“Double 11” is popular and Valentine’s Day is hot. Why are young people who are keen on health products?

“Double 11” is popular and Valentine’s Day is hot. Why are young people who are keen on health products?

Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, October 29 (Reporter Wang Jing Huai Liang) “Double 11” approached, and the “Chop Hand” began to fill their shopping carts. Different from the past, there are more health products in young people’s shopping carts. The reporter found that health care products have become a must -buy product for many young people this year. In the previous important festivals, even more than brand lipstick became a small gift that was loved by couples. Why did the health products that originally belonged to the patent of the elderly?

The health product enters the shopping cart of young people

The “Double 11” approached, and the reporter initiated a WeChat vote in a “Double 11 Good Communication Group” of more than 200 people, and the results showed that nearly 100 people stocked health products into their own shopping carts. These products are mainly vitamins, minerals, protein powder, etc. The average age of group friends is in their 20s, they buy both for themselves and for children.

The reporter found on multiple e -commerce platforms that on the eve of “Double 11”, shops focusing on young people’s health products have reduced prices. Most of the selling points are to relieve stress, enhance immunity, protect the eyes, and stay up late. The price is mainly concentrated in the price range of 100 yuan to 500 yuan, and the price of individual products is as high as more than 1,400 yuan. Some stores have accumulated a total of millions.

In recent years, young people have become more and more enthusiastic about buying health products. Data from an e -commerce platform show that during the “6 ยท 18” period this year, the sales of eye health products increased by 4126%year -on -year, protein powder increased by 751%year -on -year, and vitamin products increased by 387%year -on -year. The “post -95s” and “post -00s” became the main consumer, and active users increased by 126%year -on -year.

“In the past, young people bought many of them for their parents, and now young people have eaten themselves.” Li Jiawei, who had been purchasing for 5 years of health care products in Australia.

Health products have even become gifts between couples. Not long ago, Jin Qi (a pseudonym) of a Beijing -cultivating institution received a gift from her boyfriend: collagen, grape seed tablets, cranberry capsules, composite vitamins, eye protection slices. “Four, four small and eight bottles, eat 11 pieces every day.”

The Valentine’s Day consumption data released by an e -commerce platform shows that of the top three best -selling gifts on Valentine’s Day, a brand Victoria C Paqu has ranked second, with sales increased by 2774.4%year -on -year Essence

“Hidden hunger” and bad work span the heat of young people’s health products

The reporter sorted out a life sharing platform mainly based on young people, and found that the age group of purchasing health products from 16 or seventeen students to “exquisite mothers” in their 40s, mainly 20 to 30 years old. A 17 -year -old girl in school told reporters: “For whitening and anti -aging, I have to eat 7 kinds of health products a year!”

Do young people really need health products?

Experts believe that young people are keen on health products. “Now, we generally face the problem of ‘hidden hunger’, that is, the protein and fat in the body are relatively excessive, but the elements such as vitamins and minerals are relatively lacking.” Said Cheng Yongqiang, a professor at the School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering of China Agricultural University.

At the same time, sub -health caused by high work pressure and staying up late also gave birth to young people’s needs for health care products. A report released a few days ago shows that young people are the main force of “staying up late”, and the proportion of falling asleep after zero after the “post -95s” is high. Young people are often concentrated on ordering health products around zero. “Tired of staying up late, diligent and health care” has become a trend of young people.

Of course, some experts point out that the concept of “health care products” in the market is too broad, and many people confuse “health products” and “health food”. Cheng Yongqiang said: “For example, protein powder is just ordinary food with healthy promotion effects.”

Yun Wuxin, a doctor of food engineering and popular science writer in Purdue University in the United States, believes that it is different from the elderly to buy health products for the elderly to “treat diseases and longevity”. Young people are more nutritious as a nutritional supplement, and consumption is relatively rational.

3 winter dates can meet the one -day vitamin C demand

Experts said that maintaining health in the human body not only requires a large amount of nutrients such as carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins, but also 16 types of mineral elements such as iron, zinc, selenium, iodine, and 13 vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin E, and folic acid.

Fan Shenggen, director of the Institute of International Food Policy, said in an interview that nutritional supplements are one of the methods to solve “hidden hunger”, but in contrast, nutritional nutrition is more cost -effective through food. Yun Wuxin also believes that “as long as the diet structure is reasonable, there is no need to eat health care products.”

How to eat a reasonable diet?

The “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” released in 2016 suggested that an average of more than 12 kinds of foods per person per day, more than 25 kinds of weekly. The daily diet should include food, vegetables and fruits, livestock poultry fish, egg milk, soybean nuts and other foods.

The nutrients provided by health products can be obtained in daily diet. Tan Guijun, chief physician of the Nutrition Department of Tianjin First Center Hospital, said that adults need to consume 100 mg of vitamin C in one day, and the seasonal fruit winter dates contain 243 mg vitamin C. Meet the demand for vitamin C in the body. “

Experts also suggested that young people should adhere to physical exercise, perform at least 5 days of medium -strength physical activity at least 5 days a week, and accumulate more than 150 minutes. It is best to walk more than 6000 steps a day.

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