Babaoshan Street Qinshan Shuinan Community: The “fast speed” and “slow persistence” of the post -80s community cadres

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People’s Daily Online, Beijing, August 24th. Recently, there are multiple outbreaks in the country, and there are also related cases in Beijing. Community prevention and control is the first line of defense. Tens of millions of community workers have gathered again, keeping the door of the community, and piercing Tightly safe fence. The Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Party Committee of Qinshan Shuinan Community, Babaoshan Street, the post -80s Sun Rui is one of the millions of community workers.

“Fast Speed”: No matter where you are, always “fight” in “epidemic”

After receiving an order to prevent and control the latest epidemic, Sun Rui, who was still on vacation, immediately ended the tourist itinerary, returned to the job as soon as possible, and put it on the work of returning to Beijing for investigation and the prevention and control of the epidemic.

“Comrades, this epidemic was anxious, spread quickly, and covered with large coverage. We must carefully investigate and let the returnees return to Beijing as soon as possible to report to the community, and remind residents not to panic and pay attention to scientific prevention.” In just a few words, in just a few words, The community’s epidemic prevention war started again.

“Hello! I am the staff of the Qinshan Shuinan community. Have you been to Nanjing and other areas of Jiangsu recently?” For more than half a month, Sun Rui’s personal mobile phone has become a job phone. Essence

“Social workers have worked hard, ending maternity leave in advance, and every day, they have to stare at the physical conditions of all at home observer in the community. Many colleagues have overcome many difficulties and put them into the prevention and control of the epidemic. There is no time to think so much. “Sun Rui said,” Everyone has turned on the ‘connected axis turn’ mode. “

The community can not relax any link.

In order to better do a good job in the registration and investigation of the epidemic, she and the community workers use 24 hours of seamless work. Some people are on duty every day to ensure that some people in the community can answer and WeChat someone returns. As a community secretary, her mobile phone has kept communication smoothly in 24 hours, and the information registration is not lost at any time.

Speaking of the prevention and control of the community’s epidemic, Sun Rui’s biggest experience is “fast”. Persons who return to Beijing must be fast, sterilize and sterilize fast, and provide daily services for residents. The community is stable and the heart is safe. “The epidemic prevention and control work can always converge into a joint force in the community. This force will bring people warmth and touch. I think our collective is very tenacious. Child. “Sun Rui said.

“Slow persistence”: Being a good intimate person, always appeal to be echoed

This year is the 15th year of Sun Rui working in the community. For Sun Rui, community work is her “slow persistence”.

She is a community secretary, a hydropower worker, a cleaners, and a network management. She has repaired water pipes, seals, and repaired electrical appliances. At the same time, she is also a daughter, a wife, or a mother of two children.

In the 30th year of 2020, with the outbreak of the epidemic, the community comprehensively carried out the joint prevention and control of the epidemic. In order to devote himself to community work and guarding the closing of the epidemic prevention of the community, Sun Rui helplessly forcibly broken the milk for his younger son, and both of them went to the front line of epidemic prevention.

During the disinfecting process, Sun Rui found a deaf woman wearing a T -shirt and slippers, and immediately took her to the neighborhood committee, put her in a coat, and leaned over to her on the slippers. Sun Rui and the deaf woman who couldn’t speak the “laborious” communication. Sun Rui said that what she is most afraid of in the residents is “slow”, no matter how troublesome it is, it is just fine. After nearly an hour of schemes, Sun Rui learned that the woman had forgotten to bring the key when she went out to the garbage. She couldn’t talk to let her not know who to ask for help. She could only stand in the wind. In the end, the neighborhood committee contacted her family and returned her home safely.

That night, Sun Rui posted a circle of friends with the content: “The neighborhood committee is always the backing of everyone. No matter what difficulties, as long as you say, there will be a response.”

“In the epidemic, everyone is not easy. As a community worker, no matter where we are, we must rush to the forefront. As long as we do one more point, the community will be safer.” I have always done this.


Mo Dao’s spring light is difficult to take, and the sun is sunny after the clouds. “If you have anything, just find Secretary of the Sun!” This is a sentence that residents often say. Sun Rui, who is still shuttled in all corners of the community, believes that he will soon see the next sun. (Bao Sainena)

(Responsible editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing)

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