15th anniversary of love and lust: dedicated to the mysterious and bright Lelo as the starry sky

Since the introduction of sex products, many excellent domestic and foreign brands have emerged; among them, there are not many “senior”. Among them, there are Lelo of the Kingdom of Swedish. Since its birth in 2003 The appearance has become a lot of love among many celebrities in Europe and the United States, and also benefits all beings.

At the 2018 Shanghai Adult Exhibition, Lelo will put the mysterious and bright starry belt progress hall. Under the “Night”, a number of celebrities single products are displayed in fifteen years. Lelo’s first product Lily (now upgraded to the second generation), the same SM accessories of “Fifty Degree Gray”, won the TIANI (now upgraded to the third generation) and Smart Wand, which won the Red Dot Supreme Design Award. Extraordinary products such as the Golden Lion Award, such as eye -catching stars, together with the romantic galaxy, telling stories about love and lust.

The center of the exhibition hall is the first appearance of the LELO 15th anniversary set ST.TROPEZ. There are 12 products in the entire series, with silver and bronze metals, with retro patterns, delicate and delicate, which attracts everyone to stop. There are two colors of pink and pure black in the whole series, like artistic boutiques, which are very collectible.

Just as people’s desires are constantly developing and extended, Lelo has never stopped the pace of self -iteration. Not only the above -mentioned many star products have been updated, but also developed a surprising new product. For example, after seven years of concentrated research, inspiration from the molecular structure of graphene, developed the HEX non -time non -slip off -model condom. The inner wall structure of the hexagonal structure is novel and is known as the black technology in the sleeve. After a year, HEX has evolved again, and the launch of Shuangfeng thin+tough version has become a sought -after item on major e -commerce websites.

In 2017, Lelo launched a female sucking massage Sona with sound waves, using Sonic sound wave technology to simulate the gentle swimming of the lover’s tongue through the continuous surging airflow, stimulate the sensitive parts of the nerve endings, and let women reach the clouds vividly to the clouds. , Bring the whole body and intoxication. Even women without sexual experience can use it. Do not miss this deep -buried sex treasure.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, Lelo also launched special limited items.

Recently, Lelo joined hands with the well -known American models and topics, and the ex -girlfriend of Kanye West, Amber Rose, launched a joint Tiani Amber Rose Gold. She appeared on the theme sports shoes series advertisements of Louis Vuitton with the theme of Kanye West, and on the New York Fashion Week for the brand Celestino, it is a household name in Europe and the United States. Amber Rose once said that six sex toys are often accompanied by the pillow, Lelo is the leader. This cooperation is based on the two -person resonance toy TIANI as the prototype, incorporating the love rose gold in Amber Rose, adding rose gentleness to lingering nights. The major e -commerce platforms of this product are about to be available for sale.

Thank you for your encounter with Lelo. In fifteen years, in the world of love and lust accompany and grow. From May 25th, on the Tmall and Jingdong platform, Lelo will offer the 15th anniversary price, and invite you to explore the eroticism and go to the pinnacle of joy.

Author: ArticleManager