Liu Lingzi is the “light familiar” beauty! The neck camisole can not stop the good figure, the milk muscles are tender and water out of water

Liu Lingzi Private Server is the true sister. The stitching sling is proud, that is, the pants are too thick.


There are many styles of women who can try at the age of 20 to 30. For example, everyone is familiar with high street wind, royal sister style, sweet wind, rural wind, etc., but the most in line with this age and career requirements is the light custom. It is not as sexy as mature women and is not so old -fashioned as mature women. But it still collects its capable, intellectual, stable, and charming, and at the same time, it also has young charm, green, fashionable, vitality, and also meets the needs of the workplace. Therefore, in recent years, light cooked wind has also been favored by young women and is very popular. How to create light cooked wind is the topic of today.

Wear analysis

Liu Lingzi is a draft IDOL with outstanding business capabilities. She has a cheerful personality and a taste. She wore a black and blue camisole, which was more special. The suspender is cross -shaped. Each piece is one color, dark blue, light blue, black staggered, and the hanging lead is a pointed hanging neck, which is faintly visible to exquisite clavicle. An oversize version of the large shirt is covered with a sense of vision of a boyfriend shirt. The lower body is a pair of old blue jeans with a simple style and a feeling of settlement with time. Wear a pair of basic black leather shoes on the feet, matte texture, restrained and low -key. The whole set of clothes is simple and versatile, and finally carry a large rice white canvas bag to wear a light cooked in summer.


Liu Lingzi is the beauty of “light familiar”! The neck camisole can not stop the good figure, the milk muscles are tender and water out of water


Boyfriend shirt

In recent years, her boyfriend’s shirts have been particularly popular. Generally speaking, her boyfriend’s height is more than one meter, and girls are around 1.6 meters. Such height differences lead to different dressing size and style. Boys’ clothing is generally wider on the shoulders, large necklines, and girls with narrow shoulders and waist on their waist. Therefore, when boys’ clothing is put on her girlfriend, it can not only easily create an oversize style, but also feel unexpected. Because of the style, girls wearing boys’ clothes will always be less fit, so they will wear different styles.

The boyfriend’s shirt is the most popular in all boyfriends. Because shirts are the easiest to see men and women before. The difference between the shoulder line, the waistline, and the neckline are the reasons why the boyfriend shirt fire. There are also many ways to wear a boyfriend shirt. The way Liu Lingzi’s shirt is worn as a coat, which is very worthy of reference. It looks casual, but it is actually very special. There is also a good way to wear shirts as clothes and missing clothes. It is also a good way to dress in summer. Or you can put it under the shirt to expose the waistline, and you can also tie a belt outside the shirt. It is a good choice as a skirt.



When it comes to the essential items of summer, of course, the vest camisole is indispensable. Almost all hot girls such as vest suspenders are necessary, because it is indeed a good choice for her own figure. The suspender also has length, broadband thin band, crosses of hanging necks, tight bands, elasticity and non -elasticity. At the same time, the choice of style also has ordinary bottoming slings, workers vests, sports vests, and wears a suspender. Because the demand is different, the effect is different. The vest of exercise is almost the choice of all fitness people. And the bottoming suspender is almost a person, and the hot girl chooses to wear a suspender.

This color -fighting strap like Liu Lingzi is relatively common. First, it uses the style of hanging neck straps, and at the same time there is no elasticity. It is difficult to wear a clothes in this way, so she cleverly chooses to put a shirt on the outside as a coat, and then talk about it under the suspender. In fact, this set of clothes is unstoppable and will not be gone. But because of a little clavicle at the suspender, the overall looks exquisite and elegant.


Make old jeans

Speaking of jeans, I have to mention old jeans. When the retro style was popular before, it was sold for old jeans. Because the denim fabric itself has the advantages of wear resistance and wears, many people favor jeans, so the audience of jeans is very extensive. The old jeans are yellowed in the places where ordinary jeans are whitening. With the feeling of time precipitation, the texture is very special, and it is not the same as the new jeans. Therefore, there are a group of fixed audiences for old jeans, and they always favor old craftsmanship. So making old jeans is also a very common choice in dressing and matching.

There are also good or bad for old jeans. Good jeans from fabric to texture are very good at the same time as old craftsmanship. Such jeans will be natural, reasonable, and effective. But the general old jeans will have very obvious old traces, which makes people see at a glance that they are deliberately old. However, some people just like to make old jeans with obvious processing marks, so it does not have a taste. Therefore, a good set of clothing, as long as it is rational, high -level aesthetic, whether the clothing itself is good or bad, it can avoid strengths.


Now this era is changing, and those who are popular will not be popular. Fashion is always a circle. We walked around and eventually repeated the trend of a certain period. Therefore, when facing the choice, always insist on yourself, because there is no absolute right or wrong. I hope everyone can find the one that suits them and find themselves. Liu Lingzi Private Server is the true sister. The stitching sling is proud, that is, the pants are too thick.

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