What equipment do I need to equip milk tea shops for the first time?

Many people say that opening a milk tea shop is relatively simple, but if you want to open the store in the early stage of opening, you must plan it. Regarding the location of the store, milk tea raw materials suppliers, milk tea equipment purchase, etc., you must know. So, what equipment does the first start -up milk tea shop need to be equipped? Let ’s analyze some of the equipment commonly used in milk tea shops for you.


1. Milk tea operating table

The milk tea operation table is often called “water bar”. It is a working area for the milk tea shop to provide guests and other services, and it is the core part of the milk tea shop. There are constant temperature types and frozen types. The operating table equipment used in different scenarios is different. This depends on the actual situation.


2, ice maker


The ice -making machine is a refrigeration mechanical equipment that generates water through the refrigerant of the evaporator from the refrigerant of the refrigerant. The refrigeration system is used to create ice after a water carrier, and the ice is created after a certain device. Ice is a must -have for milk tea beverage stores, so this machine is also necessary.


3. Fresh cabinet and frozen

The fresh -keeping cabinet is mainly used to preserve things such as materials and fresh fruits that are easy to deteriorate. Frozen cabinets are mainly used for refrigeration of ice cubes. Of course, if possible, you can buy an ice -making machine.

4. Fructose quantitative machine

For fruit sugar quantity, the capacity of fructose can be accurately set. The fully automatic fructose quantitative instrument replaces the measurement cup to a certain extent. It can better improve the efficiency of the worker and better control the accurate distribution ratio.


5. Sand ice machine


The sand ice machine is mainly a sand ice, the broken ice machine is to break the ice. Because it is very hot in summer, many people like to drink ice, and it is more popular to launch some ice drinks in the milk tea shop. What equipment does it need to open a milk tea shop? Sandburge machine is not only made of sand ice, but also a large aspect of fruit juice. There are also two types of ice crusher: manual and automatic.


6. Sealing machine

There are two types of sealing machines, one is a fully automatic sealing machine, and the other is a manual sealing machine. Their use is the sealing cup mouth. However, the fully automatic one will be much more convenient. You only need to put the cup up and it can be sealed automatically. It is faster than manual, and you can do other things at the time of the seal to improve work efficiency.

7. Water heater


The store must be kept in boiling water, because some raw materials of powder must be used to open it with boiling water. Do not use a water dispenser to replace it, because it is not enough for the normal amount of a store to affect the meal efficiency.

8. Water purifier


Tap water filtration. Those who make drinks are inseparable from water. Milk tea is now selling and now needs a lot of water. If the tap water is filtered, it is not good for consumers to be used directly for the production of milk tea.

9. Insulation barrel

The insulation bucket, commonly known as a wealth bucket, is a type of bucket. It can be roughly divided into two categories: one is resin material, and the other is made of stainless steel. No plug -in, the insulation time is about 6 hours, and the cold time can reach more than 12 hours. Insulation barrels are generally used for milk tea, drinks, juice, milk, etc., keep fresh. It is a milk tea shop, a must -have for herbal tea shop.

10. Pearl pot

It is used to cook tea, pearls, jelly, red beans, black sugar, sago, taro round, pudding, etc. The power of the pearl pot must be larger than the household induction cooker on the market. At least 900W power is required to maintain normal operation.


11. Milk tea shake machine

The shaking machine is mainly to prepare a drink and chocolate beverage and juice ice drink. This kind of thing is difficult to shake well, so this milk tea equipment is required to shake out of the brewing. Ice drink. You can add ice cubes with your hands. It is difficult to achieve the effect of ice. You can easily achieve it with this machine. The ice cubes will be shaken and the dissolution speed is fast. It is definitely not the taste that you can shake manually.

12. Cashier


Used for cashier. Each small shop is necessary, a purchase, including small ticket machines, label printers, money boxes. It is best to choose a online version of the cash register system software, which is convenient for you to check the real -time cash register of the store. The price is about five or six thousand.

In addition to the above equipment, there are some small pieces of appliances, such as: measuring cups, Xueke pots, bar crickets, tea filter bags, medium -sized egg beams, squeezed sauce bottles, squeezed mouths, jam spoon, pearl colander, fruit powder spoon, fruit powder spoon spoon, fruit powder spoon, fruit powder spoon spoon , Ice shovel, tweezers, and so on. Some may not be listed, so you need to pay more attention when opening the store. And you need to see if you are required. You can buy it if you need it. Do not buy it if you do n’t need it. For detailed milk tea equipment prices, you can consult Lanxin Kitchenware, welcome to continue to pay attention.

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