What kind of vest skirt is more suitable for you?

Throughout spring and summer, we will choose shorts or skirts to free their legs, and we will choose a variety of sandals to free their feet. At the same time, we also like to wear vest skirts to let our arms and armpits feel Cool. But there are so many vest skirts. What should I choose to support summer literature and art?

裙 suspended vest skirt = casual casual

The most common style of vest skirts can also be said to be the most popular vest skirt style in spring and summer. The suspender skirt is lazy and sexy with a nightdress, let alone the refreshing it brings in spring and summer. A simple suspender vest skirt with a pair of small white shoes, sexy laziness with casual leisure, walking on the street, it is difficult to notice.

V neck vest skirt = delicate life

V -neck vest skirts often coexist with suspenders. Although there are exceptions, they have to admit that the suspender and V -neck are more matched. The design of the V -neck can stretch the lines of the neck, and it is thinner at the same time as it is lined with beautiful neck lines. And the V -neck is like a sophisticated, this temperament requires you to grasp the details.

裙 round neck vest skirt = fresh and gentle

There are V -neck vest skirts, and naturally there are round neck vest skirts. Different from the sexy effect of V -neck, the vest skirt of the round neck has the romantic and cuteness of the little girl, and it is also very elegant. Shopping on daily dating is a fashion representative on the road. Participating in formal occasions, the fresh and gentle traits are also very attractive.

裙 outer vest skirt = rate independence

Although most of the vest skirts can be put on the body directly, there are also some vest skirt styles, which look better. Stacking is more testing your aesthetics, and the more independent girls, the more independent pursuing minimalist wind. At this time, the simpler matching, the more versatile, a white T or a white shirt, it can be beautiful!

裙 裙 裙 ❺ ❺ ❺ ❺ ❺ ❺ ❺ ❺ ❺

The strap -style vest skirt is very similar to the strap skirt in the shape. In many cases, the two can almost be divided. The difference depends on whether the upper body is the main body of the vest or the strap. There is no difference in viewing, and you can distinguish it carefully. This unique personality is very suitable for those literary girls who do not follow the unusual way, and they look more handsome and casual.

Vests small black skirt = retro fan child

Since the goddess Herbon has exerted the elegance of the black skirt to the extreme and wearing it into an eternal classic, the small black skirt has become one of the most classic fashion items, and the vest small black skirt is popular, especially the thick The thick retro flavor is particularly flavored with a small round hat.

Knit vest skirt = gentle and quiet

Perhaps many people will feel that in the summer, what knitted skirts are wearing. If you think so too, then you may miss the gentleness and tranquility of knitted vest skirts. Although the knitted vest skirt is more suitable for the time of spring and autumn, it does not mean that it cannot be worn in summer. Wearing a thin vest skirt in summer looks like a contrast fashion.

There are more than 7 types of popular vest skirts, but at least it is proved that the vest skirt is enough to express the emotions that girls want to express in spring and summer. Isn’t it good to make the summer more literary?

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