Postgraduate English “Famous Teacher” counseling agency was accused of investigating false propaganda and supervision departments

After the 2019 Graduate Admissions Examination, Weilin Culture, a counseling agency founded by Zhu Wei, an English “Master” Zhu Wei, was accused of suspected false propaganda. Some candidates recently posted that the actual service of Weilin Cultural Course is inconsistent with its propaganda.

At the same time, Wilin Culture, Nanchang Weilin Culture Media Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nanchang, Jiangxi, was reported to be falsely propagated. On the afternoon of January 3, 2019, the staff of the office of the Honggutan New District Market and Quality Supervision and Administration of Nanchang City accepted the office staff of the office and reporting business told the surging news (, and after receiving the student complaints after receiving the student complaint around December 28, 2018 Involved in the investigation and investigating the Nanchang Weilin Culture on January 2nd. It is currently in the stage of investigation and evidence collection. The results will give students feedback in time.

On January 3, 2019, Zhang Chengzu, the director of Weilin’s new media, responded to surging news, “This is because students ‘needs have conflicted with our Education concept of Weilin.” He said that the opinions of the network and students’ goodwill adopted , But do not accept rhythm and abuse in the network.

Tianyancha information shows that Weilin Culture is registered on June 12, 2016. The main business is book publishing brokerage and online education content production. On the Internet, the founder and CEO of its company and CEO Zhu Wei were promoted as the “famous teacher” of the postgraduate entrance examination, and was the author of the English vocabulary “love and practice”. On March 20, 2017, Weilin Culture established Nanchang Weilin Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Students: “Fine Correction” only approves one place, suspected of “false propaganda”

On December 29, 2018, Weibo netizens@我 呀 啊 啊 啊 呀 呀 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 The service and publicity of the curriculum are very different. After the release of this Weibo, many netizens forwarded and left a message discussion.

On January 2nd, the netizen Chen Bo (pseudonym) told Peng Mei News that he was from Changde, Hunan. He was a recent student who was in the postgraduate entrance examination. He previously introduced the postgraduate English teacher Zhu Wei. In July 2018, he chose to buy Weilin. The cultural product “Writing Book of English English Supporting Class” worth 1299 yuan is worth 1299 yuan.

According to product introduction, high -scoring customization classes include high -definition recording courses, autumn live broadcast courses, live broadcast live broadcasts in December, student group composition, one -on -one essay fine correction, and one -to -one large -scale work routine, and at the same time Some students’ exclusive QQ group and “Yang Fanda’s one -on -one question”.

Chen Bo said that he found that the actual service of the course was inconsistent with the promotional effect. The difference was mainly concentrated in one -on -one essays and essays, and a pair of certain large -scale work routines. “Whether it is a large English essay or a small composition, Wilin Academy’s propaganda is correct, and the fine correction is not achieved. It may change one or two words and two words.”

A screenshot of the Weilin Culture teacher provided by the interviewed students. Source: Interviewer Zhang Fan provided

On January 3rd, Chen Bo and another candidate Zhang Fan (pseudonym) said that they collected 40 copies of the English composition of Wilin’s “one -on -one fine correction” in the QQ group of rights protection. The comments are similar, only one sentence, Chen Bo believes that this is “not fine.” “My composition has only been corrected one place, saying that Wilin has changed, it really has changed Wilin, but it doesn’t make any sense to me.” Zhang Fan said.

Chen Bo said that in a pair of large -scale masterpieces, Weilin Culture claimed to have a pair of certain services to individuals, and each person was different. “I saw that I saw a certain pair of large -scale work routines. I chose a service course of 1299 yuan. “Chen Weilin said that when he got a big work routine template, he found that” the template is a piece of paper, and it is similar to some members in the learning group. Many people are almost the same. “

Chen Bo said that the curriculum of Weilin Culture has caused multiple postgraduate students to be dissatisfied, and he established the rights protection group the next day after the postgraduate entrance examination.

Weilin Academy provided by the 19th Writing Treasure Book Exclusive Routine Source: Interviewee provided

Weilin CEO apologized, and the director of the new media said it was a conflict between educational concepts

After the incident was fermented by the Internet, on the evening of December 31, 2018, the Weibo ID@事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 responded to the “false publicity” questioned by netizens through a video.

@”This is the second year of Weilin’s establishment. This year, it was difficult to run the 2019 postgraduate entrance examination products. I did not expect that there was a huge mistake in a small product.” He said He and another teacher, Yang Fanda, were responsible for the final question. Yang Fanda was responsible for the basic writing part in the middle.

In the video,@在 在 explained that “because there was no fully explanation in the early stage, the students in the writing class believed that the course had false propaganda and did not match the publicity. I want a full set of template composition in the course. “

On January 3rd, Yang Fanda mentioned by@1 1 1 responded to Peng Mei News, saying that Mr. Zhu Wei and himself had issued an apology statement through video+text, and did not get satisfactory services involving the “Treasure Class of the English Writing Book of Entrance Examination”. The trainees will refund the corresponding costs.

In response to the students’ correction composition and the “fine” of publicity, Yang Fanda responded that “most of the compositions are very detailed or more meticulous.” It provided 5 composition modification feedback to the surging news, saying that comments and comments were ” “

Yang Fanda provided by the Rural Explanation Source: Yang Fanda provided

Regarding the statement of similar compositions between different academies and “just a piece of paper”, Yang Fanda said that “some candidates lack a real understanding of the English writing of postgraduate entrance examinations, do not understand the scientific training methods of the test writing, and lack the basic judgment of excellent compositions. force.”

On the same day, Zhang Chengzu, the director of Weilin Culture New Media, responded to surging news, “This is because students’ needs have conflicted with our Education concept of Weilin.” Zhang Chengzu said that the composition writing of Weilin culture is an anti -reflector routine, “but there is any Some students want to get a full set of templates. “

Zhang Chengzu said that in the future, Weilin will make better services and adopt the goodwill comments on the Internet and students, but do not accept the rhythm and abuse of remarks in the Internet.

Prior to the establishment of the Weilin Cultural Communication Company, Zhu Wei was the director of the domestic examination department of the New Oriental Shanghai School. The first ten group lecturers in New Oriental ’s nationwide in the country. His postgraduate vocabulary course” Love Training “is quite famous.

The information of Tianyancha shows that on March 20, 2017, Nanchang Weilin Culture Media Co., Ltd., a Weilin Cultural subsidiary, was established.

The subsidiary was reported, and the market supervision department investigated

On the afternoon of January 3rd, its subsidiary company, the registered place where Nanchang Weilin Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. was located, and the staff of the office staff who accepted complaints and reporting business in the Honggutan New District Market and Quality Supervision and Administration Bureau of Nanchang City told Surging News ( ), After receiving complaints from students on December 28, 2018, they were involved in the investigation, and inquiries on Weilin Culture on January 2nd were currently in the stage of investigation and evidence collection.

Attorney Peng Yixuan, a senior partner of Beijing Weiheng Law Firm, told Peng Mei News that false propaganda must be identified by the market supervision department specially in the industrial and commercial department. Under normal circumstances, the problems of education and training institutions are mostly in poor experience. Reporting and requesting investigation to the industrial and commercial departments are more convenient for students’ rights to defend their rights. Once the administrative department is determined to be false propaganda, the decision of administrative penalties for involved units can also be used as evidence of civil compensation cases. Once false propaganda is identified, it can be compensated according to the contract and refunded the fee paid.

Attorney Peng said that the students directly prosecuted the following difficulties in the training institutions: the cost of one dimension was large. The training institution occupies the advantage of Party A and can respond to the students. The postgraduate students have limited economic payment capacity. According to analysis, there are some difficulty in these evidence itself. The third difficulty is that the time cycle is long, and there will be a result of a lawsuit for a long time.

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