Are you passing by the annual “Tide Tide” self -test?

As the unpretentious “leek seedlings”, with the joint efforts of the fashion industry and major brand businesses, we have created many “collective grass” incidents this year.

For example, a doll led the makeup boom, a eye -catching color swept our lives, and a jewelry luxury brand suddenly had the ability to transfer …

Today, we will take a look at a wave of styles/brands that can be followed for no reason but it seems to be a few steps away from the way to see that the distance becomes a fashion icon.

Urban outdoor style

In the post -epidemic era, the camping business around the city made a lot of water, and many restaurants and theaters in the city also developed towards the open -air model.

The rise of urban outdoor style also affects people’s dress.

For example, wearing a Kobani hat, wearing a small skirt; knitting inside, a military green waterproof sweatshirt outside; under tight jeans, there is a pair of mountaineering boots or off -road shoes …


This kind of dress does not care about fashion at all, just to adapt to the dual scenes of outdoor hiking and indoor leisure.

In fact, this is their commute installation.

Half of the scholars, half of the outdoor tough guy. This seemingly stable but saying the style of walking is the unique style of this young man.


V -character boots

After the knee -knee boots in the winter of 2018, the long boots were silent for a long time, instead of Martin boots, Chelsea boots, etc., the middle and short boots were mixed with water.

In 2021, the boots took the king -fry style -V and knee boots.

As the name suggests, the biggest feature of V -shaped boots is to design the boot mouth into V -shaped. Compared with the word mouth, V -line boots have the effect of stretching the legs of the legs visually, and the effect of modifying the leg shape is better.

Unlike the tight and closed -knee boots, most of the V -line boots are designed as loose styles. Wearing jeans, it has a “western denim” taste.

The hottest style of V -Bive is the black Denver Niu Bao boot of Isabel Marant, classic versatile.



That’s right, once appeared on the goddess Audrey Hepburn, in the early advertisements of Versace, the elements of the checkerboard element on the cover of Faye Wong in 1997, in 2021 again.

The big -name designers use different materials, versions and design to accurately and fashionable expressions, making this “old net red” rejuvenating a new vitality.


This summer, Chanel has launched a variety of items with the main design elements. Among them, the black -and -white chessboard skirt of this handicraft workshop is the most classic. Zhou Xun, Zhang Junning, Wen Qi and other actresses are scrambling to perform.

When the chessboard element sinks to us, you will find that the hottest is not the chessboard grid clothes, but its peripheral expression. Bags, nails, hair clips, mobile phone cases … Everything can be checked.



The fashion godmother once said in “The Queen of Prada”: “If you think the color of your clothes is selected by yourself, then it is very wrong.”

Indeed, when we haven’t figured out why this blue is called “Klein Blue”, it has occupied the streets and alleys, and even entered the room.

If you have to find a reason for this color explosion, then I choose the 2021 Off-White Autumn and Winter Show, the supermodel Bella interpreted the coquettish Kleyin blue tube top dress.

Small Tips: Clein blue is best with white.


Speaking of 2021 bags, I have to mention the French fashion brand Celine, from the underarm bag to the shoulder bag, and then to the handbag. This year, each bag of Celine has a “representative of the circle.”

Since the Korean star Lisa brought the concept of “Celine Girl”, Celine’s bags have often been out of stock. At the same time, people also set their sights on Celine’s clothing.


I do n’t know, I was startled at a glance.


The original “Celine Wind” is definitely an art that ordinary people can’t understand and can’t go out. However, since Celine changed its new design director in 2018, the current Celine style is getting younger and grounded.

The biggest feature of the new Celine style is to mix and match the formal items with sports items.

If the price can be more “grounded”, it will not be better.

Lingna Belle makeup


No one can expect that the title of female star in 2021 will be taken by this four -character “Love Bean”. She is a Disney doll, who is known as “Sichuan -Saisha”, Lingna Belle.

Disney characters have always been the inspirational base of beauty bloggers. Lingna Belle’s birth has expanded new ideas for them: dolls anthropomorphic imitation makeup.

“We ‘children’ are so beautiful, how can we be unparalleled!” So, we saw the return of the full -screen girl pink purple.

Qi Wei also took Ling Naber’s makeup tutorial to tell everyone how to better transform the “fox”. At the same time, this makeup also drives people’s love for blue pupils and various false eyelashes.


Van Cleef 克

In 2021, a “metaphysical king” in the jewelry industry -Van Cleef 20. You may not understand high luxury jewelry at all, but you must have seen this “four -leaf grass”.

Ms. Dong Mingzhu, an excellent entrepreneur, has worked as a “four -leaf grass” in public in public. Ms. Meng Wanzhou, who was regarded as a workplace elite to teach, is also a “four -leaf grass” enthusiast.

There are rumors in the workshop: “Van Cleef, grow melon, seek money.” “The position of wearing must be above the wrist, below the arm.”


2021 Christmas latest -Rose pyroxin, because it is a pink stone body, is also given the function of “recruiting peach blossoms”. Who can hold this?


According to the market price, the value of a “four -leaf grass” is about 10,000 yuan. It depends on whether you are lucky enough to spend tens of thousands of dollars. It depends on whether you are lucky enough.

For most products, it is not a good thing to be given time marks. The twisting article in 2021 means the decline of these “top streams”.


But the decline does not mean disappearing. In the near future, there must be these silent aesthetics, and they will appear in front of us with a familiar and brand new attitude.

After all, fashion is a circle.

Now, let’s polish our eyes, open their pockets, and prepare for the wonderful “grass” in 2022!

Author: ArticleManager