A “standing back” in the dance class at the age of 5 made this Zhejiang girl may spend a lifetime in a wheelchair …

The actress Liu Haocun, who became popular because of starring in “Give You A Little Red Flower”, has been seriously injured by the dance institution opened by her mother. With the accidents of many years ago, they were repeatedly followed. Children who are injured in dance enter the public’s sight.

The 8 -year -old Lele, Liu Meixing’s eyes and red lips, just like her name, a girl who loves to laugh, and laughed particularly beautifully. However, how good she laughed, how sad her parents were.

When he was 5 years old, he sprained his waist when he practiced dance in a dance studio in Jinhua, and was diagnosed with spinal cord injury and paraplegia.

The past two years and seven months from her “lower waist”, in February of this year, the second trial judgment was compensated by the dance studio and its operator more than 1.43 million yuan.

However, the other party said that he had no money and applied for installment payment. It has only given 200,000 yuan recently, and the money spent early in Lele’s early treatment is far more than this number. If you want to continue professional rehabilitation treatment, you need to spend at least 30,000 a month. Yuan.

When parents sue the dance studio, the child’s life has just begun, but it is destined to spend a lifetime in a wheelchair. Not only is it difficult to take care of the basic life, but also to face the sequelae of bedsores and muscle atrophy brought about by disability. How cruel reality is a minor.

In Lele’s family, Lele Mom said that their tears were already crying, but Lele father said that day, and the tears still flowed out unconsciously. I did not want to let my daughter see it.

They have been reluctant to think about the day when the accident happened for a long time.

Little days to fight hard

Lele, who had been confused, came to Zhejiang at the age of 17. At the beginning, I was doing CNC technicians and hurt my hands. Now there is a scar in my hand. Later, I transferred to operate Taobao store in Yiwu and sells girls’ accessories. 10,000 yuan, not only enough to feed a family, but also save some money.

He and Lele Mom are Jiangxi fellows. The two had a boy and a girl. Lele Mom was mainly responsible for bringing children at home. When he was free, he helped Lele Dad to take care of the Taobao shop.

In 2017, Lele’s brother arrived at the age of the elementary school. The family’s hukou was still in his hometown. The house prices in Yiwu City were relatively high. The house price was more than 5,000 yuan per square meter at that time.

The family lived in a new house. Lele’s brother successfully went to Jinhua’s public elementary school, and Lele, one year old, also went to kindergarten near home.

Although a monthly loan is 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, the family of four lives a warm life.

When they buy a house, they choose the floor very high. Standing at the window, they can see the booming Yiwu. They look forward to their lives that can be flourished like this.

However, the sudden accident made them in addition to mortgages, and they also carried foreign debt. Now it is very difficult to maintain life.

The only training class

Today, when mothers are discussing the new policy of off -campus training classes, Lele Mom said with a little ridiculousness: “We do not have a training course now, as long as the children are healthy and healthy.” “We have no money for the children. “

Lele, in the third grade of elementary school in September this year, my brother is in the fourth grade. Before that, the only training class they reported was Lele’s dance class.

In 2018, Lele who went home in kindergarten often said, “Mom, a classmate in my class will dance, so beautiful.”

In my mother’s opinion, her daughter is also very beautiful. “No one teaches her, she can split, and often splits at home.” So she asked Lele “Do you want to learn to dance?” Far away found a dance studio and let Lele experience it once.

For the first experience class, Lele was very happy and expressed his willingness to learn. As a result, Lele Mom paid more than 3,000 yuan. Their decision at the beginning has now become the last thing they regret in their lives.

The doctor issued a notice of illness

In December 2018, Lele was just 5 years old, and it was unclear what happened.

At noon that day, Lele Dad went to the dance studio to pick up his daughter to get out of class. The teacher told him that Lele was wrestling during class.

Lele said that at that time, Lele couldn’t go anymore and kept crying.

Lele Mom said that before this, Lele had been practicing his lower waist, and he also helped the child to practice at home. On the day of the accident, Lele just started to learn new moves -standing down his waist.

According to the court’s trial, on the day of the accident, Mr. Sun, who was in charge of the lecture, heard other children say that Lele fell and let her rest. After that, Mr. Sun asked her if she could practice again. After Lele said “want”, she continued to practice dance. Due to the dead ends due to monitoring, the picture when Lele was injured was not taken.

The dance class was approaching. Each child cleaned up the cushion. The surveillance video showed that at this time Lele was crying and stood unstable. Then he ran to the dead corner and could not know the situation.

At the end of the dance class, Lele fell twice in a row while walking towards the stool by the classroom wall. Teacher Sun rubbed her legs and waist massage.

After that, Lele’s father came to pick up Lele and left her. Teacher Sun accompanied Lele’s father and daughter to the hospital and hospital for treatment. At first, the doctor diagnosed lumbar sprain, and there was no obvious abnormality in MRI.

However, after returning home, Lele still cried and said that her waist and leg pain. After rushing to the emergency department of Jinhua Central Hospital that night, the doctor issued a notice of illness, diagnosed with waist damage and spinal cord injury.

When he prosecuted the dance studio, Lele had been hospitalized for more than 200 days in hospitalization and was still identified as spinal cord injury to paraplegia and first -level disability.

Dance Studio said that Lele has always been led by Teacher Sun and teaching. Teacher Sun not only has Chinese dance teaching qualifications, but also has many years of teaching experience. In addition, considering that the trainees are the ages, a teaching assistant teacher was added during the teaching process.

Unbearable pain of rehabilitation

During the lawsuit, her mother still sought more effective rehabilitation treatment with Lele. She hoped that she could stand up one day, so she knew that there were so many children who were as paralyzed as Lele.

The parents of the injured children built a WeChat group. When Lele dad entered the group, there were more than 200 groups in the group, and now as many as 500 people. Parents who gathered children who were paralyzed by accidents across the country in this group, may be more children injured because of a car accident.

Parents of new groups often ask such a question: “What should I do if the child becomes poor after being paralyzed?”

Lele Mom felt that at this point, Lele was a child who made them please and heartache. Lele was still so cheerful and laughing, always using a smiley face to comfort her mother.

There was no money for Lele to treat it at the rehabilitation hospital, and his parents took the child back to Jinhua’s home. Lele Mom bought a relatively cheap neuromuscular electrical stimulus, stepping on the car … I started to do rehabilitation for Lele every day. Every morning, my mother will get up one hour earlier than Lele. At 6 o’clock, when Lele was still sleeping, her mother began to treat her for an hour’s legs and hips.

And this hour, Lele usually wakes up, because she has no consciousness below her waist. If one day, she can wake up from her sleep because of current stimulation, and Lele mothers may wake up with dreams.

After the current stimulus treatment is done, the mother will help Lele use the urinary urinary urinary urine -because of losing consciousness, she will urinate like a newborn baby.

Although the family will store six boxes of diapers every two or three months, my mother is worried about the meal sores who wear diapers for 24 hours, and Lele does not want to wear dilute tablets to go to school —— No classmates in elementary school are still wearing diapers like her.

Recently at home, my mother did not wear diapers for Lele during the day, which also means that she may have to change their pants once in two hours.

Although it is troublesome to change the washing, she has to let Lele drink more water, because if the water is drinking less and less urine, another complication of Lele after paraplegia -urinary tract infection is easy to occur.

The current stimulus and urine duct will be repeated again before Lele go to bed every night.

Every day, Lele has to practice crawling twice on the crawling pad, each hour, until sweating -this is the only exercise that Lele can do itself. The so -called climbing is that Lele supports his hands on the ground, his knees are on the ground, the waist is dragged on his legs, and moved forward step by step.

Mom always reminded her “Don’t drag away, the knee will rot.” A newly bought climbing pad, almost two or three months crawling, has been severely peeled off by the skin. Mom didn’t know if she insisted on doing this, but she didn’t want to give up the hope of her daughter to stand up again.

Every day, Lele’s time to eat and do homework at home is her time to practice “standing”. My mother bought a standing bed for Lele, saying that it was a bed, but in fact, she made Lele “standing” with the help of straps.

Standing on the chest of the bed with a small table, Lele eats and works here every day. Mom hopes that her body can still have “standing” memory.

However, Lele told me that she couldn’t feel that she was standing, the strap was too tight, and the summer was too hot. Sometimes Lele would unbutton the bandage by herself.

She also wants to “run”

In addition to becoming Lele’s family rehabilitation division, Lele Mom also started to accompany the campus.

When Lele was in class, she was afraid of affecting other children. She could only pass the time in the school’s corridor.

By the time of the get out of class, she accompanied Lele to go to the toilet; when other students went to the physical education class, she went to the classroom to accompany Lele to read the book; during the lunch break, she would open a lounge chair prepared for Lele in the classroom, Let her lie down for a while, because sitting on a wheelchair for too long, her spine has visible to the side bending and pelvic leaning forward -let her lie on the ground flat, she can obviously see her waist depression, her hips are high, her hips are tall Progressive, but the hips have no meat at all …

At first, Lele Mom would also rush home to wash his clothes and make a meal while the child was in class. But later, when I heard that Lele flipped twice in the school, she would never dare to leave halfway.

Why does the wheelchair fall? Because Lele also imagined that the classmates ran like that -she rotated the wheels with both hands and let the wheelchair “run” quickly, feeling like flying, she liked this feeling too much.

But she was scolded by her mother severely. Usually, my mother couldn’t bear to scold her. The brother always felt that her mother was eccentricized by her sister. Each time she quarreled, her mother always favored her sister unconditionally.

“What should I do if she breaks again and again?” Lele Mom couldn’t imagine, so every time a wheelchair turned over, she scolded very fiercely.

Lele promised her mother that she would no longer “run” like this.

But as long as she has the opportunity to come to the wheelchair herself, her hands will still turn faster and faster -because of economic constraints, she still uses a manual wheelchair now.

Even if she “fly” in the community, she will be happy to fly.

The disability card is almost not handled

I was in Lele’s home, and seeing her sitting there to write and reading books, it seemed no different from ordinary elementary school students.

And she laughed so sweetly, and she couldn’t see a little haze in her eyes. So many people did not believe it when she saw it, and she was really paralyzed.

At the end of July, Lele Mom took her back to her hometown to apply for a disability permit. They brought all the hospital diagnosis and treatment records, judicial appraisal, and court judgments. I have never heard of being paralyzed because of dancing. Later, the voice of the dispute alarmed the leadership of the certificate of the license, and then handled the disability certificate.

After the certificate is done, Lele reads some preferential policies.

With the growth of height, Lele’s branches need to be done again. Customizing a pair of costs is more than 10,000 yuan, and her wheelchair should also be changed.

Standing in front of the window, Lele Dad looked at the place where he had worked hard for many years. He was full of embarrassment. He didn’t know how to go in the future, and he didn’t know how his daughter would go in the future.

In the past two years, the business of Taobao stores is not as good as in previous years. The live broadcast of the live broadcast has emerged. He is also preparing to learn to do live broadcast, but whether he can do it well. “,”

Many friends suggested that they try to make live broadcasts for Lele. She looks good and cheerful, and the accidental paralysis makes people love. Maybe it will be red, and she can solve the problem of rehabilitation treatment without money.

But they were scared. They were afraid that their daughters would bear unpredictable pressure after “showing their heads”, and they were afraid of revealing the pain in the bottom of their hearts to see it.

Hope no more tragedy happens

The unexpected dance studio in Lele is still open.

A friend and child who had danced with Lele at the beginning still learned to dance there, but it was only transferred from Chinese dance to Latin dance. Lele Mom said, “After the accident, we have never made trouble once, just want to only be opened by their stores, and our compensation has hoped to get it.”

Recently, the studio renovated the old shop. When I went, I saw two classrooms in class. There were more than a dozen children in each classroom. One child was studying Latin dance, and children in the other classroom were studying Chinese dance. The promotional information of the dance studio is written. Children over five years old can apply for Latin dance and hip -hop, and children over three years old can register for Chinese dance. Some mothers came to consult the child to learn to dance. The staff at the front desk said that the action of the lower waist will not let the five -year -old children start learning so early.

Parents are looking forward to Lele and the day when they stand up again. However, take a bath for your daughter every day, massage the legs, and see that the meat on the legs is getting less and less, and the pelvis is also leaning forward …

Lele father said that the reason why we accepted our interview is to let more people know that dancing, especially the “lower waist”, may be paralyzed by the child, and hope that there will be no tragedy like Lele.

(In order to protect minors, children in the text are pseudonym)

Author: ArticleManager