I, 34 years old, have been a take -out babezer for two years, with a monthly salary of 5,000, revealing the real rider life

There is an old saying in China, called “the people have used food as the sky”. Since ancient times, the people have studied a lot of diet. In the long history of traditional food culture, eight major cuisines have gradually produced, and China’s catering industry has also developed.

With the continuous development of the Internet industry, the catering industry and the Internet industry have spawned the take -out industry, and the development of the takeaway industry has further spawned the occupation of takeaway. Now in the streets and alleys, you can often see the outsourcing.

Regardless of the cold winter, or the hot sun, whether it is heavy rain or snowy, you order a takeaway at home, and soon you will have takeaway to send meals to enjoy food at home without leaving home.

With the continuous development of the takeaway industry, people’s requirements for takeaway are also getting higher and higher, especially the quality, service attitude, and food delivery speed of food delivery riders are becoming more and more stringent.

Customers and businesses feel that they have spent money, and the riders should send the meals to the customer in time as soon as possible. If there is a problem, the responsibility is pushed to the riding. If you encounter various problems, you will feel very aggrieved.

Some people think that the takeaway delivery fee is as less as two or three yuan, as many as six or seven yuan, and the rider can send a lot of orders a day.

Some people think that the rider’s work is very simple. Isn’t it just a meal and a meal. There is no difficulty.

Some people think that the rider’s working hours are very free, do what you want, do not do if you don’t want to do it. I am envious of such working hours.

So what is the real takeaway rider? What kind of feelings do they feel? Let’s take a look at the experience of the takeaway riders, and listen to their voices.

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Orally, the duty monarch is sorted into the manuscript. For the convenience of the narrative, the following first -person name is adopted.


Hello everyone, my name is Lao Yan. I was born in 1987. At the age of 34, I am a takeaway rider in a town in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province.

Lao Yan’s meals


Before doing take -out riders, I also did some other jobs. For example, in 2008, I had a year in the electric vehicle assembly factory. Later, because the boss had other careers, the factory closed it. Later, I had worked operators in clothing factories and printing plants, but because of the low salary, long working time, and no technical content, I changed jobs not long before I did it.

Around 2017, I started doing single -page delivery work. It was to help some merchants to send leaflets. I needed to send leaflets at the door of each household in each community. Generally, they were inserted on the door handle. I have done this job for two years, and the communities in the town have basically been there. I have climbed countless stairs, which is very tired.

On the way to work in 2019, because of the slippery day, I had a small car accident when I avoided the vehicle and lay on the bed for more than a month to recuperate.

At that time, in July, after raising injuries, I did not want to get tired of climbing the listing pages every day. This job is relatively high. After a while I couldn’t find a suitable job for a while, I chose to be a takeaway rider.

I did not expect that the rider did not escape the fate of climbing the building, but fortunately, the intensity is not high. Many communities have elevators, so not every order must climb the building. Only the buildings where individual customers live in without an elevator need to climb the building.

What I do is a crowdsses rider, not a rider, some people may not understand, the rider is rider, and also the group bags and special delivery? Let me briefly introduce the difference between the two.

The crowdsourced bags are done for part -time delivery people. They are employees who do not belong to the company. They are free to go to work. They can dominate themselves. If the weather is not good or there is something wrong, they can not be online. The order rate is low, and the single volume cannot keep up, and the single volume is less). The unit price is determined by various factors such as distance, weight, and subsidy. Generally speaking, the unit price is not fixed. Moreover, the salary of crowdsourcing can be withdrawn at any time, which is considered a day.

There are no compulsory requirements for crowdsses in terms of equipment. Like smartphones and electric vehicles, we buy ourselves without new and old requirements. You can buy takeaway boxes, helmets, work clothes, etc. on the platform, and the company does not provide it.

And the rider is a formal employee, but most of the contracts signed with a third party. They need to check in every day and have online duration requirements. We are joking that the knife must be received in bad weather, but after the time exceeds the time Select whether to continue the order. The rider is sent by the system automatic order, which is usually a nearby list.

The rider has a guaranteed salary, and the commission of each order is also fixed. According to the number of orders, it is calculated. Generally speaking, it is a basic salary+commission+performance salary method. The salary is paid monthly. Specialized rider needs to configure specialized equipment, clothing, helmets, and thermal insulation boxes. You must wear uniforms when you go to work, which looks more professional.

Because I usually pick up children to go to school and participate in interest classes, I do n’t go to send a special rider, and I do the crowdsses, so that my time is more free.

Since July 2019, I have been a bunny rider. I have been doing it for more than two years. In the past two years, I have been suffering, tired and touched. I have encountered various customers and businesses. , Warmed my heart, some attitudes were not good, and the bad words were given to us. Let us be suffering, but in general, there are still many good people, so I have always persisted.

Old Yan is on the way to delivery

Everyone knows that the noon and the evening peak are the busiest when the business is the busiest. At this time, others are going to eat. At this time, we are busy delivery. When everyone eats meals, we are not busy. Start solving your own meal problems. Generally, eating at two or three in the afternoon, and eating at 8 or nine in the evening is common.

I used to meet a merchant. It was about 1:50 pm that day. I went to pick up the meal. The boss asked me if I had eaten it. I said that I had n’t eaten it. Well, I haven’t moved, give it to me for free. If there is a microwave oven if they cold, I can heat it and take it away. At that time, I was very moved.

Another time, I took two orders in the same building. When I went to the elevator, there was a aunt in the elevator. She saw me two meals and pressed two floors when I pressed the elevator. She asked me if I wanted to send it. Two households, I said yes, and then I went to send the first order after I reached the 5th floor.

Generally, if there is no elevator at this time, we will press the elevator once to delay the time of the elevator closing the door so that we can then enter the elevator to send the next order after sending it, so as to save time. If there is someone in the elevator, we will not press, wait directly after the order is finished, then press the elevator to wait for the next trip.

After I got out of the elevator that day, I went to send the first order. When I returned to the elevator, I found that the elevator door was still on. The aunt pressed the elevator to call me quickly. She said: You are not easy, know that you hurry Time, anyway, I’m not in a hurry, just wait for you. At that moment, I was warm in my heart.

This summer, I went to a community to deliver meals. A primary school student opened the door. I handed him out of takeaway. I just turned around and left. He called me and said: Uncle waits a minute. Then I handed me a bottle of mineral water and said: It’s too hot, you have worked hard, and this bottle of water is given to you.

For two years, I have also given me a napkin, towels, water and drinks, but this is the first time by a primary school student to send water.


Customers take out the drink from their own takeaway and give it to Lao Yan’s drinks

With happy experience, of course, there are unpleasant experiences.

To do our business, I am most afraid of encountering a slow -going merchant, and the meal is slow, and the other orders in the back will be affected. If you can report this order, the other single time cannot be added, so if you encounter a slow -going merchant, even if we report it, we only extend his time, and it cannot solve the other. The problem of abnormal single.


In September this year, I received a list of fruit delivery. I waited for 12 minutes in this shop before getting the goods. The dumplings cooked by others at home were at least seven or eight minutes. Do you need to cut it?

Because this single fruit has waited for more than ten minutes

Pay attention to the shop time and pickup time


Another time, I just took the order for less than 5 minutes. I just arrived at the merchant to pick up the meal. The customer applied for canceling the order, and then the merchant called the customer to negotiate and said: I have done it well, and the riders also come to pick up the goods. You cancel some of them, or if I urge the riders to deliver you as soon as possible?

To be honest, although I know that this is a polite words for merchants and customers, but it is still a bit uncomfortable to listen to it. Why should our ride as soon as possible? Wouldn’t the other lists in my hand get it? But helplessness is helpless, it is time to send it.

There are still a lot of such situations. Some businesses have been slow to pay meals by themselves, and then urge us to send us quickly when we pick up the goods, and then tell customers that we take the meal slowly and push our responsibility to us. It is helpless.


As for the customer’s side, there are also many situations we often encounter. Some customers let some things bring something on the way. Generally, if small items such as water and paper, we will help if time or convenient to buy. Will call and refuse.

Some are inaccurate in the customer’s position. This position is not allowed to be divided into two cases. One is that I have remembered the wrong place. For example, I met a customer some time ago. I climbed the 7th floor and ran to Room 702 to knock on the door. I called the customer again, and the customer said that you walked the wrong staircase and at the second staircase.

After I went downstairs, I looked at it. I knew that the person remembered the wrong address himself, and then I went to 704 to get it. Sure enough, it was a customer who ordered the food. I asked him to modify the address before leaving. Didn’t you get it?


Another situation is that when you can’t find your own position during positioning, you often write it next to somewhere or opposite the opposite side. After we arrive at the place of delivery, they call them. Sometimes I have to go far, but I think that since I sent it, I am embarrassed to send it, so I can only find it patiently, and often delay time.

Other people are takeaway to help their family or friends. They have not communicated with them in advance. After we send things to them, they contact others. People feel that they have not fixed their sales. If we do n’t pick it up, we do n’t go, stay, and do not, wait for a long time to explain it for a long time.

Customers sometimes do not listen to our explanation. I feel that the meal is slow is our reason. Sometimes it is badly facing each other. Once I did not read the mobile phone information in time because of the meal delivery. Customers scolded.


Because I didn’t reply in time, I was scolded by the customer

Some time ago, it was advocated that there was no contact distribution. Many communities did not allow them to enter. We all put the takeaway in the gangster of the gatekeeper at the gate of the community. Most customers expressed their understanding, but we also encountered some examples. If you send it to the door of the house, you will be helpless when you encounter such a situation. The guards do not allow them. Customers insist on sending them. We can only negotiate with customers and door guards again and again. Some people can understand Take it, some people are not good at talking. Although they came to get it in the end, they were a bad review.

I have been a rider for more than 2 years. I have encountered a lot of things. I used to be one of the customers, and I have complained to the takeaway riders, but since I did this line, I realized the bitterness and helplessness in it.

For example, the problem of slow delivery, sometimes it is not that we do not deliver as soon as possible, and we also want to send it as soon as possible. This can send more orders and make more money, but sometimes the objective situation is not allowed, because we can’t only send you this alone. In one order, I definitely want to pick up more ways to go, otherwise I will only get one order in half an hour and make four or five dollars. It is really not cost -effective.

Lao Yan’s delivery order income, basically more than 4 pieces of each order

There are also problems that let us bring things along the way. Sometimes it ’s really not smooth, smooth, and not expected, mainly because of time, and what we lack is exactly time! If the time is sufficient, we really don’t need to call why they do n’t bring it to the customer, because it is more wasteful and it is easy to evaluate the time.

Rider’s food delivery is fast, depending on many factors. For example, if you want to see if the geographical location of the merchant is convenient to arrive, whether it is a shop along the street or in the pedestrian street or shopping mall.

Then it depends on whether the customer’s position is convenient to reach. For example, whether the community allows riders to enter, whether you can ride an electric car, whether there is an elevator in the floor, and whether the elevator needs to swipe the card to use it. There are some people who order in other places. You must also consider it. Can we let us enter and wait, such as hospitals and office buildings, we are not familiar with it, and we must find a place slowly when you go.

Also say that the meal soup is sprinkled during the delivery. In fact, it is really for our reason. We generally pay for it ourselves, and we will not deliberately make it. Sometimes we ride a bike Step, sometimes the merchant is not strictly packed. Why should we find things for ourselves?

As a rider, sometimes we do reckless when riding in a ride, but after seeing many cases of car accidents in the car, we will now pay more attention to it, and we comply with traffic rules more than before. After all, life is only once. The body is ourselves, and we must not have an accident. After we start the first order every day, we will automatically deduct 3 yuan as insurance costs, and our guarantee is only these.

As a customer, we also hope that the simpler the address description, the easier it is to find, the better the positioning, the better, the faster the phone picks up. Can receive your takeaway as soon as possible.


It is undeniable that our riding team may also have individual people with a low individual quality, but most people are still good. Our goal is very simple, that is, we want to make more money through our own labor. Drinking enough, enough expenses, a little money in your hands in your hands every year, it is good to not be embarrassing to be empty hands.

Lao Yan ran for a year of takeaway customer evaluation. It can be seen that Lao Yan’s service is still very good.

I now spend six or seven hours of noon every day and the peaks in the evening, with about four or five thousand a month. It may be because I am in the town, so I can earn more than 4 yuan per order. My income is relatively normal.

Like the online income from the Internet, it is not no, but it is very rarely and tired. It will take more than ten hours a day, and this income may be achieved in big cities. It is difficult to achieve in our town.

This is


The story, after chatting with him, I admire him very much. I am two years younger than him, but he is not as rich as he’s work and life experience. When I was in difficulties, I also thought about being a rider’s sideline, but in the end I did not make up my mind to do it. After reading Lao Yan’s experience, I felt that I still thought about it. In fact There are still a lot of doorway. If you want to make more money, you still have to have enough understanding of merchants, communities, and routes.

Through his telling, I know that in fact, takeaway riders are still very hard. In the future, they will be more tolerant and understanding. I also hope that readers who see this article can be more tolerant of them. , Not for outsiders.






I want to record the story of 100 workers in words. If you also have similar experiences, you can talk to me and welcome your sharing. You can record the most realistic stories. You are the most inspirational person.

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