Rich daughter, starting with a healthy and beautiful “daughter room”

I don’t know when to start, “the boy is poor, and the girl will be rich.” It has become a consensus between parents.

There are also more people agree with such a view: “Rich” is not to pile money with money, but to cultivate children’s broad vision, independent thoughts, and elegant cultivation. These have nothing to do with money, but they are the wealth of children’s life.

Elizabeth, an ordinary girl in her family in “Pride and Prejudice”, conquered the discerning and arrogant noble son Daxi with the temperament of self -confidence, insight and reading poetry.

On the road of parenting, children do not necessarily need diamond necklaces and luxury party, but when choosing Closway, they can give children a healthy breathing and happiness guarded by love.


Hope to give them a warm and warm care,


I hope they can grow up in a fairy tale environment,


Hope to give them a warm and comfortable independent bedroom to their meager power …


Your mind, we understand.

Clossway diatom mud is different from traditional wall materials. It uses high -purity diatom soil as the main raw material. It is pure and environmentally friendly. Free formaldehyde released by furniture, soft furnishings, etc. Regardless of the day and night, do your best to reduce indoor pollution.


From the choice of the main color of the wall to the combination of furniture in the room, it is also necessary to consider the secret care of the girls. The classic pink series may be a choice for every family to consider for female babies.



The coloring and scattered design of warm white and sky blue make the bedroom unique and interesting without being practical.



The use of champagne color as the main color, just the right gentleness will not look too sweet, creating a warm growth space for children.




This girl’s room is simple and pure, without excess decoration, but astronomical telescope and books, show the character of the resident and easy to learn, and the proper school hegemony.



Girls of adolescence began to build their own values. At this time, the cute style of pink is no longer suitable for the taste of this stage. Then this daughter’s room believes that they can “capture” their hearts.

The rich layered sense of color is the impression of the bedroom.



The main color of light gray+rose powder is the main color, so that the space vision is full of girly heart without losing style.


The fresh and natural Morandi green is especially suitable for young girls who are free and easy. The whole house is customized, enough storage space, practical and beautiful.


The gray -blue background wall, with a pink bed back, and the rational and sweetness.



Pink purple is also a kind of color that is very suitable for girls. It is warm, soft and brings a touch of mystery.


Apricot, like gray, is a classic versatile color that is never outdated.

Rich daughter, starting with a healthy and beautiful “daughter room”. The little princess, the little princess Bao Bao Mom, hurry up and get up!

Rich daughter, starting with a healthy and beautiful “daughter room”

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