to about 4 yuan per kWh. Electricity several times. The outdoor power supply is an energy storage product that stores the city electricity when it is needed to reflect the output to provide power support for digital product appliances, so the overall power cost is far lower than the generator.

Second, the generator is noisy. Once the generator is turned on, the sound of 7 meters is about 70 decibels, which is equivalent to walking in the downtown area, which is upset, especially in the quiet night of night, no matter how powerful the psychological quality is. The outdoor power supply does not need to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. Except for the sound of the heat dissipation fan operation, other noise will not produce. At the same time, the sound of the heat dissipation fan can basically be ignored!

Third, the generator is not environmentally friendly. The generator itself depends on the combustion of gasoline to generate electricity. It is equipped with a fuel tank. Even if it is closed, it will exuding gasoline flavor in the car. Especially during the work period, the smell of gasoline because the combustion does not picked out the smell of gasoline is even more difficult to be more difficult to get out. accept. The outdoor power supply is clean energy with battery energy storage, which is more green and environmentally friendly!

Fourth, the portability of the generator is poor, and the basic weight of small and medium -sized generators is about 80kg. Not to mention the volume, the items that need to be carried by self -driving camping are limited. If you carry other items of the generator, you must make sacrifice! And the outdoor power supply will also have a heavy weight according to different capacity. Some can be placed in the backpack, some can be taken on the plane, and some can be placed in the car, which can be suitable for different people and different use scenarios.

Having said so much, which is more practical of self -driving outdoor power supply and generator? I believe everyone has a clear answer! Outdoor power seems to be the best choice for self -driving camping electricity. So there are so many outdoor power sources, which one should we choose? Today I will introduce to you the new outdoor power supply launched by Fangfang Technology!

It has 3000W ultra -large output power, 3600Wh ultra -large capacity, unique movement separation design, supports single movement independent output, alternate output, independent charging, the battery life is maintained at 80%after 2000 cycles, which can be used for more than 5 years. Support three charging modes of municipal electricity, car, and solar panels, convenient and fast, suitable for different scenarios. The maximum support of 3000W charging power can achieve the fastest of the city power at the fastest 1.15 hours super fast charging! In addition to the municipal electricity, you can also charge from the car cigarette lighter from the car. Worry -free. 4 220V pure linear wave AC discharge interfaces, 2 12V/10A 120 cigarette lighter interface, 2 USB-C 100W fast charge interface, 4 USB-A 5V/24A 12W interface, which can be available for various daily life appliances, Outdoor operating tools, automotive battery supplements, and 3C electronic equipment. At the same time, 9 -hole charge guns can be used for new energy vehicles.

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