What are the differences between Tang costumes and cheongsam?

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Sometimes, fashion is like tea, which makes people feel endless. Sometimes, fashion is like wine, making people feel muddy. Sometimes, fashion is like water, making people feel bland.

Both Tang costumes and cheongsam are Chinese traditional costumes, and they have a place in the world’s clothing industry with their own unique charm. However, the two are completely different concepts, but many friends who do not know often equate them and mix them together. So, what are the differences between Tang costumes and cheongsam? Let me talk about the difference between cheongsam and Tang suit today!

Cheongsam is a kind of national style of women in my country, which has evolved from the robe of Manchu women. By the 1920s, affected by Western clothing, the improved cheongsam gradually became popular among women. This kind of cheongsam is that after absorbing the style of Western clothing, the Han women have entered millions of households through continuous improvement.旗袍的样式很多,开襟有如意襟、琵琶襟、斜襟、双襟;领有高领、低领、无领;袖口有长袖、短袖、无袖;开衩有高开衩、低There are also long cheongsam, short cheongsam, clip cheongsam, single cheongsam, etc. In the 1930s, the improved cheongsam became almost the standard clothing of Chinese women. The emergence of the word Tang Dynasty should start with the word Tang people. During the Tang Dynasty, China was at the world’s most advanced level.

Tang costumes are the general name of Chinese clothing. Tang costumes are traditional and modern combinations. It not only absorbs the advantages of traditional costumes and cultural charm, and re -enables the ancient Tang costumes to reopen on the fashion stage. Tang suit has been improved a lot. The “Tang costumes” in the mainland are basically Chinese clothes in the late Qing Dynasty. After designing the clothing, everyone discussed and named this set of clothing together, and finally decided to name this clothing as Tang suit. This is mainly because the places where Chinese people live abroad are Chinatown, and the clothes that Tang people wear should naturally be called Tang premium. Tang suit has two different meanings and styles. The first is the improved horse gown of Western cutting. Features are standing collar, buckle, and pair. The name of the name is a foreign statement, which means Tang’s clothing. It belongs to the fashion category. The second is Tang Fenghan. It is a style in the Han clothing system, which is characterized by intersections, rights, laces, and no buckles. It represents Qi -chest skirt, Tangyuan collar robe, and intersection skirt.


The cheongsam is derived from the Manchu flag. After modification, the cheongsam inherits the essential characteristics of the Manchu flag. In ancient times, Tangguang was mainly the clothing of the Han people, with the style of the Han nationality. Even the current Tang costumes have evolved after all, and their essence and essence are still followed. Therefore, their essential style is different.

What are the differences between Tang clothes and cheongsam? After reading the above introduction, you must never confuse it again! As the treasure of Chinese culture, Tangguo and Cheongsam are not allowed to enjoy the highest status of the highest status. And with the development of fashion and subtle development, the Tang costumes and cheongsam have continued to improve, bringing a new look to modern life and fashion.

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