16MINS’s new concept EP “Ping Pong” pre -sale, no more!

Those who have been to the Strawberry Music Festival, friends who still support 16MINS in the hot sun should have heard the twin sisters they brought to everyone, similar and different.

For 16MINS with strong hands -on ability and creative power, the latest EP album “Ping Pong” released on May 21 will explain all the thoughts after these little friends after “The Devil”.

The reason why each work of 16MINS is specially derived from their members, and there are few special mixed -race combinations like their bands in China.

Xinjiang’s SINDY, Robin in New Zealand, Notification of Germany, FIACH in Ireland

This is like a child of a child who has different cultural and cognitive parents. His growth process must be unusual, and he must be special.

“Ping Pong” is the combination of artistic concepts of young people with very different cultural backgrounds and ways of thinking. The differences between people have become common. Understanding is sometimes crashing, and music is dredging all these things. The most effective and interesting weapon. Inspired by the star fires between the communication, this EP deeply expresses the contradiction and tolerance of the younger generation of cultural differences.

About “Ping Pong”

“Others are not hell, but your source of inspiration.”

This EP lasted for 16 minutes to consistently DIY, and they were super strong. They arranged all post -production projects this time. The rhythm of jazz style. Compared to the original rough emotional expression of the last album, the narrative personality of Ping Pong also makes music calm and restrained. The albums are included in the five singles of “Amin”, “Felix”, “Barcores”, “Last Man”, and “Ping Pong”.

On May 21, 16MINS’s new EP starting music sharing meeting, a music performance that must not be missed, here

You will meet different people and the same others!


16 minutes is a band with a highly mixed -race but reaching high cultural identity. The style is clear but difficult to classify. It is composed of Sindy (Lord singer) from Xinjiang, Robin (guitar) from New Zealand, Kalimero (Bazh/keyboard) from Germany, and FIACH (drummer) from Ireland.

The 16 -minute band’s music is not limited to the traditional musical instrument configuration. It also really has both originality and strong on -site tension, mixed and complex emotions and constant conflict music scenes. The melody line suddenly suddenly turns into the primitive rhythm and rough shouts, making people clue.

“Ping Pong” starting music sharing meeting

What are you waiting for! Intersection

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