The “red carpet skirt” out of the country is amazing, the Chinese style is beautiful, Fan Bingbing’s fatness does not affect the temperament

Dress skirts always have all kinds of ideas, and some flower skirts with national characteristics have become charm. Actually skirt

Not many versions

In general, those are those, and the styles of dresses are mostly



Self -cultivation

My version.

Some special elements always attract the attention of many people. The style of Chinese style also makes many foreign friends try to try. Each country has its own country.

Typical design style

And the classic and long history


Art atmosphere.

The choice of style and the sense of design are complementary. With a basic perfect version, it is equivalent to a better foundation, and adding a full and full printing

Glamorous feeling

Or to varying degrees of charm.

The “red carpet skirt” out of the country is amazing.

Chinese style is so beautiful

Fan Bingbing’s fatness does not affect temperament. Fan Bingbing, who is wearing a Chinese style dress, has a very good

Strong momentum,


Let the beauty and charm of Oriental women reach a very saturated state.

How beautiful Chinese culture is concentrated on the skirt, the embroidery printing field is strong, and the cheongsam style is more dignified. In fact, there are many elements in small areas. There is no strong beauty, just retaining very

Deep cultural heritage

, But the large area is covered on the skirt

Ingenious design.

Many foreign skirt design actually uses the elements and production processes passed down in China, such as very delicate and delicate embroidery,


The dragon pattern and Xiangyun pattern, etc. are all hard -hearted.

The magnificent Chinese wind dress


Red and white color fairy crane pattern skirt

Long skirts are always accompanied by strong immortality, and the color and style of long skirts are the two most critical points when choosing. The skirt has a cloak or a back with a back

Dragon style design

It is very atmospheric and can add a person’s three -dimensional sense from the most basic framework.

The design of the tail seems to make the entire skirt heavier, but the layers of effect are also obvious to all, especially for people to feel very Queen. And the advantages on this version plus some add some

Color and printing

The decoration will be more unique.

When most people participate in some formal activities or walk the red carpet, they are more tended to choose a pure color style, because solid colors can always help women more



Express a charm

Essence Printed decoration is usually messy, unless it is a very implicated pattern.

The red skirt background color matching the very clean white fairy crane printing as a decoration, with

A sense of picture

Essence The impact of red makes the skin more fair and brought with

Passion and vision

, And the shape of the crane has a more free feeling, there is a sense of beauty of the bird flying.

Tube top hip fishtail embroidery skirt


The tube top style is simply too common. When many female stars attended the event together, half of them would choose the tube top style. The reason is that there is a tube top


Clean and simple



The charm of the pure desire is more prominent.

The style of the waist and hips makes the figure very obvious from top to bottom. The most important highlight is the fishtail design of the skirt position. The fishtail design is a kind of


Or the thighs outward


The design, combined with the hip of the hips, makes the skirt look like a smart and beautiful fish.

The advantages on the version are already very mirror, and people can capture the first look at the past

Smooth and smooth

The body curve. Adding printing on such a white bottom skirt is actually relatively large, because white

Versatile effect


The overall print is passed

Embroidery craft


Adding methods, which gives the entire skirt a better texture, is very moving, the printing is more like

Vivid scroll

There are flowers, grass and trees, and there are people. The live fireworks are very warm.

Velvet lace fabric stitching cheongsam skirt


When it comes to China’s unique classic costumes, people will proudly say cheongsam. The wearing cheongsam is not only loved by the Chinese, but even many foreign friends actually have very much

Respectful attitude

, Want to try to wear cheongsam categories.

The charm of cheongsam is so powerful because it is special because of the cheongsam version. Cheongsam and tight styles such as waist bag hips are the same as


, But the difference is that the cheongsam does not need to make the body very tight, and it can also modify the figure very well.

Women wearing cheongsam are very strong

Charming temperament,

Every move with a retro atmosphere, and the inner charm is more prominent.

The splicing of two different materials for skirts is also a big design point. The velvet wine red fabric is deep and strong, while black

Lace is sexy and mysterious,

It is also a better integration that has made mature and charming and charming style.

Asymmetric single -pad shoulder dragon pattern cloud skirt

The asymmetrical sleeve type is unique in tailoring. The exposure of the arm and the shoulder of the arm on one side make the gas field strong. Although the lip color in the makeup is not conspicuous, it is completely completely completely completely complete

Not affect



The most attractive thing about clothing is the overall printing,


Dragon pattern

In ancient times, it was a symbol of power, and it was more distinguished and elegant on the golden skirt, and the bottom of the skirt was also used to end with a very good auspicious cloud embroidery, which was amazing.

In fact, many clothing items are hung on the hanger may be flat and even looking at it. There are also a lot of trendy elements at first glance.


But the feeling that often wear on the body is not as expected, it must be



Maybe good -looking clothes do not wear atmosphere, but it is unlimited to watch the unsatisfactory items.

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