Daily US shoes recommendation (March 25)

—— [Recommended ten beautiful shoes today] –


单 单 ⒈ ⒈ ⒈ ⒈ single shoes

Pearl square heel, simple and stylish shape ~

⒉ Retro low heel shoes

High -quality frosted anti -velvet leather design, beautiful hollow and arc, make fashion full of points ~

单 单 ⒊ ⒊ ⒊ ⒊ ⒊

Heart -shaped decoration, very dreamy and charming!


Stimeo and single shoes

Fashion slopes and pointed with a sense of lines ~

鞋 鞋 ⒌ embroidered shoes

Ethical ethnic style ~

Rivet slope and single shoes

Personal punk European and American style ~


⒎ thick bottom big shoes

Unique punk style!

⒏ Casual lace

Swtming leather upper, intellectual elegance.


Skin -pointed heel sandals

Velvers with full texture ~

底 Weaving hollow flat shoes

Retro weaving shows European and American British Wind ~

—— [Xiao Mei helps you pick beautiful shoes] –


@big Yuanyuan: Want thick -soled shoes


Xiaomei replied: I recommend the following kinds, and leave a message if you don’t like it ~


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Rivet thick bottom casual shoes

The shining surface and individual skull rivet combination, showing the aura of the queen!

鞋 thick bottom deep mouth shoes

The tranquil and elegant college fashion!

鞋 Hougou Lefu Shoes

The cute little devil’s eyes ~

靴 thick bottom loose cake boots


Stocking the charming European and American trend ~

布 Gao Gang thick bottom canvas shoes


The thick bottom line and the rivet decoration of the upper show the youthful style!

@Y q q q: I want beautiful shoes with high heels, my feet are a bit wide


Xiaomei replied: The following models are mainly based on coarse heels, not too high, I wonder if there will be loved ones?


⒗ 鞋 鞋 ⒗ ⒗ ⒗ ⒗ ⒗


The same star, full of big names!

跟 Metal color square head high -heeled shoes

European and American style led by luxurious metal colors ~


高 Diamond Fang Duck High Heels

The rhinestones on the satin upper, elegant and fashionable ~

⒚ 鞋 鞋 ⒚ ⒚

Fashionable square heels, free and free, interpret new trends of personality!

带 带 带 ⒛ ⒛ ⒛ ⒛ ⒛ ⒛ ⒛ ⒛

Super beautiful shoe type, large head, big thick heel ~

◆ I wonder if the top ten shoes that are picked by your pro -picked your pro -picked? If you don’t like it, continue to leave a message to Xiaomei ~


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