Novel: Challenge the authority of the emperor, he got this world, but lost his favorite woman

Xianmeng universe! Vast! There are countless space in it! Don’t know how many!

There is such a world in these spaces. I can see the purple aura here, fairy birds, different beasts, Ganoderma lucidum and grass, etc. everywhere. Wait for everything to form a beautiful picture.

In this space, there is an ancient mountain name: Emperor Ancient Shengshan. No one knows where this mountain comes. It only knows that it exists in ancient times. The mountain is boundless and the sky is high.

It is said that this mountain is the highest top of the heavens, and it connects endlessly, breeding countless mysteries.

Emperor Gu Shengsheng Mountain is full of clouds and mist all year round, and it is unpredictable, and there are countless ancient prohibited systems around. Once the non -Great Magnoma, it will turn into a flying ash.

It is said that only some of the power that is aimed at the sky can barely cross the ban on the footsteps of the Emperor Shengsheng Mountain, but it is just a trace of trace, but you can’t see the whole picture of the mountain, and you don’t want to wear the long -lasting fog and hazy. It is rumored that only those ancient gods, Tianzun, the great emperor, etc. can pick the stars and the sun and the moon, and one thought can break the peculiar Tianjiao of the ancient mulberry fields.

There is a dangerous peak on the Emperor Ancient Saint Mountain. It is said that the peak is very strange. The purple mist is filled all year round and beautiful. In

However, at this time, there is a crowded and crowded on the peak. If someone sees it, it will be very surprised. There will be so many power in the world.

I saw that these people belonged to two camps. One was a general wearing a golden war armor, and the head of the head was a unparalleled man wearing the purple gold emperor dragon robe; the other was a group of soldiers wearing black gold armor. Headed by a man wearing a blood -colored jersey!

At this moment, both sides looked at each other quietly, there was no sound around! Quiet weird …

The time of a second passed, as if a moment passed, and it seemed to have passed endless years.

Suddenly, there was a low and majestic voice in the time and space of empty silence:

“Ru! Do you know what you are doing?”

When I saw this sound, all heavens trembled! Among the endless Cangming, Xianguang rises! God flowers bloom! Aoyi Qiming! The rules of Shenhui rolled! The avenue trembled and worshiped, and the Avenue of Avenue was sent out!

Say the way! The Yujie respects!

The man’s random words attracted the resonance of the universe!

After hearing the man’s voice, I saw the man with a blood -colored shirt seemed to have thought of something, and the face of Gujing Wubo’s face was instantly filled with ruthlessness and crazy:

“Of course I know what I am doing! You and I are the innate creatures! Why will I always be in you! Why! I don’t accept it …”

Hearing the words, the emperor dragon robe man slowly looked at the endless Cangming! A pair of deep eyes, introverted stars, at a glance seemed to see through the ancient floods, standing there quietly, giving a kind of arrogant, thousands of emperors domineering.

“It’s me! It’s Emperor!”

For a long time, the emperor man only said these six words! I saw these six words! The entire world of universe has made a sorrow!

“Huh! I know you are the first strongest! But this time! You will lose … haha ​​…”

“That being the case! That’s it …”


The sound of the killing of the sky sounded, and the endless black armored soldiers fought together with the golden armor soldiers. The endless killing made the heavens and the earth fall, and the sun and the moon turned down.

In the battlefield, the golden war armor is extremely brave! Black armored soldiers defeated! However, at this moment, from the depths of time and space, a group of powerful black men emerged from the depths of time and space, and they all surrounded the breath of destruction.

As soon as they appeared, they immediately joined the battle with the golden armored soldiers. After the man in black joined, the golden armored soldiers finally declined …

“This is … Actually they are! You actually united with them!” Looking at these newly appeared black men, the emperor man angrily: “Is this your rely? You damn …”

“Haha … I said! You will lose …” The bloody man laughed.

The fire was flying, the blood was dyed, and the knife and gun were hissing! The universe is trembling!

The gun pointed out, the time and space are annihilated, and the bones are everywhere! The emperor’s man is surrounded by the emperor and purple qi, and the war is unparalleled! As soon as the gun is out! Who is fighting!

Men are under all ages! Waving a hand can break the world of the world, and one step is one million or ten million. The blood stained with the celestial stars. Each shot seemed to have been destroyed and sinking the ancient ghost …

The picture circulates, but the final fixation is a arrogant back …

Standing quietly on the endless bone, but at this time the man is gone, the kind of warlessness of the world is replaced by the despair and sad look, a pair of deep pupils, full of endless guilt and guilt and guilt and guilt and guilt and Affection, staring closely at the woman in her arms …

I saw the woman’s feathers in the feathers, her head holding the phoenix crown, and her face, as if any gorgeous words in the world could not describe her beauty.

But at this time, the woman’s face was pale and her hair was slightly chaotic, but she was a little bit of beauty, but gave people a delicate beauty. The blood stained with the white feathers of the woman, and the blood flowing from the mouth seemed to be fragrant at any time, and the man’s body dragon flickered, his expression was panicked, and he entered the purple gas in the woman crazy. The injury, the soul imprint almost dissipated, even if the man was overwhelming, he couldn’t keep the affection!

At this time, the stunning woman opened her eyes hard, hugged the man’s hands tightly, buried her head deeply in the man’s mind, and stared at the man’s cheek tightly, full of endless affection and perseverance. It seems to be engraved in the soul in the soul. For a long time, the woman looked at the falling flower rain with a smile, and said softly:

“Yu, this flowing rain is really beautiful … so beautiful.

Just like when I first saw you on Di Mountain, it was as beautiful …

At that time, you stood in the flowers of the sky and looked up at the sky. Your back seemed to be magical and attracted me deeply. At that time, I knew that I couldn’t do it without you, but at the time I’m afraid you don’t like me, but fortunately, fortunately you too

Like me, Yu! If I still have … and there is a life, you … Will you remember … Do you get me? Will you come to me? “

“Yes! Yes! How many reincarnations after? How many time and space, I must! I must!” The man looks at the woman firmly and says hoarsely;

The woman smiled, the beauty of the smile, as if the whole world faded, the most magnificent picture in the world, and the smile of women’s smile …

“Reincarnation Yan Yuan, find a sail, dance to Huangquan, Nirvana meets, Yu, when the rain of Emperor Mountain is full of the heavens and the earth, wait … I …” The woman said hard, after that, there was no voice again without any voice. It’s!

“···Do not···”

At that moment, as if the whole world was silent, the mysterious and ancient Emperor Mountain, only the sound of the flowers flying in the sky, and the low and hoarse wailing …

After a long time, the flower rain stopped, and the flowers rain seemed to disappear as if the woman passed away.

And those petals scattered above Di Mountain suddenly faded away the color and turned into white flowers in the world!

Funeral flowers! The white snow! It is the flowers of the sky to say goodbye to the woman. The moment the woman died, there were no flowers in the world …

Tick ​​-Di ——

Tears! Blood! One drop of drop, blood and tears! Accompanied by the bloody rain! Become the only color at this time …

Tears of blood! One drop fell, stained with red white petals, and intertwined into a beautiful painting! Blood and tears dyed the flowers, as if to keep the lost Shaohua!

Unconsciously, the arrogant and unparalleled men’s eyes have gradually blurred, staring at the silent and silent soul in their arms, gradually, once, beautiful, beautiful, and gently appeared in the men’s mind.

I saw the man slowly raised his head, a pair of eyes stained with blood and tears, as if he saw through endless time and space, and looked at the picture that once saw it …

On the vast vast mountain of Emperor Mountain, a young man about sixteen or seventeen, standing quietly by the clouds of clouds, looking at the clouds, letting the sky rain, scattered on his shoulders, but never moving! A majestic Zijin Dragon robe, the boy, set off like a emperor of heaven!

“Who are you? How can you appear here …”

Suddenly, just listening to the empty voice, from behind the boy, this is a beautiful girl who is similar to the boy. The girl is wearing a dreamy colorful feathers! The exquisite and perfect face has no flaws, she seems to be the beautiful incarnation of the world.

“Who are you! Are you unhappy? …”

The boy answered for a long time, and the beautiful girl still had no dissatisfaction and asked patiently.

This time, the man still didn’t speak! Even the body didn’t move! Seeing this, beautiful girls no longer speak, but just standing quietly behind the teenager, staring at him …

“My name is Yu! How about you …” Time passed a little bit, as if it had been a long time, and turned to look at the girl behind him! The teenager finally spoke.

“Hee hee … you finally spoke! My name is Xianran! Fairy’s fairy! It’s grant! Remember! Gig …” Hearing the boy finally spoke, the girl smiled happily! Happy in the endless flower rain, dancing, as if it was a fairy in a flower! Do not! she! There are countless times more beautiful than Flower Fairy!

“Xian … Ran …” I kept thinking about the girl’s name, looking at the beautiful figure dancing in the flower rain, the teenager was obsessed for the first time …

Time, the former teenagers have long been a handsome man who has long been a hero, and the girl has long grown into a beautiful beauty, beautiful and unparalleled face, as if concentrated all the beauty in the world! Beauty has faded the world.

“Yu! Yu … I’m here! Xian’er is here! Giggle …”

On the endless clouds, she laughed and danced, and the purple Xuexian flower fields, the snow fairy flowers, dancing the most beautiful prosperity for her.

“Yu! You said, is this beautiful rain! Or is it Xianer Beauty?”

“Of course you are beautiful! Throughout the three thousand worlds! Even if you condense countless prosperity! It can’t be defeated, the moment you smile …”

On the top of the imperial emperor, she leaned on the shoulders of the man happily, looking at the sea of ​​clouds, three thousand splendid and prosperous, and whispered:

“Yu! You said! Will there be a day of destruction in this world? Xian’er is afraid! Xian’er is not afraid of death! Xian’er is afraid to leave you!

“Fool! Have you forgotten? Your husband -me, this day! That’s the place! As long as I am still there! This world will never be destroyed! Xian’er will never die! Because, I don’t, I don’t Allow! I don’t allow it! We said! We must see the prosperity and fading of the world together!

“Well! Fairy remember! Xian’er, never leave you forever …”

“Xian’er! Do you know? From the first glance I saw you, I liked you! At the moment when I saw you dancing in the flower rain! I suddenly understood, even if it was the whole universe It’s better than the smile on your face like flowers … “

“Yu! You are also the only one of Xian’er! Xian’er only wants to dance for you! The flowers of the city, dancing for the world! Xian’er, afraid! I’m afraid, one day, never see you again !!”

“Fool! Why am I willing to leave you! Without you! Even if I sit in the universe world, what’s the meaning of it! There is me! No one can hurt you!”

“Well! Xian’er knows! Xianer has always knew!”

In the old days, the scenes appeared in the man’s mind and played back. The heart regrets made the whole world of the world wailing …

“Seeing the prosperity of several generations! Stepped a few life horses! It covered the world! I still lost you! Xian’er! Sorry! I didn’t protect you!!

“Ah!” The man raised his sorrow, his voice was full of remorse and self -blame. This sound of endless time and space, the golden dragon gun made a burst of wailing, as if he felt the sadness of the owner.

The magic moon fairy, the fairy and the moon, there are string moon, there are clouds, but no matter how beautiful, there are no women’s fading world.

On the banks of the Emperor Star, the stars are embellished, the stars are sparkling, and the galaxy is light ripples. It is the circulation of years.


Really dead …

When the prosperity falls! Even if I call it all the ancients! What about the emperor? Intersection Without you, what’s the point of?

A whisper that is helpless seems to be the sadness of the whole world, one after another …

Finally, I don’t know how long it has passed, as if through endless years, the arrogant man gradually got up, gently lifted up the woman in the arms softly, and glanced at the few subordinates around him!

“Zun Emperor!” Just listening to the only people left, saying uniformly, looking at the man firmly! Even at the time of the enemy, they were not afraid of the slightest! Blood stained red, they have already broken the armor! Bloodthirsty spear, ticking blood. Exture unyielding light!

“When the prosperity falls! I will definitely bring the loss of glory! Rebelling the world! Take my hope!!!!! Wait for me to return!!! I believe me! How long no matter! After a long time, the man said slightly, and after talking about the man’s big hand! Those people lost their traces under the surprise of everyone!

After glanced at the enemy around, the man stroked the golden dragon gun in his hand, and said lowly: “Blood sprinkles the yellow, the heavens are swinging; : The dragon gun suddenly made a burst of gunfire, as if in response to the man, the man smiled with relief and stopped talking, looking down at the woman in his arms affectionately, gently:

“Xianran, I will wait for you! Keep!”

“Why am I willing to lose you !!!”

“Why am I willing to leave you alone!”

“You are my dream of eternal life. Even if you have been reincarnation in ancient times, all over the world, I will also find you … Every time every reincarnation, no matter how difficult it is, I will wake up. , Waiting here for you … Waiting for you … “” “”

“Di Shan fluttered snow, reincarnation, Bai Lianhong dust, for the Yiren; when the flowers were covered with clouds, snowflakes flying dances, and the string sounded in the clouds. If you come to life, I still pass the other side.The ship of Wangchuan took me through Huangquan and watched the flowers bloom on the other side. That life of the smoke and dust was the reincarnation dream of the horse chasing, the rain and red dust, and the painting door of the three lives and dyeing.Back … “The misty voice seemed to come from ancient times …

“Xianran! Waiting for me! I said! I will be for you! Undested 3,000 prosperity! I will do it! When I will return to the world!

“In the name of my constant ancient! The reincarnation of the heavens and the earth! Destroy eternity! Heng -Guman -Destroy !!!” The man’s quietly,


Suddenly, there were countless golden dragons flying between the heavens and the earth, and the golden dragon gun made a dazzling light. The countless destroyed dragon flying in the entire universe, the sky was trembling, the sun and the moon sank!Time and space return market …

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