Accompanying your daughter in winter wearing a princess skirt: Inventory of the childcare parenting sutra of the post -90s parents, one is stronger than the other

After the 90s, it is a recognized fresh force.


In the past, the 90s resigned on the Internet was not fired by the boss, but that he had a little dissatisfaction and fried boss squid. Today, the parenting scriptures of the post -90s are even better than one hard core.

Recently, a report on “Mom wearing a down jacket to accompany her daughter wearing a princess skirt to experience winter”, and the whole network was on the Internet. This interesting thing happened on November 15th, Ma’anshan, Anhui. The child quarreled at home to wear a princess skirt and shouted that the princess did not wear long sleeves. How could her mother think that she could not experience her own experience, so she decided to wear a down jacket to accompany her daughter.

Before going out, the daughter’s mouth was quite hard in the mouth of the short -sleeved princess skirt, and she said, “Not cold.” After going out, the daughter hummed the nursery rhymes along the way, and did not show a sense of retreat. It wasn’t until later that I was frozen and flushed, and she was brought back to her home with her mother’s arms that she wore down jackets.

After watching this crying video, netizens have commented: “This can only be done by the post -90s mother.” It is necessary to say that some parenting sutras in the post -90s are indeed worth our learning. Today, Xi Xi mother listed several relatively hard -core post -90s parenting methods, which may also be inspired by you.

(1) The child likes to catch the mother’s hair.

In the process of the growth of children, they will also have a temper and emotion. In this case, parents of the post -60s, post -70s, and post -80s may adopt preaching to criticize their children. Essence

However, in the face of this situation, many post -90s parents came up with a trick -with their own way, they also cured their body. Everyone knows that since the post -90s, the post -90s believe in “blood can be broken, and the hairstyle cannot be chaotic”. If the parents dare to challenge their hairstyles, they must catch them back with their teeth.


What are the benefits of doing this? First, the child can deeply feel the pain of being grasped by the hair; second, the sour feeling of the hair caught will definitely make the child deep in memory. Essence


(2) Children like to sleep on the ground.


In order to achieve their own purposes, many children habitually brought out the tricks and rolling, trying to threaten parents to compromise.

As a result, some children lay on the ground and do not leave in order to let their parents buy the snacks they want; some children cried on the ground in order to let their parents buy their favorite toys for themselves. In order to play more for a while in the gaming park, he was lying on the ground.

Faced with this situation, parents of the post -60s, 70s and post -80s will squat down to make sense to the children. Some of them quickly promised their children’s requirements in order to prevent their children from shame. Essence

However, the operation of the post -90s parents can be described as a must. Some stand quietly, waiting for the child to be comfortable, and when to go; some will find a place to sit down nearby, allowing the child to continue to splash and play in their own sight; With the mobile phone, it affects his mood without being crying at all.


What are the benefits of doing this? First, let the child know the bottom line of your parents. Even if you are fierce, your parents still have their own principles. Second, when you want to lie down and splash, the child must weigh in advance whether you want to do this kind of to do this. It is useless.

(3) The children of the post -90s understand the sharing better.

In the eyes of the post -60s, 70s, and post -80s, they always think that all good things should be left to the children, especially the scarce, the more precious food, etc. Parents are basically reluctant to taste the taste, and always want to leave it to the children.

Even if parents buy snacks for their children, many parents just tease their children and let their children give themselves to eat. And when the child really handes it to his mouth, parents are often reluctant to eat, either refusing the child on the grounds of “I don’t like to eat”, or I just want to see if you want to see if you do “Refuse children’s sharing.

However, the post -90s parents are different. They will be up to the principle of “good things, everyone share together”, let children learn to share, and when children actively share them with their parents, parents generally will not refuse. Instead, after taking the child’s sharing, he told the child politely: “Thank you”.

What are the benefits of doing this? First, let the children experience the fun brought by actively sharing; second, avoid children’s selfish psychology; third, the parent -child relationship is more harmonious.

(4) When the parents make mistakes, the post -90s parents will not be stubborn.

Many people who come here will find that the children of the post -60s, 70s, and post -80s, their children want to hear a “sorry” from their mouths, which is definitely a wild thing.

First, they stubbornly believe that “there is no parent in the world”, so they always feel that regardless of their own way, but as long as my original intention is to be good for children, then they will not be wrong.


Second, even if I regret it, I think that some ways of their own way are indeed too excited or inappropriate, but in order to maintain their majesty in their children, parents will definitely not admit wrong. They will think that there is no reason why parents admit their children in the world.

However, the parents of the post -90s are different. It can be said that the post -90s are a group that is very straightforward. It’s right, it’s right, it’s wrong. In the post -90s, I always think that knowing the mistakes can improve Mo Dai, apologize to your children or admitting mistakes, not a shame, but to set a good example for children.

What are the benefits of doing this? First, it is clear that it is not terrible to let children distinguish between right and wrong; second, letting children know that making mistakes is not terrible. As long as we have the courage to correct mistakes; third, parents who have responsible for the responsible are more likely to win the trust of their children.


After the 90s, a group of extremely trendy thoughts. In the past, many people worried that the post -90s generation was uncomfortable, but in fact, the consciousness of parents’ thoughts and awareness of the post -90s was generally high, especially in the parenting scriptures, there were many places that parents were expected to be unreasonable.

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