Recommended good things for 5 years, dog supplies worth buying are absolutely worth buying

Many dog ​​breeders hope that they can buy good dog supplies for the dogs. Today, I will sort out dog supplies that are definitely worth buying. Let’s take a look!


1. Essential staple food: dog food

If you want to choose high -quality dog ​​food, the most important thing is to look at the raw material tables and component tables. The more meat in the raw material table, the better, just look at the top 5 digits. In addition, there are not too many grains and no additives.


Recommended domestic cheap dog food:

Bernard Tianchun, not greasy no lesson dog food, and Leh dog food


Importing affordable dog food recommendations:

Ocean Star, Newton

2, dog nest -Huayuan pet


It’s best to prepare a summer, one winter, and in summer, you can buy a rattan noodle. This is cool. You can buy cotton in winter. It is better to keep warm.


3. Shower gel -Christinen, Sonantin

Bathing to Teddy is definitely a difficult problem for the boss, especially the choice of shower gel. It is really bad to choose badly. The shower gel of these two brands is still pretty good

4. Automatic feeder -Xiao Pei

The office workers must be necessary. After all, we can only go home at night. What should I do if the dog eats? So it is necessary to automatically feeder. I bought a lot of them, and the best use of small Pei, although the price may be a bit expensive.

5. Dedication toys -Narui Shi

The dog is very energetic. At this time, you need a toy that you don’t need to interact with the pet. Teddy can silence for a long time, and the pet owner is finally free.


6. Pet wet towel -Kojima

When Teddy goes home, you must wash his feet, otherwise it will be dirty. You can wipe it directly with a pet wet towel twice, and then dry it with a paper towel.



Do you have better dog supplies for so long?

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