Versace’s brand story! VERSACE brand development Verse

The well -known brand Verser Versace from Italy created a fashion empire. Versace’s fashion products infiltrated every field of life. Verseid’s distinctive design style, unique aesthetic, and strong vanguard art signs swept it all over the world.

范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列

Founder was founded in 1978, operating clothing,


As well as


, Tie, leather, bags, porcelain, glassware, silk scarves, down products, furniture products, etc. The brand logo is the snake hair demon in mythology

范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列


范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列

(Medusa), which represents fatal attractiveness. Versace, a luxury brand from Italy, created a unique fashion empire, representing a brand family. Its fashion products lead to every field of life. Its design style and unique beauty.

Company Profile

Gianni Versace SPA Group is one of the best international fashion design halls in the world. In 1979, Gianni Versace, one of the talented designers in the past ten years, was founded in Milan. So far, the Gianni Versace SPA Group has been a global Italian luxury symbol. The Gianni Versace SPA Group not only has a lofty status in international fashion design, but also makes products such as the Atelier Versace series, popular jackets, jewelry, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics and furniture in the Versace brand. Separate to the world to the world.

The history of the brand “Versic” is not long, but it is this brand that has experienced just one or two years of years that has become one of the four major fashion brands that can be as famous as Armani, Gu Qi and Valentino.

The appearance of Versace stems from his founder Jenny Versace’s perfect and extremely love of fashion, and his accidental death adds a unique mysterious color to this brand.

Jenny Versace was born on December 2, 1946 in southern Italy. His father was a salesman. Because of his work, his mother was a clothing designer and operated a small workshop. Fan Sizhe had a strong ears since childhood and had a strong interest in fashion design. At the age of 18, he joined his mother’s workshop as an assistant, mainly doing pattern procurement and tailoring. At the age of 25, Versace moved to Milan, a world -renowned fashion capital, and began to make a living with clothing. With its strong understanding and learning ability, in 1978, Versace successfully held the first women’s clothing exhibition with her own signature in Milan. The Versace brand was born.

At the beginning, Versace’s modern fashion design did not have a worldwide impact until he met Richard Evyon, a famous American fashion photographer. With the help of the latter, Versace’s design style and special beauty work began to start It appeared on the cover of major fashion magazines in the world. Its strong pioneer artistic characteristics, unique charm of Renaissance style, and rich imagination styles are gradually respected by fashion people around the world.

In 1982, Versace launched the famous dynamic metal clothing at the annual autumn and winter women’s clothing exhibition, which later became a classic feature in his fashion design. In 1986, Versace won the “Republic Honor” medal awarded by the Italian president. In 1989, Versace finally entered the circle of fashion in the French fashion industry and used Paris as the base for its brand to publish new works per season. In 1993, he won the Awards of the American International Fashion Designer Association of Oscar in the fashion industry.

Versace’s brand costumes have both classical and popular temperament, and they are swimming between elegant and vulgar art. Luxury is the design characteristics of this brand. Those gem -like colors, smooth lines, and unique asymmetric oblique tailoring, make Versace Fashion shine.

范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列

Versace’s customers have different identities, that is, there are princes and nobles, and black rock musicians. Ai Duton, Madonna, Bangjevi, Tinatna and other celebrities are his fans. He successfully combined the level of artistic enthusiasm and superb fashion design with his top -level supermodel cultivated by himself, and then became a more positive planner and participant in the international luxury fashion show.

However, just when his career was brilliant, in July 1997, Versace was shot dead in front of the apartment in Miami. His death caused the company to fall into a state of unstable state. A few months later, his sister Donna Tara became the chief designer of Versace. Donallaza began to cooperate with her brother in 1981. At first she did nothing in the company, but she just played the role of Versic “Inspiration Goddess” and dressed in Versic clothing in the fashion circle. In the late 1980s, with her own creative talent, she began to design a sub -line product and children’s clothing series for young people. In 1993, she completely took over the business of Verser’s derivative brand “Versus”.

Some people say that Donalla’s fashion concept and design are not as passionate as his brother. However, under her leadership, Versace’s brand fashion is more changeable than that of Versace himself. In addition to retaining Versace’s gorgeous style, she also began to follow the modern professional women’s line. At present, in addition to Fashion, Versace Group also operates perfume, glasses, silk scarves, ties, underwear, luggage, leather, porcelain, glassware, down products, bedding and furniture, etc., which can be said to bring fashion design to every life of life Fields.

The Versace Group’s shares were divided into three copies after Versace’s death. Donallastra occupies 20 %, and the boss of Fan’s three brothers and sisters, and the eldest brother of the company in the company, the company, has 30 %. The remaining 50 %, according to Versace’s own will, left to the daughter of Donalla, the daughter of Donallah, who was called “Little Princess”,.

范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列

The design master of the small tailor-Versace

Versace was born on December 2, 1946 in Laocarabrida, southern Italy. He is a world clothing design master who grew up from a young age. Versic worked in his mother’s sewing shop when he was a child. At the age of nine, with the help of his mother, he designed his first dress, a shoulder dress made of velvet. After going to high school, Versace was not interested in the school’s course, and dropped out of school to help her mother in clothing. Another hobby of Versace was music when he was a child. He liked folk songs, modern pop music and classical opera in southern Italy. In 1972, a clothing manufacturer in Milan fancy Versace’s work and called his mother, asking Versic to go north to Milan. Versace was excited and immediately boarded the train to Milan to start his clothing career. At this time, he was only 23 years old.

Soon, a clothing dealer came to the door to invite him to cooperate with a few sets of clothing. Fan Sizhe first tried his hands and succeeded in one fell swoop. The clothing he designed was extremely popular. The partner was happy to award him a Volkswagen Cruster car. When the conditions are mature, Versace will receive the family to Milan to create a family business in a traditional family joint way. Versic, who was unwilling to live, founded the first series of clothing named after his name in 1978.

In the 1980s, Versic, who loved music, saw that the influence of rock music in youth was continuously expanding. He seized this opportunity and united with rock music and launched a rock suit. This is a major turning point in his career. The mountains and rivers and cultural traditions of their hometown have provided a solid foundation for the growth of Versace to grow. The hometown has the ruins of the ancient culture of Rome and Greece. The classical culture in the social atmosphere is deep. From the works of Versace, we can see the artistic influence of his youth. After more than 20 years of hard work, Versace has become a wonders from the three other fashion masters George Armani, Gulic and Valentino.

Versace Gold Dian Series

范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列

Tribute 1 series

Velvet print with black leather and

Guilloché Metal Merdustos icon icon

Direct luxury and elegance in the contrast

LES ETOILES de La Mer series

范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列

With the gorgeous and colorful marine strange treasures intertwined into a visual madness

Express the gorgeous color to highlight the modern art style

Create the ultimate home experience that belongs to the royal aristocracy

Explain the new and luxurious attitude of life

La Coupe Des Dieux series

Inspired by the Holy Grail in the ancient Greek mythology

Mixed Baroque style element

范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列

Interpretation of Versace King’s style

Le jardin series

Spring returns to the earth, the flowers of hundreds of flowers are prosperous

As if you are in a dream garden

Give people a new new visual experience

Highlighting the luxury style of interesting personality

VIA GESU series

Classic Greek back -shaped line

Bring mysterious and individual unique charm

Create an extraordinary elegance of Versace

Magnificat Showroom new product

The weather of rain and rain has not yet subsided

The elegant color always evokes your longing for spring

New Limited Edition VG2 Stool series

Tiffany blue coffee table

Let you take the lead in feeling colorful in spring

范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列

This series uses the color of the iconic Versace

范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列

Draw the unique wild charm of leopard totems

范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列

Unique and exquisite details create a luxurious texture

Show extraordinary fashion taste

范思哲的品牌故事!VERSACE品牌发展 范思哲金典系列

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