Answer for you at the same time, the 9th major questions that have the most prone to wallpaper paving, making home improvement smoother


People have more requirements for beauty. Originally, they were just painted with paint. Many people now use a variety of colors and style wallpapers to spread them to better show the beauty and texture of the home. But there will be many problems during the construction of wallpaper construction. Is there any way to solve these problems?


Is the wallpaper long life?


Although the color of the wall paint is monotonous, it has been used for a long time. If the wall surface is decorated with thin wallpapers for the wall, can its service life be painted? Will there be mold and yellowing? The process is handled well when paving, and usually pay attention to air circulation and maintenance. It can generally use it

5-8 years

It is easy to change the style of wallpaper style.



Is the wallpaper thick?

Is there the same idea when many people have the same idea during the decoration, that is, the thicker the thickness of the material, the more heavier the weight of the material. When buying wallpaper, you buy that thick style, but its quality is not really the best. Some wallpapers are used in low -level non -woven fabrics with PVC and pressing flowers. These operations make the wallpaper thicker, but

The quality of the wallpaper is affected by the bottom paper.



Wallpaper and wall cloth

Many people do n’t have a special understanding of wallpaper. When buying, they will have certain problems about the purchase of wallpapers and wall cloth. The general thoughts in their hearts are the same thing. Choose their favorite patterns and styles. The surface of the wall cloth is made of natural or artificial fibers as raw materials, and its price will be higher than wallpaper. The wallpaper is used as a substrate with paper, and then the flowers are pressed. The quality of the paper will directly affect the quality of the wallpaper.


Wallpapers are not flat

After the inspection of the wallpaper, the wallpaper will be found to be uneven, and the overall aesthetics of the wall will be affected. Even if you re -pave the post, there will be such problems. The wall problem will directly affect the effect of the wallpaper paving. If the walls and soil on the wall are not handled well, it will make the wallpaper paving the uneven effect, but the cost required for the wall base will be paved. It will be relatively high. The bottom wall can be used for wooden wall boards or cement boards.


Fall off

Some family wallpaper will find a situation of falling off in some time, and even the corners of the wallpaper will have a tap bubble that affects its overall sense. This situation will happen in the wallpaper, in addition to the construction environment, it is also related to the good or bad craftsmanship of the master. First of all, whether it is waterproof or not handled well, or when the wallpaper is paved. Essence



When the wallpaper is used at home, it is afraid that it will not be well maintained by it, so that there are various problems in the wallpaper. There are many types of wallpapers. On the surface is PVC, its moisture -proof and wear -resistant effects are better, and it is easier to maintain. But if it is a pure paper wallpaper, it should pay attention to the control of water during cleaning without the PVC layer, and

It is better to wipe it with a dry towel.



What to do

The wallpaper is close to the doors and windows, and it will find that it has a raising skin. Generally, it will find a master to solve this problem at home. For this kind of problem, you can do it by yourself, first


Treat the dust under the wall and wallpaper, then wipe the white latex on the wallpaper, and wipe it with a hard board to flatten it.




The decoration of the room will have the taste of various materials, and the wallpaper will also exude a heavy taste, which will make people worry about the quality of the wallpaper. The wallpaper uses the solvent when it is in color, and the solvent is not processed, and the formaldehyde release processing is also the reason why it smells the taste. Pay attention to the brand and quality of the wallpaper. I do n’t know what the environmental performance of the wallpaper is. You can let the merchant give you a small piece of wallpaper, ignite to see if it is gray and white, and it is the state of the powder after crushing. This is the state of the powder. The planting wallpaper is made of natural plant fiber.



There are black and yellow stripes in the gap

When the wallpaper is used, it will be found that there will be black or yellow stripes between the gaps. If you do n’t look closely, you will think that the wallpaper will be moldy, and you need to re -spread it. But it is not really moldy, but because the glue overflows and wipes cleanly. The dust and bacteria are attached to it. After the wallpaper is pasted, pay attention to check if the glue is overflowed. The problem of yellowing.

The wallpaper paving noticed the construction process and later maintenance work. It can be used for more than ten years, but there will be various small problems when paving. If you find problems, you should deal with it in time. This will affect its overall use and beauty.


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Answer for you at the same time, the 9th major questions that have the most prone to wallpaper paving, making home improvement smoother

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