Fine and compact laser welding machines make work more flexible

Fine and compact laser welding machines make work more flexible

From a distance, in the production workshop of Shandong Good Welding Laser Welding Machine, a row of welding equipment is neatly placed in the corner of the workshop. The exquisite and small is a better evaluation of its appearance. And we have the concept of the impression of bulky welding machines, it is difficult to imagine that there will be such exquisite welding machines.

Shandong Good Welding is a new product of Shandong Hao Welding Smart Equipment Co., Ltd., which adopts water -cooled refrigeration method. The built -in structure arrangements are compact and more reasonable. Compared with ordinary laser welding equipment, the size has been reduced by 1/3, and the weight is reduced by 2/5. One person can move, more in line with modern work needs.

The welding efficiency is about 3-5 times that of the traditional welding speed. The welders’ grip is more in line with ergonomics. For a few minutes of training, beautiful welds can be welded without professional welders. The product’s applicable life can reach 100,000 hours, and it is very convenient to carry. Shandong good welding laser mini laser welding machine is a commonly used arc welding machine and arc welding substitute for people in the past.


1. Welding effect: Shandong good welding laser welding stainless steel will not have black, deformed, or welded through! Due to the power of the power, it can be controlled by computer software! Shandong good welding can provide 500W-3000W power welding machine to meet the welding thickness of various materials.

2. Production efficiency: The advantage of Shandong good welding laser welding machine and traditional welding method lies in fast speed, high efficiency, reduced production costs; simple operation, no professional welded workers, and reducing labor costs; welds are smooth and beautiful There is no need to polish too much, provincial consumables!

3. Shandong Hao Welding Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand with Laser Welding Machines newly developed smaller -sized products is smaller than you think. Each detail is ingeniously designed, which can be operated, suitable for construction site welding and out processing, safe and stable.

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