Judging from technology strength, user satisfaction is the ruler

Judging from technology strength, user satisfaction is the ruler

The coolness of the air conditioner does not affect sleep, and the comfort of natural wake -up makes people feel happy; open the refrigerator, the green shrimp frozen in a week ago is still fresh, make a bowl of shrimp Renneaki, open a full day of vitality; The drying shirt actively reminded it to take it out.

The daily life of these ordinary people reflects the innovative power of technology companies. Today, Chinese technology companies have increased their research and development investment and accelerated innovation layouts. They are in the field of cutting -edge science and technology in smart families, 5G, and new energy vehicles. People are also feeling the beauty of life in the turbulent innovation technology. Due to communication needs, Huawei led high -definition wireless audio standards; due to security needs, Haier Zhijia led the two international standards for the safety of buttons and wall -mounted washing machines to fill the industry blank …

It can be seen that user needs are the origin of innovation, and user satisfaction has become the ruler of technology.

Following the wind, hot spots are worse than chasing user life

As an observer of the technology industry, I found that in the first half of 2022, Chinese companies had stunning performance in many cutting -edge science and technology fields such as smart families, 5G, and new energy vehicles.

A few days ago, iPRDAILY announced the global smart family invention patent rankings (TOP100) in the first half of 2022. Chinese companies were shortlisted, accounting for about 1/3, of which Haier Zhijia ranked first in the world for the seventh consecutive time with 2655 patents; The report released by the Intellectual Property Development Research Center in June shows that among the 5G standard patents currently declared in the world, Huawei ranks first in the world with more than 6,500 pieces; Statistics, the battery installation volume of Ningde Times reached 53.3GWh, the world’s first …

I believe that most people will be excited to see these data, but they may also think that these amazing data prove the excellence of the company, but it seems to have nothing to do with themselves.

In fact, this is not the case. Why are domestic 5G mobile phones stronger and stronger now, but the price is getting more and more close to the people? The important reason is that Huawei, ZTE and other companies have mastered a large number of 5G standards, and domestic mobile phone companies do not need to pay a lot of patent fees to foreign giants.

Why can we have a highly intelligent “future house” that can only have a rich man like Bill Gates, and now we can easily buy it in the three -wing bird experience store? It is because Haier Zhi’s family patent technology has accumulated for many years and landed as products and scenes, which benefited millions of households.

Why can we choose new energy vehicles with economic, environmental protection, and mileage mileage without oil in oil prices? It is because companies such as Ningde and BYD overcome the bottom core technologies of new energy vehicles and promote the disruptive upgrade of the automotive industry.

In this way, Huawei, Haier Zhijia, Ningde Times and other companies have achieved close relationships with everyone in their respective fields. They have a close relationship with everyone. The final winner of scientific and technological progress is users.

The final winner of scientific and technological progress is user

Letting users be a winner can a company be a winner. In order to achieve this “win -win”, instead of chasing the user’s hotspots and industrial hotspots, it is better to chase user life.

The “high -tech” wall -mounted washing machine at home may have a sudden drop in safety risks; the small buttons in the remote control may be accidentally swallowed by children; the three large air conditioners in the living room, we blow cool, the elderly, the old man, the old man, the old man, the old man, Children blow cold … The hidden worry and troubles of these users are not in the company’s laboratory, but in the user’s life. If you do n’t follow the user’s life, you will just chase the grand concepts and air outlets such as AI and IoT. It is impossible for companies to accurately connect with user needs and develop good products sought after by users.

Taking the leading company of the smart family as an example, many of its products have accurately connected with user life. In order to make the elderly and children more comfortable and safe when blowing the air conditioner, they have developed the “double tower soft wind” technology to achieve partitions and soft air supply. In addition, frozen meat is still fresh for 30 days, and the whole space is still fresh in the refrigerator, drying a 71 -meter -free dry clothing machine, and the water heater that can be used for first aid and automatic emergency calls, etc., all point out to user life.

In terms of standards, “user thinking” is also reflected. At the IEC TC61 held in June 2022, Haier Zhijia led the two safety standards for safety standards for buttons and wall -mounted washing machines, allowing more families to buy with buttons with buttons and wall -mounted washing machines. Use boldly.

Watching angeness is the new IEC international standard for Chinese enterprises. In fact, this is to eliminate hidden safety hazards for users from the source. Here, Haier Zhi’s family is the standard winner, and users are the winners of life.

In the first half of this year, Haier Zhi’s family also did a lot of scientific and technological innovation and standards: February, on the list of “Science and Technology Innovation China” of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, the industry is unique; in March, 56 German red dot products The design award won the industry first again; April, won the only gold award in the home appliance industry of the Chinese Patent Award, and at the same time, the technology of the “alternative” compressor of the electric card refrigeration was used to win the first national disruptive technological innovation hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology The highest prize of the finals of the competition finals; May, as the only representative of smart home companies, leading IEEE smart home voice standards …

In such a user era, the key to determining the success or failure of the enterprise is the distance from the user. Therefore, we can see that Haier Zhi’s family always centered on user needs, continuously drawing closer users, and transforming products, technology, standards, and patents into a better life of users.

User satisfaction is the ruler and power of technology

Only by chasing the technological innovation of user life can users be satisfied. However, life is not static, and demand has always been dynamic. Chasing user life, scientific and technological innovation also needs to dynamically meet the changes in user needs.

Earlier, the air conditioner replaced the fan, which greatly improved the quality of life. But at the moment, the connotation of quality of life is richer: the elderly and children are not indirectly damaged by cold winds, and they will not be disturbed due to sudden changes in temperature during sleep. The real existence can be solved by improving the efficiency of hot and cold alone. Users’ needs have shifted from early functional needs to more detailed scene needs. Enterprises must satisfy users, and product technology should also upgrade to scene life technology.

The promotion of product technology to scene life technology is the key to continuously harvesting users’ satisfactory users in the constant changes in demand.

Still as an air conditioner. Haier Air Conditioning can achieve accuracy and softness of air supply, and comprehensively protects the physical and comfortable physical feelings of family members; further, the product can link other smart devices and customize the air experience in different family spaces. , Constant humidity, constant pure, automatic adjustment in the kitchen according to room temperature, and so on.

The above is just a small part of the many scenes of Haier Zhi’s family: after the washing machine cleaning clothes, the drying and maintenance were in place, and the balcony was liberated and was no longer limited to clothes. Buy ingredients for the key, and cooperate with kitchen appliances to cook food, into the kitchen smart assistant … The scene technology of Haier Zhi’s family is going deep into the details of life.

The rapid rise of Chinese technology companies is actually not secret, allowing users to become the winner of life, and users will naturally choose it to become the industry and market winner, because users are always satisfied with the ruler of technology. (Original nail technology, please be sure to indicate the source “Nail Technology Network”)

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