Which brand of acne essence is good, take stock of acne essence ten top ten rankings

Which brand of acne essence is good, take stock of acne essence ten top ten rankings

Introduction: For a small partner who is prone to acne, a bottle is certainly necessary to use acne essence. There are so many acne essences on the market. How to choose? In fact, when we choose acne essence, we can choose the cosmetic brand first, because the ingredients added in the cosmetics brand are relatively moderate and safe, and the process of acne removal is safer. If you want a more comfortable experience, you can choose the acne essence of Japanese brands. If you are afraid of stepping on the thunder, please take a look at this acne essence list I summarized!

1. Diredo -effect wild primary solution 1.25ml*10 ¥ 198

Diren’s first multi -efficient essence is in line with the efficient, simple, natural and comfortable brand spirit. At the point of the wipe, penetrate the core of repair, restore skin damage, and have a very good repair effect on hormone face and red blood wire. It is also the savior of acne muscle acne marks. In addition to repairing damaged skin, its performance in anti -aging is also satisfactory. It is rich in 53 amino acid components and covers 48 hormone tests. It only takes ten days. The skin is gradually delicate, tight, smooth, and the skin tone is gradually uniform, clear, and bright. This essence is a bottle once, which is easy to carry. The dosage is exactly enough to use a very scientific and intimate design, and the cost performance is very high. The three boxes of hormone face to repair sebum film, the general two boxes of acne muscles are fine. It is recommended to use the effect with their unparalleled amino acid cleansing bubbles!

2. Winona bentin bentin whitening and moisturizing essence 50g ¥ 288

In the 4th stage, the light spots whitening system decompose blackin to repel dark skin color ingredients: cyonin, nicotinamide, seven -leaf tree, purslane, cumulative grass, vanshou chrysanthemum, licorice, yeast, green thorous fruit, biomolecules transparent transparency Sodium.

3. Charm ocean bright white repair essence 30ml ¥ 495

The newly added marine whitening ingredients and super dual -water lock formulas make this essence more effective, absorb faster, and make the skin more flexible and moisturized. The long -term use of the skin is smoother, smooth, shiny, elastic, and also contains vitamin C.

4. Hou Gongchen enjoy the essence of the muscle original flat 45ml ¥ 990

The metabolism caused by the season changes slowly, making the stratum corneum on the face getting thicker and thicker. After that, the stratum corneum will make the Queens skin look dull. Later, the muscle original essence specially launch for pore management was launched. It contains Chen Gong’s secret recipe, which can balance skin water and oil, regulate skin qi and blood, and reproduce the elastic gloss of the skin.

5. Shuizhi Ao Ocean Clean Acne Soviet Essence 25ml ¥ 320

Efficacy: Moisturizing and hydrating, remove acne/acne. Main ingredients: Ocean oil control planting factors, northern American witch plum extraction.

6. Perlaya Crystal Classic Cui Huanyan Bright Skin Essence 40ml ¥ 310

It is rich in various whitening ingredients, which can lighten the stains and pigments, improve dullness, brighten the skin tone, and achieve uniform and fair skin. Create a beautiful snow -capped muscle: The skin care ingredients from the sources of the ocean sources from deep sea water, seaweed extract, deep -sea thermorrhea fermentation extract solution mild skin care, improve dryness and roughness, and maintain the skin moist, shiny and beautiful.

7. French Guerlain completely beautiful white dark spots repair solution 1.5ml ¥ 450

It is convenient for nursing partners to carry anytime, anywhere, can effectively fight dark spots, can be directly used in places where pigmentation, prevent, cover, and reduce dark spots. The pen design can ensure the accurate use of the dark spots and have SPF45/PA sunscreen function.

8. Yumei hydrophilica? Concentrated Water Essence 80ml ¥ 550

Moisturizing dew was absorbed by the skin through massage, penetrated into each cell, and played a powerful moisturizing effect. Hyaluronic acid is rich in moisture; -er beetine can prevent sensitivity and soften the skin. Silicon derivatives form a protective film on the outer skin to prevent water loss; vitamin B5 and vitamin E can increase skin elasticity, and the skin can instantly recover and lubricate.

9. Chanzhen Meijing Red Wine Moisturizing Essence 50g ¥ 298

The whitening ingredients of persimmon leaf extract, mulberry peel extract, and peony skin extract make the black skin clean and bright. Water supply to dry and dry skin to make the skin moist and smooth. How to use: Take an appropriate amount and pat on the entire face, especially the fragile parts such as the corners of the eyes and lips.

10. Givenchy’s hydrating, moisturizing oil control gel 50ml ¥ 580

It is suitable for mixed or oily skin gel texture, which is extremely smooth, fully moisturizing the skin, and secreted fats.

In the morning and evening, use on the face and neck after the essence.

Conclusion: The ten acne essences that rushed into the list have passed the use of so many consumers, and the reputation is really good, and the effect is very good. If you want to get rid of acne, get into your hand!

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