The toilet tank is put in the blue toilet, which causes the faucet to become blue. Netizens: should be fortunate


Allen’s big cousin

There is a very common one

“Blue toilet”

, Have been controversial on the Internet, have you used it?

This is a “lazy toilet” used in the toilet water tank.

Someone “loves”:

Because it makes the toilet clean and convenient, it can also play a sterilization effect.

Someone “sneered” at it:

Because some users found that after using it to open the kitchen faucet at a certain time, it was found that the water in the water pipe became blue, so as to determine that the completely “blue toilet cleaner caused”.

Seeing this, don’t let go of your opinion first, look at what I want to say next ~

Washing water turns blue


“Water turns blue”

In fact, the scene of the big cousin also happened.

I remember it was five years ago … our family still lived in the old house. Once I came back from get off work for cooking and washing vegetables. As soon as I opened the kitchen faucet, I was stunned … because the water from the faucet turned out to be blue.

“Blue Bubble toilet” commonly used in toilet water tanks

I thought of the blue toilet spirit in my toilet water tank for the first time, and suspected that the blue toilet was corrosive, which corrosive parts of the toilet water tank caused the toilet to flow into the water pipe.

Of course, suspicion is just suspicion. In order to truly find out the root of the problem, I also spent a lot of thoughtful research and drilled the “horns”.

“The water in the faucet turns blue, is it caused by the toilet in the toilet water tank?”


Indeed, but this is just one of the reasons. Later big cousins ​​will explain the reasons in detail.

Why does the water in the toilet water tank return to the water pipe?

Before answering, let the big cousin let everyone look at this picture. Let’s first understand how the conventional toilet water tank is injected. The “water stop valve” on the water inlet valve marked in the text is the core position. As shown below:

Toilet water tank operation principle

When there is no water in the water tank, the float tube of the water stops drops, the valve will automatically open due to gravity reasons, and the water in the water pipe will be automatically injected.

When the water storage in the water tank is full, the floating cylinder rises. After the leverage principle, the water stop valve will automatically drop the water channel.

The above is the principle of automatic water tanks.

The water stop valve is one -way, and it will not return normally

Of course, if the water stop valve is broken, the water in the water tank will


Will return to the water pipe, why do you say here

Woolen cloth? Because only the condition of the water stop valve is broken, it is not enough to cause the water tank to flow back, and then look down:

Schematic diagram of toilet water tank accumulated water backflow principle

This picture directly reflects the fundamental reason why the toilet water tank accumulates water backflow:

The water stop valve in the water tank has been damaged

In the case of concentrated water from the residential area, or the drop of water pressure, “negative pressure occurs in the main water pipe, resulting in siphon phenomenon.

There is water in the toilet water tank.

It is rigorous. The above three points must exist at the same time to cause a return problem.


In the words of a big cousin, simply speaking, the water stop valve on the water inlet valve of your toilet water tank is broken, and it happens that the water stop or the water pressure is very low. Stick back. So you need to repair the toilet!

Will placing a blue toilet in the water tank corrode the toilet water tank parts?

It can be seen that the core problem is still broken by the water stop valve, so is it caused by a blue toilet cleaner? Is it corroded by a blue toilet cleaner? Let’s confirm it again.

The main component of this blue toilet on the market is

Surface active agent (cleaner), bactericide, slow release agent

Wait, in general, regardless of the brand, most of them are weakly alkaline. (There are not many differences with the detergent, the kind of milder one)

The materials themselves are corrosive of acid and alkali

The main material of the toilet water -stop valve parts is plastic+stainless steel+rubber. These materials themselves have a strong acid and alkali resistance. It is said that the blue toilet corrosion -stopd water stop valve seems to have insufficient evidence.

What is the cause of the toilet water stop valve?

In addition to human destruction, the probability is its own quality problem, or aging problems.

For example, some poor -quality refined houses, toilets use inferior products, and the probability of internal parts is also very poor. Another situation is the old cousin’s old house. The decoration is more than ten years. The toilet has been used for more than ten years.

Intercept a report

In fact, there are a lot of similar news. It is not difficult to find out that the problem of water out of the water pipe is mostly in the old residential community or hardcover room, which is enough to demonstrate the quality problem of the water stop valve itself.

In the face of the problem of “putting a blue toilet in the toilet water tank, leading to the water of the faucet becomes blue”, some professional netizens said: fortunately!

why? Because they feel that thanks to the blue toilet, you can find that the water in the toilet water tank will return, otherwise you usually drink “toilet water” yourself.

Be able to discover the return of toilet water in time

The big cousin thinks so much.

If the water in the faucet does not change blue, maybe I never know the water in the toilet water tank, it may be sucked back to the water pipe. Think about how dirty. Few people will clean the toilet water tank. Can you settle a lot of dirt and bacteria? Can you drink such a waterman?

If you think about it, you should really thank the blue toilet.

How to deal with such problems, or how to prevent it?

Methods for damage to parts:

If the water stop valve of your toilet water tank has been damaged, you don’t need to worry about it. You can buy parts to replace it by yourself. The price is not expensive and it is easy to buy. The offline hardware shop or online search can be easily found. Of course, the premise is to go to reliable shops and platforms to avoid buying fakes.

This small decoration building material is not expensive itself, the focus is to buy reliable.


It must be dependent on whether the metal parts of the water -stop valve are stainless steel. Stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance, especially alkaline resistance is stronger than pure copper. In the face of weak alkaline cleaning, it is not worried about being corroded. very stable. Do not choose iron, it is easy to rust for low service life.

Toilet water return prevention plan:

If you are not sure if the toilet water tank water stop valve at home is damaged, but also want to prevent water tanks from flowing back. You can see what style of your own toilet corner valve. If it is ordinary, you can replace it with a special corner valve with a “back -stop function”.

I just found a test for testing. Looking at the picture, the ability to stop the inverse is really good. Putting the water port of the water inlet pipe to the outlet of the corner valve. When the corner valve is opened, the water can be found.

The core part is the above one to prevent the water absorption and return of the water pipe from the water pipe. The big cousin of the brand will not be recommended here, and the big brands are basically guaranteed.


Of course, this kind of stop parts can also be added separately, and it is also feasible to install it on the ordinary corner valve, but the big cousin thinks that this precision parts will be more guaranteed together. You can choose it by yourself.

Summary at the end of the article:

After clarifying the root cause of the problem, after the principles of water, water storage, and reflux of toilet and water pipes, I believe that many readers also help many readers answer their inner doubts.

Choosing independent packaging really has a slow release effect

The toilet water tank blue toilet is “innocent”. This kind of toilet can be used. Of course, you must choose a guaranteed product. Choose the composition of the product before. The products may be strong corrosive, it may damage the building materials, or it may contaminate the environment. If it is a good product, it is not worried. After all, this toilet cleansing agent still brings a lot of convenience to our lives.

After reading the full text, will you choose to use this blue toilet? Welcome to express your views in the comment area. I am a big cousin who loves to share the dry goods home, thank you for reading!


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