Do you know the amazing things of the marathon!

The marathon is a bloody thing that is listening to it. More and more marathon events have made our life a lot of life. Of course, in addition to the passion and excitement brought by the marathon itself, in fact, the inside and outside of the field are always full of all kinds of interesting things.

Angel who stopped you

As the marathon is getting hotter, some of the players who are not fully prepared before the game may also participate. At this time, doctors on the track of the track play a key role.

In the 2018 Shaoxing Marathon, a contestant fainted twice during the competition. However, he had just finished his heart recovery, but he still wanted to stand up and continue to complete the game, so he had the news of the doctor to stop the contestants.

Here we want to remind the majority of marathon enthusiasts that it is important to evaluate their physical condition before the game, and it is necessary to conduct enough preparation training. It is obviously impossible to strengthen the fitness by a marathon. As long as there is a healthy body, how many games in the future, don’t you want to run ~!

New tricks of supply station

When it comes to the supply in the marathon, it is probably inseparable from conventional foods such as energy sticks and salt pills. With the development of the competition, rich supply has also become a bonus point in the eyes of many people. As we all know, Guangdong’s cuisine culture is quite developed, so the supply of supply has also played innovation in the Shantou Marathon.

Many friends who have lived in the south will not be unfamiliar. This kind of food exists widely in the streets and alleys. Today, the bowl cake is equipped with hot tea. They walked into the supply station of the Shantou Marathon competition, allowing the participants to experience the custom of entering the country.

Our “Fruit Marathon” on the previous “Malaysia” has exerted this to the fullest!

Fun rampant, the new vitality of the marathon

Colored running

About “Fun Run” Fun Marathon, I believe everyone is no stranger. The first project created in the United States is called “the happiest 5 kilometers on the earth”. Participants are wearing white T -shirts and different colored sites during the running. Now, more and more color running has appeared in everyone’s field of vision and is sought after by many young people.

In addition to colorful running, there are other ways to play with fun marathons. As we all know, Japan’s aging problem is very serious, and even marathon sports are inevitable. In order to attract more young people to participate in the marathon, Japanese popular elements such as cosplay and bubble running are used in marathon competitions.

Play Cosplay’s Tokyo Marathon

Not only in Japan, the French marathon also likes cosplay.

These marathons are welcomed among young people.

Convey the contemporary culture recognized by young people, and at the same time emphasize a fun experience.

Coupled with the short distance of this interesting marathon, it reduces the difficulty of participating, making the number of young people who start to experience the marathon to increase.

Embarrassing door arch

If you see such a marathon door arch may be taken aback, it should have been written on the door arch worth commemorating a group photo.

In order to make people more impressed with the Qin and Real Estate Marathon, the organizer also worked hard, and felt full of embarrassment across the screen …

Collective running wrong

In the Nanjing International Marathon held on October 16, 2016, the first three legion, including the black men who should win the championship, lost the top three and lost the results.

All of this was attributed to the game, and the Black Legion ran the wrong way. They were collectively placed on the road sign on the Xuanwu Lake section and ran directly to the half marathon route. The first group retired. In fact, this stalk has happened more than once in the marathon of the world. Netizens said that the scenery of Xuanwu Lake is too beautiful, and the invited players are all watching the scenery.

All open -air toilet

In the second international marathon of the 2017 Jinchang, it turned out to be the full open -air toilet next to the field. Is there such a marathon toilet? Are you afraid? Intersection

Women’s toilet, a full open -air toilet tied up

When you encounter such a toilet, the biggest impact should be runners throughout the process. Seeing such a toilet, do you go or hold it!

Men’s toilet, an open -air toilet that even flutters in the wind

Runners@帅: People who go to the toilet need to be strong in their hearts! Runners@: This is a five -star compared to off -road games! Runners@: The organizing committee has completely solved the queuing of the toilet in the event!

In this regard, our “Malaysia” preparation is still very complete o (∩_∩) o haha ​​~

Although the marathon is a time to test everyone’s physical fitness and perseverance and endurance, it is also an extremely psychological game. In any case, it is the most important thing to enjoy the running time on the marathon!

After the player’s lead, the dog was attacked by a dog because of the wrong way

In May 2016, in a running competition held in Bandar, India, Ethiopian players first ran the wrong route, then attacked by a dog, and finally won the ninth place …

Sandals run first

For example, on October 29, 2017, in the 2017 Songshan Shaolin International Marathon held at the foot of Yue Songshan, Henan Province, Ethiopian Senndeku Alelgn, which wearing sandals, won the whole process of the man with a score of 28 minutes and 02 seconds in the end. The project champion won a prize of 20,000 yuan.

In fact, in the first International Half Marathon 2017 China · Jingyuan on October 22, AMOGNE SENDEKU Alelgn also achieved the first place in the men’s half -time project wearing his pair of blue sandals.

Rare medal

In the 2016 Shanghai Half Marathon, the players worked hard to run the road, and got a medal with a spelling error.

The correct way to write on the marathon medal should be the Internetal. Everyone looks at whether the picture is written as an Internet. This year, it is not unusual to have a marathon medal, but to have a medal with the wrong name, it is really a rare treasure.

Luci’s runner -up

What is most afraid of running the marathon is not physical strength, but sufficient physical strength but being taken wrong …

On April 28, 2013, a total of 5,000 people signed up in the northern British Marathon held in Sandland, but only one person finished the game. The second player took all the players behind the wrong way …

Woven scarf while running

An American man named Babukkkki runs the marathon in 5 hours, 48 ​​minutes and 27 seconds, and also woven a 4 -meter -long scarf to break the Guinness World Records created by British women Sussie 3 months ago. There are talents from Jiangshan on behalf of people …

Dizziness for competing

In 1979, 55 -year -old Carter Carter participated in a 6.2 -mile off -road running competition in David, Maryland, and he had the stubborn character of a typical American southerner. field……

In the upcoming 2019 “Silk Road · Beautiful Dali” Weinan International Marathon, I wonder if there will be interesting situations? If so, please record it and send it to us, we will let everyone feel this fun together ~!

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